Monday, September 04, 2006

It is now a book!

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My favorite blog, Kwentong Tambay, is now in solid form. Yes, it is now a book! Its owner, or should I say, its author, ( a guy known to the blogosphere as Batjay) is a good friend of mine who is actually behind the creation of this blog. He was the one who told me to create a blog about teaching (although this one metamorphosed into something else, I think). Just goes to show that this guy's full of ideas. He also helped me find my way through bloglandia as I was always lost. He patiently answered my queries about codes and everything until I could be left on my own.

The book has an introduction by no less than bigtime writers like MLQIII and Sassy Lawyer. I assure you that this will be a very pleasurable read as the man is wit, humor, and passion combined. Filipinos can easily identify themselves with the experiences found in the book. After all, Kwentong Tambay as a blog would not have been one of the best blogs there is for nothing.

Sorry I couldn't write about it earlier as my friend is making the book a surprise to his lovely wife Jet with this. Hopefully the book will be on sale at the local bookstores soon. When that happens, go get your copies immediately!


batjay said...


padalhan kita ng kopya as soon as makatanggap ako ng kopya. nauna pa sa akin magbasa ang mga taga maynila. sana maging available ito sa mga suki nating tindahan. hopefully, it will be soon.

maraming salamat sa iyo na idol ko sa pag gitara. hanggang ngayon, di ko pa rin nakakalimutan na ikaw lang ang kakilala ko na dumalaw nung na-hospital ako. and now you help me promote the book.


Svelte Rogue said...

magaling talaga si jay sa "ideating". daming laman ng utak na yan at tignan mo ang bunga...! inaantay ko na nga lang na i-serialise yung kanyang "where in the world is spiderman" e. tayf na tayf ko mga yon, lalo na yung mga titles. i haven't yet told him directly na fan ako ng spiderman series niya... gusto ko ako ang unang nagsabi para pag sumikat, dito sa blog mo unang lumitaw ang aking fearless forecast =)

rolly said...

Batjay I had been waiting for your book a long time and I'm glad you finally did. Always loved your ideas.

Svelte Dami talgang laman utak nyan at puro original pa.