Friday, September 08, 2006

One lousy day!

It's 1:00 am. Since the day is over, I think I can write about it now. I don't usually write about how my day was but that is more of a general rule and as such, carries with it some exceptions. This is one of them. You see, unlike my favorite Alexander Solzhenitzyn story One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich" which actually was an ironical happy day for the persona of the story when in fact, under normal circumstances would have been a day in hell, my day did not really fare well at all and no irony can mask it off. You see, I'm down with the flu since Tuesday. I got to work on Tuesday alright but only stayed inside the clinic the whole day which forced me to stay at home since yesterday. I think I got the flu. The bad thing is my wife had to take the kids to school on a cab as it is their final exams for this term. So, I am home, inutile, waiting for my family to come home while watching tv, which I swear had not been turned off 24 hours for two days in a row I am just awaiting for it to blow. (Wow talk about appositives and run on sentences... what can I do? I told you I was sick, didn't I?) My eldest could have taken her younger siblings to school, waited for them and took them home but she can't as she was in Hong Kong enjoying herself for working too hard on her thesis (I think she deserves that so never mind worrying about paying for it later...)

To make matters worse, today, my mother-in-law had gotten it and had to be taken to the hospital by my wife (such a wonderful daughter, I tell you. If any of my kids can inherit even half of the care and attention she has for her mom, I can rest assured about my olden days), as she had surprisingly weakened abruptly, not even being able to stand by herself, making the doctors confine her. Well, I couldn't drive my wife and mother-in-law to the hospital we had to ask a neighbor do it for us. And I couldn't pick up my daughter from the airport so we had to ask my sister-in-law and her son do it. I know, inutile!

Nope, the day past had not been a walk in the park. Who wouldn't feel that way? I have never felt so crappy, lousy, weak and so out of it. Too bad because it was my birthday. Can you at least forgive me if I say it was my 35th? I wish!

Thanks to my friends who remembered and greeted me in whatever form was available to them. You don't know how you made my spirits higher than it was.


santi said...

Pagaling ka agad and hope everything to be alright. Pahabol nga pala ng HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Lumayo na naman ang agwat ng edad mo sa akin.

cathy said...

happy birthday titorolly. dami ng kandila sa cake.

rolly said...

Thanks guys, that is one sure way of keeping my spirits up. hahahaha

Santi Thank you. Pasasaan ba at mag-aabot din edad natin. HIntayin mong huminto akong magbilang pagdating ko ng 50.

cathcath di pa naman ganong kadami kasi nakikita pa yung cake. Pag wala nang mapaglagyan ang kandila medyo delikado na. Ngayon, apat na esperma pa lang eh.

ting-aling said...

Uy, at meron palang bilangan ng kandila dito. 'di ko na sasabihin ang Happy Birthday. Pumikit naman ako at nagwish ng mas marami pang magagandang bagay pa para sa iyo. Sana magkatutuo sila..isa na rito ang sana makabisita ka ulit dito sa amin.

JMom said...

aw, magpagaling ka na na agad, Rolly so you can properly celebrate your pre-50th birthday :P


ipanema said...

ay, kawawa naman ang birthday boy, tv ang kasama...sige, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY! Tawad ng ayos, bat 35 - 21, mas ok. Take care. :)

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday Rolly!!
I've read somewhere, I think in Yahoo website that 60 is the new 45. So it is just apt that you are just 35.

Anonymous said...

belated hapt bertday.

batjay said...

nasabi ko na sa email pero babanggitin ko ulit dito para may ibidinsha...


sana at makapag tambling tambling ka pa rin kahit na hindi na kayang hipan ang mga kandila sa birthday cake.

i hope you're well. ingat at best regards.

Rey A said...

Atrasadong pag-bati sa iyong kaarawan Tito R...was that a typo error 35 instead of 53? I'm sorry to read you had one lousy day. The timing couldn't have been better. There is always a next year 'cause it's definite you'll be having many returns...May He grant you your birthday wish/es...Hope you're feeling better :)

rolly said...

ting salamat sa pag-wish. Sana nga makapag abroad ulit ako at medyo enjoy akong mag travel.

JMom I'm planning to celebrate my golden year with a bang. I am well now, thank you.

Ipanema 21? Wag naman. medyo garapal na yun. hahaha Salamat sa pagbati.

Luchie That makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

Bayi Tenk yu :-)

Batjay Okay lang maski hindi ako makapag tambling. Kahit naman nung bata pa ko, hindi ako antutong mag tambling eh. hehe

salamat ulit

Rey A Hindi namn 53 uy! matanda na yun. hehe I didn't wish for anything this time. Don't know what to wish for. I live a very simple life. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly! Sa wakas, napadpad rin ako dito sa blog mo. (Thanks to Lagu.) Hindi ko po alam kung natatandaan niyo ako, perooo wala lang. Hehe. Alam niyo po ba na nung hs eh patago namin kayong tinatawag na "tito Rolly"? Feeling close. Hahaha.

"To make matters worse, today, my mother-in-law had gotten it and had to be taken to the hospital by my wife (such a wonderful daughter, I tell you. If any of my kids can inherit even half of the care and attention she has for her mom, I can rest assured about my olden days)..." I can honestly tell you that there is no need to worry. Kraig one of the kindest and caring persons I know. Siya yung parang "mommy" ng barkada. She takes care of all of us. She keeps her head straight all the time so the rest of us can afford to make stupid mistakes. Hahaha. So I have no doubt that she will surely take care of you when those "olden days" come. (Malayo pa naman yun.)

Ingat po palagi! :)

rolly said...

aujii Of course I remember you. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Do drop by regularly and keep in touch.

I tried leaving a message in your website but I guess I have to have a xanga account which I don't.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday! Sorry this is late but it nevertheless comes with all my fondest wish for the best for you, Tito Rolly.

The (eternally late) Bugsybee