Saturday, September 09, 2006

pictures galore

On July 28th, my family joined my sister-in-law's family to celebrate her birthday! We went to Balay sa Indang in Cavite, some two hours ride away from where we live and boy did we enjoy the day. Balay is a resort managed by my wife's friend. As it was off-season, we literally had the huge place by ourselves.

the birthday celebrant and host Posted by Picasa

My children and their cousins never minded the rain and the cold as they all went for a dive at the pool like as if it were summer.

my sons and nephew Posted by Picasa

It was a network of big, spacious, three-room cottages that contain three big master beds and a nice toilet and bath. As the place is near Tagaytay and is as cold, the owners did not see it necessary to have the rooms air-conditioned. The Asian theme, probably Thai, cannot be missed. Although the food, which is served at the main house, is a mixture of different cuisines like occidental and oriental origin.

sawadee Posted by Picasa

this could have been our living room! Posted by Picasa

what beautiful creatures! My babies! Posted by Picasa

Getting there is half the fun, though!

Mush!!! Posted by Picasa

You get to relax and meditate on life.. and ask... "Where did I go wrong? :-)

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ipanema said...

Aah, the family that plays together. Lovely pictures! I like the last 2 best (calesa and

cbs said...

if i may answer the last question, just on the tummy, sir, just on the tummy (and everything else is perfect). belated happy b tito rolls.

batjay said...


inggit ako bossing. ang ganda ng pinuntahan ninyo na lugar. bigla ko tuloy na miss ang pinas.

your kids have really grown and they look good, like their mom.


rolly said...

Ipanema hehe, that was Jagad Guru meditating, :-)

cbs Yes, it was the tummy that aged first. The rest of the body is catching up, though. Thanks for the greeting.

Batjay hati naman kami ng misis ko sa hitsura ng mga anak namin. Sakin lang sila kumuha ng mukha. hehe

ting-aling said...

Haha, it was the tummy that aged first? Hindi pa nalagas lahat ng buhok kamo. Nice one, Tito Rolly.

Anonymous said...

Obviously all of you had a gala time. Your kids are really grown up now, aren't they?

Wish I could enjoy like you!

Toni said...

Tito Rolly! You're so cute! Loved the kalesa pic and the meditation pic. :)

At ang ganda ng Balay ha, from what I see in the pix!

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly, if I were given the chance to pick a subject for you to paint, I want the one where you are pulling the kalesa. :) I must find the time to visit that balay.

kat said...

wow! what a gorgeous and peaceful looking place! nakaka-inggit! glad you got to spend some quality time with the fam! love the pics!

rolly said...

ting Meron pa namang konting buhok. Korteng V na nga lang ang noo. Thanks.

bayi Yes, we all did. We can all use a vacation some time. That keeps us sane.

Toni Ako cute? Hindi naman. Pogi lang. hehe

Yes, balay is wonderful.

bugsy Mahirap mag pose! hahaha I can give you the direction should you want to go. Maganda talaga sya.

KAt How's the rock baby? It is a gorgeous place. We did have a really good time.

Anonymous said...

lol! picture galore,posing galore!and what a willing subject you are!
were you really able to pull that kalesa?

cute,nice looking kids,they all look wholesome and slim! si daddy din slim.......(nung araw!) :)

rolly said...

sachiko of course! Can't you see my big muscles concentrated on the tummy?

Vicky said...

What a great family reunion. Times spent with family are the greatest ones of all times. I wish you more of these outings.. that is a conservative buddha wearing a blue shirt...What a nice family you have!

JMom said...

You have a beautiful family, Rolly. Ang ganda naman ng pinuntahan ninyo. Kakatuwa yung last two pics :-D

jane said...

kuya rolly,

you have such a beautiful family! nakakatuwa ang mga pictures ninyo. indeed your kids are very blessed to have such a loving father in you. cheers to many more family vacation for you.

rolly said...

Vicky Yes, that was really fun to do. We hope we can do it more often especially when the kids have already grown older and having their own plans.

Not really a very conservative Buddha, just plain handsome, LOL!

JMom Maganda talaga. thanks

Joff Thank you. Sana nga maulit madalas.

Watergirl said...

Hi, i found your site via Sassy Lawyer's blog.
I like going to Balay, are you friends of Marge's too? It's a quieter version of Sonya's, plus the pool.

rolly said...

Mila Tan Hi! Welcome to my blog. Yes, I'm also a regular at Sassy's and Batjay's blogs.

No, I don't think I've been at either Marge's or Sonya's. Where are they located?

Anonymous said...

hi tito rolly! :)

i came across your blog when i searched for balay indang. it seems like a nice place to stay in for a while. :) is it ok if i ask po for their address, contact person and contact numbers? you can reach me po at thanks so much in advance. :)


Anonymous said...

hello. I'm hazel.. been seraching for balay idnang's contact number too... would you be so kind to help me out? Please email to
thanks. Have a blessed christmas!

Bernadette said...

Hello Sir,

I would really appreciate if you can send me the contact information of Balay Indang as I would love to have my wedding reception there. Please sir? My wedding address is


Anonymous said...

Sharing to all the contact number/s for Balay Indang:

Reservations: (9am-8pm daily)
+63 917-837 4261
+63 919-5595884
+63 921 980 7154

Contact Person: Marge Tan, Manager (Mobile: +63 917 866 5825)