Friday, May 23, 2008


Several days after my return from S. Korea, I was on the road again, this time with my wife and four more other couples who have been friends with us for years. We used to go out with the children a lot. They all grew up together going to places from way up north to Ilocos and Cagayan Valley to as far down south as Marinduque. However, this year, the children, theirs and ours have grown and so we all decided that we could use the break from parenting and enjoy a trip just on our own.

We took a three-day rest at Casa Ophelia owned by one of the friends' brother-in-law. It was his Taj Mahal for his wife Ophie, a resort of three swimming pools with fantastic slides, cottages and rooms. As we decided on a night trip, the ten-hour trip was bearable if it could not be called comfortable.

On arrival, we were served breakfast after we have unpacked,then took about a two to three hour nap. I decided to paint the nearby stream and the rock formations using watercolor. We all swam in the afternoon. In the evening, the guys played cards. As we were used to playing Texas Hold 'em, one of the players suggested we played Hi-Lo and we enjoyed it very much.

The following day, we went to check out the wakeboarding at Cam Sur. Unfortunately, the cables were being fixed so we failed to experience the sport. We then went to Naga City proper to check out the mall and guess what? I found a treasure! I was waiting for Nitz browsing on a small bookstore and found a thick, hardbound copy of Stephen King's "It", which sells for Php190.00. I immediately bought it thinking it will never happen again for me to find something like this.

We were joined for lunch by resort owner, Roger, who just flew in from Manila. We went shopping and then heard mass at the church where the Lady of Pe├▒afrancia stays.

We had to leave very early the following morning as Nitz and I still have to attend my brother-in-law's wife's 60th birthday which was to be held at Antipolo. Suffice it to say that I was too tired already when we got there. But the kids had fun being with their cousins and honoring their aunt.


Now that school is about to open, the teachers are way over their heads preparing for the coming of the kids. We have to listen to different speakers during seminars, revising our syllabi, bulletin boards. This year, as I am assigned as a classroom adviser, I will have to add decorating a classroom to the list. A week more to go and we will be at the warfront once more. :-)


After a short hiatus, the blogkadahan site is running again. Spearheaded by the resident physician Doc Emer, members of Blogkadahan and invited guests will answer the Proust questions, a personality test designed by French writer Marcel Proust. Follow the llnk and see for yourselves what and how your regular blogger thinks. See you there!


As promised, here are some pictures from my Korea trip.

Together with friends

At the dock waiting for the boat to take us to Nami Island

Chicken BBQ at Nami Island

hotel facade

at the hotel lobby

With my boss

The Korean connection


Jet said...

all in all, I think you really made the most of your summer vacation Tito. personally, I think a life well-lived should be able to afford balances of this sort... of places and faces that touch your life with smiles and make you look forward to them again at a hard day's end.

rolly said...

Jet Oh yes. It was a very well spent vacation.

RJ said...

pasukan na naman! namimiss ko tuloy ang aking mga nagdaang mga advisers. sari saring kwento at istorya ang nabubuo. hehehe namimiss ko na sila.

ayzprincess said...

hello tito! :D good buy on the stephen king book! alam nyo po ba na naghahanap ako ng cd/dvd ng movie version nyan. because "it" shaped my childhood and contributed to most of my fears. ahahaha

naku! oo nga pala! pasukan na! have to make syllabus and course guide too.. and here i am, still blogging. :D

rolly said...

RJ Talking about advisers, ginawa akong adviser ngayon. Mas maraming trabaho.

ayzprincess Yes, the never ending syllabus revision. hay naku.

BatJay said...

ok yung naka damit koreano kayo bossing - sana yan din ang sinuot ninyo pauwi ng pilipinas para masaya.

sarap sa korea no, kahit na hindi mo pa rin alam kung ano ang tawag doon sa sabaw na walang lasa.

rolly said...

batjay Sana nga kaso, hiram lang yun eh. Baka magkaproblema ko sa airport kung yun ang isusuot ko.

Sarap talaga kasi I escaped the summer heat in the Philippines enjoying the Korean weather. i wish I could have stayed much longer.

Gilbert Yap Tan said...

Hi Rolly, Congrats for making it to Technorati's Philippine top 100 blogs:

rolly said...

Gilbert Really? Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

asab ang pasalubong kong kimchi???