Saturday, May 03, 2008

Coming full circle

Pura Vida

Last April 30, the family joined friends for an overnight stay at Pura Vida in Tagaytay. The place is just right for a group of ten people living comfortably in its three bedrooms at the second floor and a huge one at the third floor. With three toilets and baths, one does not need to rush doing his/her morning routines and whatever business one has to do. It also has all the other amenities of a well-furnished house with an efficient kitchen, cable tv sets in all the rooms, a living room with comfortable sofas and a dining room elegantly prepared as one enters. As there had been twelve adults, we had to pay extra but since each of us are sharing, the rent was affordable.

Ollie and Kathy, Lito and Thelma, Me and wifey, and Edgar and Vivian

Together with my family were old time friends Ollie and wife Kathy with their child Kathleen, Edgar and Vivian with their children Demi, Rex and Brian and Wat. We have been touring Luzon since the turn of the century and we have gone to places where we could not have gone to for the expenses can be horrendously high. New to the group were husband and wife Lito and Thelma who just arrived from Qatar for a month-long vacation.

There was a downside of this trip. Our eldest couldn't come with us as she had to work. What I feared most is happening now. Reality has kicked in. Soon, these children will be off finding their own niches, building a family of their own and my wife and I will be back to having just ourselves to look for. With my youngest about to graduate high school this coming school year, the thought of having our children leave the nest is eminent. When that time has come, then we would have come in full circle.

Soon to graduate parents

I don't know if I should rejoice having been successful as a parent (which we have been aiming for throughtout these years) or should I be lonely that the babies we used to cuddle in our arms, nurture with love and worked hard for just so they can have a good education have left us. I should be contented in the thought that our purpose of bringing these children to the world to be good people have turned come into fruition and that our purpose in this world has been fulfilled. Time well spent is time worth remembering by.

There's a Red House over Yonder

Taken by the paparazzi from the backdoor

Thelma and Vivian



BlogusVox said...

Mabuti ka pa nga Ka Rolly may napatapos na. Ako nag iipon palang para sa future nang 3 years old ko. And I'm alreay middle age.

BTW, brandy and whisky (2nd pic)? Mahirap atang kombinasyon yan ah.

Panaderos said...

As far as the kids' academic education, you and Nitz are now on the homestretch, so to speak. In a few more years, you would have successfully completed one of the most important of your parental duties. Congratulations!

That townhouse sure looks very nice. And there seems to be a small pool/pond in your group picture. Was that taken at the back of the house or is there a common recreation/pool area?

Very nice pictures! :)

rolly said...

blogusvox Pinakamasaya ang umpisa. I still remember how happy I was holding my children, hugging them, planting them with tiny kisses...

Re the drinks, I didn't drink that night. Tatlo lang silang uminom and they didn't get to finish all.

rolly said...

Panaderos Oo nga. homestretch na. Thanks.

Yes there is a common pool. We did swim but it was too cold I had to shower after a few minutes. There is also a sauna bath but we didn't use it. Sawa na ko sa init. Those pictures were taken at the back door where it opens to the view of the volcano.

ayzprincess said...

congrats sayo tito rolly!

ako sobrang thankful ako, kasi kahit alam kong hirap si mama at papa, sobrang ginapang nila yung pagaaral ko..

tsaka ang ganda ng lugar :D

mae said...

it's funny that i don't know where this townhouse is. do you turn left or right after the rotunda (crossing tagaytay)? (or maybe you didn't get to see the rotunda if you took slex and exited in sta. rosa)

rolly said...

ayzprincess Dapat talaga tayong maging thankful sa parents natin at talagang napakahirap magpa-aral lalo na ngayong mga panahon na ito.

mae Yes, we used the Sta. Rosa route. We turned left at the Rotunda going to Tagaytay Lodge. When you reach the Mahogany road, you can start looking for the sign to your left.

RJ said...

tito rolly,

ang aking mga magulang ay naka-full circle na, masaya pa rin naman although alam kong ganyan din ang takot nila in the near future. kahit magaasawa na ko, gusto ko pa rin lagi silang nakakasama dahil namimiss ko ang company nila.

ang gala mu pala. hahaha! =D

rolly said...

RJ Ako gala? Hindi ah.

ipanema said...

that's a lovely place. it's so nice looking at your photos kasi relax na relax kayo. talagang vacation! sige po, malapit na ang school, tour ng tour! :)

rolly said...

ipanema oo nga. Isang linggo na lang at report na ulit ako sa trabaho. Kailangang makalayas pa para sulit bakasyon. hehe

Anonymous said...

Pareng Rolly,

Thank you for mentioning our names in your blog. Sana nga nakasama kayo ni Mareng Nitz namin dito sa Macau. Kasama namin dito si Mareng Loren and Pareng King. Ang ganda rin ng Macau at highly recommended itong lugar na ito. See you Pare and more power to your blog.

Pareng Lito

rolly said...

Pare Sayang nga at hindi kami nakasama ni misis sa Macau. Di bale sa pagbalik nyo baka makasama na kami.