Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting bumped off a flight - good or bad?

It's so quiet in the house today. The kids have all gone on vacation to Hong Kong for some bonding time on their own without any of their parents. Let's see how they fare. It started as a gift to Kim for her debut in lieu of a birthday party (smart thinking, if you ask me) but as she was a first time traveler, we asked her sister who have been there twice to accompany her. As it turned out, her brothers wanted to join. So, they all tried to save their dough for their own pocket money. The aunt learned about it, joined in with her two boys and voila! Instant vacation for the guys. How lucky. The farthest I've been to when I was their age was Cabanatuan. hehehe

Anyway, I took them to the airport yesterday at around 5:30 am as their flight was scheduled to depart at 8:00 am. While I was answering emails, I got a call from my brother-in-law that they were not able to ride the plane. They were told that it was overbooked. Overbooked my a**! My wife had even confirmed their flights days before. It's either someone in CebuPacific messed up big time or they were bumped off by some VIP's. The good thing is that the guys were offered another ticket either to HK or any local destination. They opted for Palawan since they have already been to HK. Besides, Palawan is far more cheaper. (Good thinking again)

My youngest, ever the whiner, kept on complaining that he was only given one viand during lunch. hahaha, kawawang bunso. Ginutom ng airlines.


Jon Limjap said...

I am not surprised that they are now trying overbooking. Malaki talaga diperensya ng Cebu Pacific. You only need to check my blog to view the litanny of complaints against it on every Cebu Pacific post I have.

rolly said...

Jon My gosh, me death threat ka pang natanggap! Sobra naman. A simple explanation on their part could have been sufficient.

BlogusVox said...

I was in Hongkong because of free tickets courtesy of PALSmile. Marami akong naipong mileage sa taon-taon na bakasyon sa pinas, kaya nakapunta kami ni mrs. Pag-iiponan ko uli para madala ko naman ang anak ko sa Disneyland.

ayzprincess said...


i am turning 25 this june and the farthest i have been is ilocos norte and that was because of a field trip for history class..

i would want to visit camiguin and cebu and my sister promised to take me to bohol last year but opted to take her boyfriend instead to boracay.. poor me!

but someday, i will go places! i just know i will. heheheh

Panaderos said...

I would have picked HK again but Palawan would also make for a great vacation. Buti na lang na nakaalis pa rin sila.

Maraming salamat for the B-day greeting. Tsaka na ang painom, Sir. :)

rolly said...

blogusvox Would you believe the kids were being offered another ticket nung hapon? Unbelievable.

ayzprincess of course you will.

panaderos sige, antayin ko. hehe

watson said...

Tito Rolly! Natawa ako sa comment mo sa Iron Man post ko. ang kulit! Bwahahaha!

5th year college na ako noong napadpad ako sa Manila from Baguio for our field trip. Nalula ako sa taas ng buildings at flyovers! I can still remember it vividly. Yun ang pinakamalayo kong first trip ever. Lucky kids!

ipanema said...

oh, it's so nice to see children having a holiday by themselves.

hmmm...they do that for VIPs? grabe!

lol...naubusan ng pagkain? :)

Ah, but Palawan is beautifuuuuulll! :)

Mec said...

naku...if that were me, i'd have thrown a hundred hissy fits :D

but Palawan is really a hundred times more beautiful too... am sure they'd still have great fun there

RJ said...

overbooking?? hala, ngayon ko lang ata narinig yun ah. ano daw po ang problema? cebu pacific sucks big time talaga.

twice akong nakasakay ng CP at pareho itong 1 hour late! kaya naaalala ko yung commercial nila dati na walang late sa CP, natatawa na lang ako... sa inis.

Anonymous said...

tito rols, buti nga may viand pa. dati kami, isang c2 lang! international flight yun ha.

rolly said...

watson Totoo yun! Subi ko kay Coby sama ko at gusto kong panoorin Iron Man, ayaw ba naman! Magkita na lang daw kami pag ililibre ko na sila sa dinner nung date nya, Ano sya sinuserte? hehe

ipanema You should se my son's appetite! Grabe nga.

mec sa palagay ko lang natuwa pa mga yun kasi me bago na naman silang bakasyon hehehe

RJ sabi nung bilas ko nangyayari daw talaga yun. Ilang beses na nyang naranasan.
Kami din ni misis, nung pumunta kami ng Malaysia, na late ang eroplano. Nakakaawa tuloy dun sa sumundo saming pamilya. Hanggang umaga nag hihintay sa airport.

mari naku, magwawala si coby pag ganon.