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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Baguio- the summer (brawling) capital

It has been last week and last night that I saw a ramble happening at the city of pines on tv. In both instances, the protagonists were young men, probably in their twenties, involved in a free for all fisticuffs. The one I saw last night was sparked by one group challenging the other to rough it up right after a drinking binge (probably as they were all drunk as reported). You know - male machismo and all that kajologan. So juvenile and oh so primitive!

Now that I have two teen-aged boys, my greatest worry is that sooner or later, they would learn how to drink with their friends and probably go to a bar. What are the chances that they might encounter a group like these who has nothing better to do but test their machismo? Makes me shudder. To think I can't even rest in peace as I watch my youngest play basketball with his friends. What am I to do? I grew up during a time when basketball always turn out to be a brawl. First, during the MICAA which later on became the PBA. I could remember how the likes of Jaworski, Guidaben, Arnaiz, etc. would all turn the game into a boxing ball. You can just imagine how the basketball games in every municipalities were like during those days. Bottles were being thrown on the court as the players rough it up. I'm glad that this phase of the game is no more. We have matured somewhat in that regard as basketball games now are relatively peaceful. No more hotheads playing the game, I think.

I just hope my children are far from harm everytime they are out of my sight. I am not worried that they'd do anything wrong. I know they know better. It is the surroundings that I am always worried about.

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Anonymous BlogusVox said...

That's a typical worry of a responsible parent, Ka Rolly. I also underwent that phase. A part of growing up.

With the way you raised them, I know they'll do the right thing.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I have many friends from Baguio. No one told me aboujt this... Rolly, I am not a parent, yet. Still, I think that you concern yourself appropriately in your kids lives is onfderful.

Maybe it is because I was never allowed into bars when I visited the Phils

12:47 PM  
Anonymous bertN said...

"You can just imagine how the basketball games in every municipalities were like during those days. Bottles were being thrown on the court as the players rough it up. I'm glad that this phase of the game is no more. We have matured somewhat in that regard as basketball games now are relatively peaceful. No more hotheads playing the game, I think."

This is good to know because during my days, each game is more like "basketbrawl." Pag me dayo or dadayo kayo, you carry more than a ball to the game LOL. It is a shame that the authority figures then were very lax in disciplining or weedng out "baldadors" or rough players. In fact, some of them encouraged "baldahan" during games.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Auee said...

I remember those PBA fights, growing up I thought it was part of the game.

I always viewed fraternity-wars as childish and primitive. Malakas ang loob kasi kuyog.

Mga ganitong worries siguro di talaga mawawala sa magulang. Dito iniisip ko na sana gustuhin nang baby ko dyan sa atin mag-aral. Pero iniisip ko din while away from him, exposed sya sa frats, sex and drugs. Unlike you though, I have a number of years pa to wait, he's only 4 y.o.! Though dito naman lagi naming dasal e wag syang maging yob or worse maging victim ng mga yobs.

9:11 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

blogusvox Sometimes, you can really get paranoid worrying but of course, I keep it to myself.

Keith I'm sure these are not the usual. I just found it odd to happen in two weeks time but it can happen anywhere.
Next time you're here, I can take you to a peaceful, fun barm if you want to :-)

bertN Exactly. That's the reason why I never really liked the sport.

auee What's a yob? I can imagine what it is but haven't heard of the term before.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous bingskee said...

we almost have the same worry - the people around the children - you can never be too sure that all the people they bump into are good people or those that cannot harm them.

hayy, ang hirap talagang maging magulang minsan. you cannot avoid getting anxious.

7:08 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

bingskee oo nga, Minsan nga paranoid ka pa eh. :-)

10:33 AM  
Blogger Auee said...

yob tawag dito sa mga basagulero... dati associated with football hooliganism, pero ngayon applicable na kahit saan.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous madbong said...

napadaan lang bossing. at least the times now are not as bad as it was when i was growing up. when i was in hs studying in letran in the late 70s - early 80s, parati na lang may karambol kaming ibang eswelahan. i have 2 teenage boys as well ang it's always a worry when they go off somewhere with their friends. like you i'm worried about my boys encountering some bad elements. i'm thankful that at least nz is a bit safer than the phils

12:00 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

madbong Buti naman at napadaan ka! LEtran ba kamo? That was the same time I was in Mapua! High school ako nuon and I was at Doroteo Jose but our PE class and PMT were being held at Intramuros. Nag bibilliards pa nga kami malapit sa Letran pero awa ng Diyos e hindi naman kami napaaway dun. Marami na kasing napa ramble dun nuon na taga Mapua. :-)

12:23 PM  

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