Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gentlemen, where art thou?

I don't want to post something negative and wake up into a new year with negative vibes. In order to do that, I will close this year's post with something that is not positive. Surprisingly, the story I came up with concerns sports - a game. We can all relate to that as we have, for one time or another, played a game or two. And we all know that in order for a game to be thrilling and fun, the players have to play by the rules. It is when someone cheats or bullies his'her way through that a game is no longer enjoyable.

Look at what happened to a golfer. Now, golf is supposedly a gentleman's game, is it not? It's rules are very strict, complicated even. What happens when men who are not gentle at all try to play the game? They beat up someone, bully their way around, knowing that they have superior strength and number - not to mention that they wield guns.

In fairness to the father, he said that being a government official, he asks for forgiveness for what has happened. But nevertheless, he points to the alleged victim as the one who has started it all. Yeah, right! A father innocently enjoying golf with his son and daughter would have the gall to initiate a fight with burly, gun-toting men who wants to overtake them.

I've read somewhere that cockfighting is another gentleman's game. It is in a cockpit where you'd find the most honest person in the world. Money lost to an opponent would come flying around, landing on the floor and yet, nobody would get it except for the rightful owner. There seems to be an understanding in the area that everyone has the right to hit, at least one, someone who is caught cheating.

Golf used to be a gentleman's game as well. However, with the recent event, plus the negotiations being hatched by government officials on the fairway, I am now beginning to have second thoughts.

Happy New Year to all!


bingskee said...

funny how the politicians and their heirs show their true colors wherever and whenever they want to.

wishing you the best for the coming 2009! the same for the rest of your family, mr rolly!

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

sir happy new year!

Mahalia said...

tito rolly, ngayon ko lang nalaman na iyon pala ang style sa sabungan kaya pala bibihira ang nag-kakagulo roon. Minsan yung mga unprofessional na isip nila ay professional and super educated ang panguna pa sa mga gulo, tulad ng politikong binanggit mo, nakakahiya!

Panaderos said...

For those politicians involved, it shows that everything is about themselves and nothing else. The world revolves around them and that all of us should bow down to their wishes.

It's a medieval mentality and no surprise then that we call that period as the Dark Ages. Unfortunately, a lot of the attitudes of our politicians, the wealthy, and other officials in our country seem to be stuck in that period.

Anyway, I'm just glad that you and your family are safe and I hope that you all stay safe in the coming years. Take care always, Rolly!

bugsybee said...

Tito Rolly, I don't know any of the people involved here but I can't help asking these questions -
1 - Why, in the first place, were these guys allowed to play golf with bodyguards?
2 - What did the security folks of the club do when the fight broke out?
3 - When somebody shouts - as was alleged - "kilala nyo ba kami? ("ako"?)" - here in the Philippines, we all know what that means.
4 - Like you already pointed out, would a father dare to pick a fight with a stranger surrounded with bodyguards knowing that he will also be endangering the lives of his son and daughter?

What I also hate about this is that when lies begin to fly, that liar also has the audacity to make fools out of all of us.

rolly said...

bingskee Lalabas at lalabas ang tunay na kulay ng isang tao no matter how hard they try to hide it, no?

Ever And to you, too.

Mahalia Mahirap kapag ang tingin mo sa sarili mo e ikaw na ang pinaka sikat eh. hehe

Panaderos Warlord is indeed very medieval thinking.

bugsy Exactly! I'm sure they will be lying tremendously. Coming from Mindanao where GMA said to have cheated baka nga me pinanghahawakan hehehe

I'm sure he's not making a fool out of me and you for sure.

BlogusVox said...

Sa pakiwari ko lang. Kaya gustong matutong humawak ng "golf club" ang isang taong sanay humawak ng baril e para makapag halubilo sa alta sosyodad at mapansin ng isang mas makapangyarihang taong mahilig ding humawak ng "golf club". : )

siu said...

May you and your family have a happy and a prosperous new year!! :)

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

oo nga ano, very honest ang mga tao na nasa sabungan. nagtataka pa nga rin ako kung paano sila nagkakaintindihan sa pustahan nila eh kumpol kumpol sila dun. hehehe. meron ngang unwritten rules na kapag nandaya ka, makukuyug ka lang. hehehe.

happy new year tito rolly! =D

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

oo nga ano, very honest ang mga tao na nasa sabungan. nagtataka pa nga rin ako kung paano sila nagkakaintindihan sa pustahan nila eh kumpol kumpol sila dun. hehehe. meron ngang unwritten rules na kapag nandaya ka, makukuyug ka lang. hehehe.

happy new year tito rolly! =D

rolly said...

blogusvox ang nakakainis e merong mga taong disente na talagang mahilig lang sa sport tapos masisira lang ang araw dahil sa kanila no?

siu Same to you

RJ ang key ay yung tumatanggap ng bet. Alam nila kung magkano ang pusta, kangino at ano ang percentage, viz., Lo-diyes (8:10) etc... Here's another trivia to those who might want to know - ang tawag sa kanya ay kristo, probably because of his stance na naka-outstretch yung kanyang mga kamay. Isa pang bawal ay ang magpalit ng damit at pwesto (dahil nga yun ang mga palatandaan ng kristo)

Teka. Hindi ako sabungero ha. Mga nababasa ko rin lang ang mga yan. The point is, kung kukuha rin lang ako ng isang past time, sabong na lang kesa golf at nang hindi ako mabugbog hehehe

watson said...

"kilala nyo ba ako?" - this question really is very irritating for me. They should ask that question to themselves.

"kilala ko ba ako?" - he is there because he was voted to serve the people. He is a public servant. He is not there to put on airs. They get their salaries (and heaven knows what else) from us.

I wish you a safe and Happy New Year, Tito Rolly.

{illyria} said...

this incident makes me so mad. i am appalled. and the GMA news network link to it has been removed.

but a new year means new hope, doesn't it? i hope we all have the courage to do the right thing, when the time comes. and for those who continue to be like these politicians, i hope they get what's coming to them.

that's not a very savory comment, but anyway, i hope the import wasn't entirely lost.

a good new year to you and your family, rolly.

rolly said...

Watson Hindi ko rin sila makikilala kung ako nandun. Buti na lang hindi ako nag go golf. hehe

illyria Your not so unsavory remark is okay. Incidents like these really leaves something unpleasant in the mouth.

Hopefully, this is the last one we'll hear like this.