Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Me and my appetite

The only thing I don't like about the holiday season is that the food triggers my tastebuds like crazy. I had to indulge with a lot of wonderful food which is actually very bad for a diabetic like me. Much more that my micro albumin is getting high. I think that means my kidneys are extracting protein. Since most of the food being served are party food, i.e. lots of red meat which I had been forbidden by the doctor to partake, I can't help myself but give it a try. The small bite became a big one and more. That made me think I will stop eating meat the following day. How wrong could I have been? Dismally wrong!

This afternoon, I went to see my doctor and lo and behold, my weight is up again to 190 pounds! To think it was down to 170. As usual, I have to pay the lab a visit and see how my blood is doing this Saturday. Hopefully, my micro-albumin has not soared otherwise, it will be not be a good sign.

The problem with diabetes is that it is an illness that makes you hungry all the time. What's more is that sometimes, your blood sugar drops and you feel like as if you're melting like a candle. You begin to shiver and become very very weak. If only my body can have a tune-up the same way the mechanic gave my car.


bertN said...

I know the feeling. Diabetes is one of our family's scourge. Luckily, I still manage to dodge this genetic bullet. A lot of my brothers and sisters (we are ten siblings)are diabetics and I know what they go through. It is a manageable disease but it takes discipline to keep it under control without extensive medications.

rolly said...

You must be the lucky one who was not touched by the disease. Sa aming magkakapatid, tatlo kaming meron eh.

Panaderos said...

Diabetes is also runs in our family. My father and all of his siblings have it. A number of my cousins have it too. I have managed to avoid it so far. However, I remain careful with what I eat, especially my intake of carbs, red meat and sweets.

It is a difficult disease to have because it requires a lot of discipline to avoid all the things that would aggravate it. However, there are times when you also have to eat just to avoid the feeling of weakness that it sometimes creates.

Take care and I hope you're feeling a bit better now.

rolly said...

Panaderos What complicates this disease is that you are quite alright. YOu feel like as if nothing's happening until you just realize your blood sugar has soared. It is a very difficult disease since it is one that was caused by hard headedness.

I am doing okay. Thanks for asking.

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

feeling ko eh diyan din ako papunta. ang takaw ko sa matamis at mamantika eh. hirap naman kasi iwasan. kung ano ang masama eh iyon ang masarap. sana maging okey ang lab result mo tito rolly para next holiday rakrakan ulit. hehehe.

rolly said...

RJ Wag mo nang ambisyosohin tong sakit na to at mahirap. MAswerte ka at wala ka. Teka ano na ba edad mo? Mine hit me when I turned 40.

Miki said...

I didn't know you had Diabetes. Ang palagi pa naman po namin ineemphasize sa pasyente, kasing-importante ng medical therapy ang lifestyle changes when it comes to managing Diabetes. Pero hindi ko kayo sesermonan kasi I realize how big of a temptation it must have been to be surrounded by such good food during the holidays. Haha. Bawi na lang po ulit for the next 11 months, bago mag-Christmas 2009. :))

Good luck, po! Bawal magpatalo sa sakit! ;D

bayi said...

When we met (was it last year?) I was really impressed with the discipline you displayed that made you look as fit as a fiddle.

Diabetes is a scrouge that all Asian families have to try hard to avoid. It runs in my family too and I try to cut the carbs where I could. Everything is ok in moderation, I suppose. And eating a ltlle each time over 6 meals a day helps.

Be strong, my friend. You can do it again and be as fit as I last saw you. Walking is a wonderful exercise. Walking for half a hour each day, that is.

ipanema said...

the holidays! :)

i didn't know you have diabetes. take extra care.

mas mahirap ata yung masyadong bumaba ang blood sugar mo.

always have sweets with you para pag gutom ka, meron kang madukot agad and para di drastic ang baba ng sugar mo.

and the best is sundin ang doctor and extra careful with your food intake. :)

rolly said...

miki Oh yeah. I think I already had it when you were in my class. Nothing's changed, though. Matigas pa rin ulo ng lolo mo. hehe

Yan ang gusto kong doktor. Hindi nanenermon ng pasyente. Actually, that was what happened. I kept thinking babawi na lang ako after the holiday season. I guess that was not a good mind set to begin with.

bayi I do walk occasionally for more than an hour and play a little badminton every Saturday. But it had not been a regular thing yet. Hopefully, I could find someone to do it with regularly. Hey, my dog walks me for several minutes when I take him to go poo poo. :-)

ipanema Yes I do. Yes, it is kinda hard when my blood sugar gets drops. It feels like the whole of me wants to drop too. Thanks.

cathy said...

i am trying not to eat a lot but when i get hungry, i am like a glutton.

even with my medication, during the intervals of taking the pills, the blood sugar either drops (that is after fasting during the night) or rises before dinner and before the next two pills for the evening are taken.

When bs is low, i am like an addict, i chill.

some say that it is because of sweets but it is more of genetic, my mother had it and now two of us in the family are diabetic.

all of use have hypertension. mainitin kasi ang mga ulo.hehehe

rolly said...

cathy I used to be a glutton! If what Dante wrote is true, I am surely going to purgatory. I try to cut down these days but it's so hard. Especially not eating meat.

bingskee said...

wow, that's 20 lbs. the trouble is it's easier to gain than to shed. i gained two pounds. it's been days i have not eaten rice at supper.

my mother is a diabetic and it's an ailment na mahirap talagang magkaroon. maraming kontra lalo na pag me complications.

i hope you'll be successful shedding those unwanted pounds.

happy new year to you!

rolly said...

bingskee MAhirap talaga. The problem is wala ka namang nararamdaman so you think you're okay. Tapos ako, bigla na lang pumapayat pag mataas na ang blood sugar ko.

I hope so, too.

BlogusVox said...

Life is really unfair. There is this story: A man works hard all his life so he could afford the best thing in life. Now that his rich, his doctor ordered him to refrain from indulging on anything rich because his health can't take it. Take care, Ka Rolly.

rolly said...

blogusvox Oo nga eh. Nagtatrabaho ka ng husto para kung kelan pwede ka nang gumastos ng husto, hindi naman kaya na ng katawan mo. Kaya ako, pag me offer na trip, sama ko kahit utang muna. Kesa naman naka wheelchair na ko at me dala dalang oxygen. It's no fun touring that way!