Sunday, March 13, 2005

twas some night!

Last night, my wife and I had a blast with our friends who we consider our extended family. We have been with this group of friends for what it seems to be an eternity and we don't mind. How could we when we are having so much fun with them around. Most importantly, our children get well together with theirs and theirs with ours. We spend all occasions with them. Well, we hang out with them for no reason at all. Last night was a special night though. We celebrated Joven's nth birthday party and party we did! But before that, allow me to give you a glimpse of how big a family we are. The shy (daw) birthday celebrant is at the end to your right. (Not in the picture are Ricky who took it, Redjie and Rolly V. Inside the car was our sleeping beauty, Tetay, who just can't get enough sleep. This was taken during our trip to Subic)

My family From l-r Vivian,Dante,Agnes,Jenny,Kathy, Ollie,Brad Pitt, Jenhifer Aniston,Edgar and JovenPosted by Hello

The party was hosted by his lovely wife, Jenny. We started out with an eating frenzy at the Emerald at Roxas Boulevard. After pigging out on all those food, we decided that the night was still too young (as it always is with this group) and proceeded to Malate to listen to some music and drink some booze. The band's (Acoustic Vibes) crooner, Romy Jorolan, turned out to be Edgar and Vivian's neighbor and we all had a ball with him. The music was so great we stayed until the bar closed at around three a.m. Still spirited, we went for coffee at nearby Cafe Adriatico and finally headed home at 4:00 a.m.

And to think that we have just had a party last February 14 to celebrate Jenny's and Agnes' birthday. The two girls got a suite at Bayview Hotel where we all stayed until check out time. There we hanged out, sang songs, ate and really bombed out in a clean, fun way.

jenny Posted by Hello

jenny and agnes Posted by Hello

AS a group, we have gone as far north as Pagudpud and as far south as MArinduque. We make it a point that we have a trust fund just so we can have an assured traveling tour of the country every summer. Last summer, for instance, we went to Isabela, Banawe and toured Tuguegarao. This lent, we are bound for Bicol.

Last week, I read an article that said Filipinos are by far the happiest people on earth. I don't know what the gauge was or if the article was supported by empirical data but I tend to agree with it. The Filipinos' characteristic of having an extended family probably plays a big role in this aspect of life. With this extended family comes a ready made support system and a feeling of acceptance which make us feel secured and eventually, happy. I don't know if I am right but to me, it seems that other races tend to be more individualistic rather than community centered. Whatever the case may be, what I am sure about is that I am glad this is my support group, my extended family.


Dr. Emer said...

It is good to hear that you also had a blast last night, Tito Rolly. I'm sure you were the life of the party again. :)

Luchie said...

from the photos, i can say that you have nice friends. it is wonderful to note that at this stage in our life we still enjoy our friend's company and that makes us young in spirit.
i can guess the one beside you is your wife.
nice post and photos Rolly.

metal said...

so true tito rolly, filipinos are one of those happiest people...hirap na sa buhay na pero nakangiti pa rin. typical na katangian na natin yan.

i really love looking at those pictures with happy faces...nakakahawa. smiles make other people's day brighter and definitely retards aging.

transience said...

so happy you had the fun you deserve!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy hanging out with you and with your wife.. its a pleasure knowing a friend like you, brad pitt.. always, wat =p

BatJay said...

naku identify ako diyan sa ibang klaseng friendship. my group at home is also very tight. we've been friends since kindergarten and are still close to this day. medyo magkakalayo lang kami ngayon dahil kalat kalat na pero we still manage to get together from time to time.

ang saya ano? sigurado ako mayron kayong mga paboritong mga kwento that you tell and retell everytime you see each other. that you love to tease each other and that you love to cook for and drink with each other.

iba talaga ang samahang pinoy. yung mga singaporeans di nila maintindihan kung bakit ang iingay natin sa train, kung bakit ang lalakas nating tumawa. kung bakit ang hihilig nating mag nguso at finger gestures na may kasama pang sitsit. kung bakit ang hilig nating mag get together kahit walang ocassion... di nila alam at di nila na experience ang sarap ng companionship at kapatiran ng samahang pinoy.

Mec said...

i've always hoped that when i grow real old, i'd still be with a barkada that has stood by me through everything... not just fleeting groups but real buddies who know what's the latest on my kids... and vice versa :)

jojo's father had that... a group of 12 who have been friends for 37 years... longer than his parents have been married...

one cannot help but feel that people like you are soooo blessed :)

Toni said...

Wow! Your wife looks so young and beautiful, Tito R!

And yes, Filipinos daw have the highest happiness index in Asia. :) Good for us since we have one of the most depressing economies!

husticia said...

of pinoys always being happy no matter how hard life is, i agree talaga diyan. pati nga asawa ko napansin din nya yang character na yan ng pinoys.

btw, i already added you. thanks for the go signal! :-)

husticia said...

of pinoys always being happy no matter how hard life is, i agree talaga diyan. pati nga asawa ko napansin din nya yang character na yan ng pinoys.

btw, i already added you. thanks for the go signal! :-)

lornadahl said...

Hi, Tito Rolly! I know it's been away for so long. =(

I have heard of your new online feat. Congratulations for your featured poem! =)

bayibhyap said...

I am sure everyone reading this post will envy you for the kind of interesting life you lead because I did! The enthusiasm, fun and energy seem to ooze out of the words you use to describe the party. Everyone who has met you says that you are the life of any party and I am sure you are. I hope we will meet one day and enjoy each other's company.

I have been to Subic on countless occasions and your trip reminds me again of the good memories there.

rolly said...

Doc Emer Hindi naman doc. Puro kenkoy din tong mga to.

luchie_g Yes, ma'am. The one and only.

metal Thanks. buti naman at nagustuhan mo. matutuwa sila nyan. hehe

transience Thanks. I know you "know" how to party!

Agnes aka wat Ganda mo sa picture. Thanks for all the beautiful memories we've shared.

Batjay Yes, I know. You guys go a long way back.

mec yang barkada e inherent sa pilipino. wag ka lang mabubuhay ng hanggang 95 years old dahil malamang puro patay na barkada mo non.

Toni My wife owes you lunch daw hahaha

justice Thanks for linking me up. I'd like to link you up too but your profile would not show. I will have to check the technorati when I have time.

lornadahl musta ka na? Hindi ako nakakapagblog hop lately. Pasensya na. Tahnks for the visit.

Bayi Like I said earlier, groups like this is normal for Filipinos. I don't think they'd envy me that much. It's the usual thingamajig here in my country.

rolly said...

Darn! I swear I responded to everyone already. Its so delayed already but anyway, here it goes again:

Doc Emer Yes, we did. Hindi naman ako lang ang life of the party. Everybody in the group is kalog and kenkoy.

luchie_g Yes, ma'am. That's my one and only wife. Thanks for the compliment. Matutuwa mga barkada ko nyan.

metal So true, man.

transience I know you're ne woman who knows how to really party! So, I'll take it that you know from where you speak.

Agnes aka Wat Ayan tama na pangalan mo ha. Seriously, thanks for all the wonderful memories we've had and will continue to have until old age prohibits us. hehehe

Batjay Oo nga. Bilib nga ako sa grupo mo at in tact pa rin inspite of all those years. Worthy of emulating talaga.

mec Don't worry. Barkada is inherent to every Filipino. All you need to do is find the right combination of people and voila! you're set!

Toni My wife owes you breakfast, lunch and dinner! Remember to collect the next time you meet.

Justice Thanks for adding me. I was suppose to add you last night but your blogger profile doesn't work. Can you give me your addy? That would be better than having to check out technarati pa. Thanks.

lornadahl Hellow! Long time no read din ako. Di ako masyadong makapag blog hopping. Gawaan na ng grades, patapos na eskwela. i'll try to catch up.

Bayi Not really. You see, as I said earlier, going in a group is inherent to Filipinos. I'm sure everybody has their own share of groupies. That is how we manage to cope with the saddening plight of our economy. :-)

husticia said...

ay sorry, di pala naka-enable hehe. ok na!

sachiko said...

That is one thing we don't have here,tito Rolly and I envy you. Very thin and superficial ang human relationship dito even among brothers.

When my kids are all married na..I want us to have a relationship Pinoy style..Even now,their friends and my friends too experienced culture shock when they see us hugging or kissing in public or even in front of them. They don't have that kind of open communication kasi.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly! Ang saya naman! When I was in Bora, I was able to talk to three women, who were high school buddies. They all have kids now and they still get together. Circles of friends like yours make me feel so great about mine. You fill me with so much hope that we're going such a long way, as you have. Thanks!


joffin said...

hey tito rolly!
ang saya-saya nyo naman! kami din sana hanggang maging mga lola na magkakasama pa rin! we've been together since we were thirteen. and there are 13 of us, tingnan mo nga naman.
bless you and your friends many more healthy and blissful years to come!

Stan said...

I agree with you, Rolly, that not all ethnicities have the kind of community orientation yours has. And I also agree that you are lucky to have it. The ideal of 'individuality' we have in North america is highly over-rated. Basically it just means millions of lonely people.

"J" said...

That's what I like about you Tito Rolly, you always have time for your family and friends, nakakainggit. Iba pa rin kapag may mga bonding activities.

JMom said...

That is so great that you have such an extended family of friends. That's what I miss the most since moving to the east coast, my friends. You guys look like a bunch who like to have lots of fun :-) Hope you are having fun on your Easter vacation!

jillsabs said...

hi tito rolly :)

ida is asking po about the details of sir briones' interment.

she and her friends want to pay their tributes because "he touched our lives"

Major Tom said...

Greetings Tito Rolly...This post exemplifies in the best manner how friendship is a treasure not all the money in the world could substitute.

Lieutenant Dick said...

Greetings from Neptune....Tito Rolly. True friends keep you company in moments of girth and hale.