Saturday, March 05, 2005

17 years and going strong!

mickey Posted by Hello

When I got married, I told my wife Nitz, (haha as if there's somebody else) that I am going to have a child who plays the violin. I did! When my eldest boy, Mickey, was in Grade three, he came up to me and told me that he wanted to learn how to play the violin. I quickly signed the form and talked to the teacher if there's a violin that Mickey can use. After a month of palying, here comes my son again asking if he can have his own violin. I told him to go slow as i wanted to know if he really wanted to play the instrument or it was just a passing interest.

So, when Kraiganne would come down the stairs at ten pm complaining about Mickey still playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and MAy Song, starting pieces for the Sukiyaki method, and finding Mickey by listening closely where those squeaky sounds are coming from in every corner of the school, I knew Mickey was dead serious in learning how to play the violin. It was then that we decided to buy him a 1/2 size violin. He was getting good at it from then on. That made my wife write my niece who lives in the States to ask her to buy my son a full size violin. You can just imagine how happy Mickey was upon receiving the "pasalubong" when my niece, Romella, flew in from the States. He's now enrolled at St. Scholastica for advanced studies in violin. He just finished playing in the school's performing arts concert last Thursday. He's got several groups he plays with. He's a member of the school's orchestra, string ensemble and the only junior in the school's string quartet (the rest are Seniors). Much to my surprise, he also played solo during the concert. Dang! Had he told me about it, I would have brought my handycam.

Mickey is very passionate with everything that he finds interesting. He has this deviant art account where he publishes his art, and he's theme and style is fast becoming mature. You'll find it here He also is the one who would call his sister's attention if she raises her foot on the table while eating or anytime she would be doing something he finds improper for a young girl to do. I saw how he can be a real kuya to his younger brother during that Father and Son Camp, how he takes charge in listing all the things they brought, which bag contained what, etc... Man, if only he had the same passion for studying, he would have ended up to be the class valedictorian, ahahaha.

Anyway, he just turned 17 today. My son is now 17 years old. One more year and he won't come to school with me anymore. I just hope I've taught him to be independent well. Happy birthday my son!


Luchie said...

Rolly, happy birthday to your dear Mickey. so guapo. if my daughter is only younger, ohh, joke only..
I republished my fave desiderata i noticed it is also your fave and with Tagalog translation pa. pls take a look.

rolly said...

luchie Thanks. I'll let Mickey answer his well wishers after several posts. I haven't shown this to him yet.

Yes, the desiderata is my favorite poem. It contains so much insights I believe in. I wanted to share its wisdom with my kids hence the translation. Unfortunately, they didn't understand it all the more. This is probably one of the effects of colonization, no?

Cerridwen said...

Can you imagine another 17 years and you might be performing all over the world making your parents prouder than they have been from the time you were born. You could also be holding your own art show exhibit, inviting all of us to admire and be proud to say "We know that guy's Father!"

A tease of the future is to give you a little incentive to accomplish another 17 years. For you to realize 17 years more and you can and possibly will have everything you need, want and choose.

Happy 17th birthday Mickey! Wish you most, if not all of what you are wishing for. I will be hoping to greet you again on your 34th birthday! *hugs*

Brett_FLX said...

Congradulation, you must be a very proud father, I think he'll be just find when it's his time to leave the nest.

Happy Birthday Mickey, from a distant admirer. The violin is a difficult instrument to master, but it looks like your well on your way. :-)

cathcath said...

happy birthday to your son titorolly.

violin is my favorite musical instrument. iba talaga dating.

Dr. Emer said...

Happy,happy, happy birthday, Mickey! I've heard you play the violin and I'm quite sure you're going places because of this. You owe a lot to your artistic Dad. He is very proud of you! =)

Anonymous said...

Haha, have you seen his latest submition to his deviant art account? ;)

Happy birthday to your son.

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Mickey! Thank you for greeting me a Happy Birthday!
Mali po yung papa ko. Hindi po Sukiyaki method ang una kong pinag aralan. Pagkain po yun. Suzuki method po. ehehehehe. I'm trying to master my skills to make my mom and dad proud of me. I want my dad to see that i am his clone. I want to let him know that i will carry his gifts and continue sharing it with all of you.

Chesty said...

Happy Birthday, Dude! I had a great Spring Break in Myrtle Beach! next year you'll able to come!

Stan said...

To have such a son, Rolly, you make me sadder than I already am that I don't have one too.

BatJay said...

Happy Birthday Mickey!

You're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!

i remember when i was 17 years old. my muscles were all testosterone and my mind was all sex. hehehe. but be cool, finish your studies first, huwag kang mambubuntis and always use a condom. that's what my dad would say. hehehehe. buti na lang sinunod ko. mahirap kasi ang mag-asawa ng maaga. napakaraming mga opportunities ang masasayang. ang downside lang ng payo ng daddy ko eh muntik na akong mabulag.

but you're a good kid. your dad made sure of that kaya di ako nag aalala on how you're going to turn out.

one day, i hope i can jam with you and your dad. sige, happy birthday na lang ulit. i wish you all the best.

at huwag mong kakalimutan yung - "always use a condom" ha! hehehe.

kaibigan ni pepsi said...

pinapatanong ni pepsi kung cno daw ung nagpauso ng lcle? sayang lang daw sa papel at wala kaming natututunan.

di si pepsi un said...

haha, joke lang. di si pepsi un.

Yaps "The Yaps" Estagle said...

oh sir, suzuki method ang tawag sa method ng pagtutugtog ng violin... sukiyaki yung kinakain namin pag gutom...

metal said...

How time flies...these young people are the gauge of our ageing, hahaha.

You are really very proud with must be, a talended and responsible young lad that he is...mana ba sa daddy?

Happy Birthday to your son, Mickey!!!

sachiko said...

Touch pa naman ako sa entry mo for your son's birthday but when I saw his reply re: sukiyaki method, ay natawa ako! I thought it was the late Kyu Sakamotos' Sukiyaki song!I said what does the song has to do with violin? But then,why Suzuki? Must be a music legend or something,not the Suzuki Motors?! Ay,natawa na naman ako.. :D

Mickey, Happy Birthday!

Pssst..Thanks for the very generous comment! :)

rolly said...

Cerridwen Well, who knows what's in store for him in the future? Anyway it turns out, I just hope that is so because that's what makes him happy.

Brett FLX There is nothing that I wish more than my children being happy and successful with their lives. Mickey thanks you for your greeting.

Cathy Pag umuwi ka dito papatugtugin ko sya sa harap mo whether he likes it or not. haha

Doc Emer Yes, of all the bloggers, ikaw pa lang ang naka meet sa pamilya ko. Thanks for the comment. You have seen how proud I am of my family. Kahit kulang kami materially, masaya pa rin kami. And I thank God for that.

Anonymous No, I haven't. What is it? You forgot to identify yourself. Thanks anyway.

Mickey Mali pala yun. hehe Happy birthday!

Chesty I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Where's Myrtle beach at anyway? States or Canada? Sorry, don't know the place. My son thanks you, though. And thanks for dropping by.

Stan I'm sorry my post made you sad. We don't know why things are the way they are but we must learn to cope. There are a lot of things you have that I don't have, i'm sure.

Batjay Actually, we haven't discussed that part yet. Wala pa namang gf to e. Although me mga tumatawag sa bahay at nag-uwi na rin naman ng chicks pero sabi nya kaibigan nya lang. Pinaglinis pa nga ako ng bahay e. hmmpf!

Kaibigan ni Pepsi Hindi nyo pa lang siguro nakikita ang educational value ng lcle. Give it some more time. Maganda ang concept nya because you are being taught to think on your own at hindi spoon feeding.

metal Oo nga. Sila ang report card natin sa buhay. If they do good, valedictorian tayo. hehe. I'm sure we share the same thoughts about fatherhood. I've read your posts regarding the issue.

Sachiko Oo nga e. Nasupalpal ako ng anak ko. hehe
Suzuki is a famous method in teaching youngsters to play the violin. I think it's popular worldwide. Just like the kumon and it was developed, if I am not mistaken this time, by mr. Suzuki.



cathcath said...

may tula ako para sa anak mo.

BernicE said...

hi! awwww your son is adorable :)
happy birthday to him
hope he continues to play beautiful music

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir delos Santos!:D Nice blog you are very compationate about your family:D Happy birthday to your son, I am Kim's classmate:D I am Berna Villanueva...

watson said...

Hello Tito Rolly! It's rare to read about a father expressing his pride for his son so eloquently. Belated Happy birthday to him, and congratulations, Tito Rolly!

ruth said...

genetic daw yang musical capabilities. kanino sya nagmana, tito rolly?

rolly said...

Cathy Thanks dun sa poem mo. Pinabasa ko na kay Mickey. I believe he left a comment in your blog.

ja Thanks. I hope so, too.
Even if it's not his career to be a musician, I'd like him to continue playing the violin so that during my old age, I can look back when he was studying while listening. The violin, in the hands of a virtuoso is so nice to listen to.

Berna Thanks for dropping by.

Watson Thank you, sir. You're very kind.

ruth My grandfather was a violinist/composer and a judge. I can also carry a tune with my guitar, if that counts...

Apol said...

hapi bertday mickey!

TinTin said...

(aka pinayhekmi)

Tito Rolly, you did a great job. Anybody would be proud to have a son like him. A violinist! I hope that when I have kids, I won't have to do force-fee instrument playing to them.

Happy Happy Birthday to Mickey!

husticia said...

hi there! am a first timer in your blog but i've seen your name so many that i've read some of your entries, i regret that i only visited now.
congrats pala to your son, mickey, for his bday and his musical talent. they say that it is genetic, hopefully my kids (specially my daughter) develop the interest to learn to play the piano/keyboard.
will link you up if you don't mind.

rolly said...

Sorry guys for taking long in responding to you. Sana mabasa pa nyo to.

Apol Thanks daw.

TinTin I hope so. You know what, it seems talgang music ang talent ng anak kong ito. Pinakialaman nya yung mga guitar pieces ko, tinanong sakin kung nasan yung mga nota, tinandaan, pinaglaruan ang gitara at ngayon, natutugtuog na nya ito.
I thnk that's the key, hindi dapat ipilit sa bata. Kung talagang hilig

Justice Ikaw din parati kong nakikita at nakadalaw na rin ako ng ilang beses sa site mo. Hindi pa nga lang ako naglakas loob mag comment. Anyway, it will be honored if you link up with me. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.