Sunday, June 13, 2004

Moment of truth

Classes start tomorrow. As traffic on Mondays is tough, I have to wake the children up earlier than usual. We have to start the first day right so that nothing awry happens the rest of the year.

Failed to meet with the teachers under me. Forgot to tell them that it might be a little different with me at the helm. Although I manage to show a rigid face, I am not very keen on passing judgment easily on erring kids. Oftentimes, I let go of the small misdemeanors of minors. I would have told them to let some issues pass, choose their battles, etc. Actually, it's more of self-preservation. Once they send a case to my office, I will be compelled to act on it no matter how trivial the case may be.

The classroom is a venue for learning. Sometimes, a child, in his/her enthusiasm forgets proper decorum. Oftentimes, the child loses his/her decorum at all for no apparent reason. I firmly believe that it is incumbent upon the teacher to address the issue by himself/herself first. Sending the child to a higher office would mean surrender. Another child telling on his/her friend/enemy because it is the easy way out. oh well...


BatJay said...

good luck sir. bagong role nga pala ngayong school year ano? i'm sure you'll do fine.


Anonymous said...

good luck kulot!!!! i hope you have less problems with the kids, their parents and their teachers.


ako din yung anonymous re: undisciplined man!!!! hirap mag log-in pasaway

rolly said...

Jay - Thanks for the well wishes.

Joan, sabi ko na nga ba ikaw yun. Maingay e. hehehe kelan ka manganganak?