Sunday, June 20, 2004

Congrats Dondie

Last night, the wife and I were invited to a dinner hosted by long time friend Lolit Valerio, who is sister to my college buddy Lynne Sanchez. I remember celebrating Christmas with them, eating lunch, going to Bulacan for lunch, and all that bumming around while working on our plates for fine arts. Lynne, the ever liberated college kid drove to school on her motorbike,(not a very usual site those days) would borrow her sister's car so we can drive around town.

Last night, we celebrated the graduation of Dondi, Lolit's eldest son, for having completed Legal Management at DLSU. We were joined by her other children Alvin and Irish. Alvin is now at UST taking up medicine and Irish is graduating from high school at San Agustin.

What is the point of my blog besides congratulating a friend? I think it is the prospect of seeing her child finish schooling and taking up a career. My idea of parenting is that of preparing children to face the real world. I tend to pity children whose parents let them grow with nannies who will always be there at their beck and call. Most often than not, they end up spoiled and can't make decisions by themselves. During my early years as a teacher, I asked a student to turn off the lights. He wouldn't budge and as I was about to be pissed off, I began to realize from his reactions he didn't know how. I swear, this is so true! It was confirmed later on by his classmates.

Anyway, I think I digress, as I am wont to do all the time. The point I'm trying to make is that I am looking forward to seeing my kids graduate from school whatever the cost is. God help me but I hope me and the wife manage to do this without anymore hassles than there already are. So, in the meantime, Rey and Lolit, I salute you.


bayibhyap said...

You're right, rolly. There is immense satisfaction and pride for parents to see their children graduate. It is the culmination of the many sacrifices made by the parents. And hence, a joyous celebration is in order and it is a privilege to be invited to share such a joy.

The cost of education is going up unabated. The cost of reading a medical degree overseas is in the region of USD250,000.00! In addition, parents also worry about whether their children will get good jobs and have sound values that will carry them through their adult lives in good stead.

As teachers, we worry ourselves over students who are spoilt in their upbringing. We are afraid that they will not fit into the society after they graduate. As teachers, we would rather teach a student to fish than have fish delivered to them all the time. The former is a skill essential for survival. The latter is a privilege (and not a right) that disappears when one's resources are used up.

But the obstacles to having a good education do not deter any parent from trying his best to give his child the best possible. This is instinctive in every parent.

And of course, let me join you in offering congratulations to your good friend Dondie. He has a good friend in you indeed.

rolly said...

Hi Bayi, sometimes my children couldn't understand why I should be hard on them. One thing I can be proud of is that my children are all very independent. I think me and my wife is still doing a fairly good job. Well, they are aged 18, 16, 15 and 13 and none of whom has already given us a major headache. Hope that continues to be so until we all part ways for some reason or another. Thanks for your comments. They are very much appreciated.

Jet said...

Medyo OT ito Rolly. Just wanted to greet you a Happy Father's Day. :)

rolly said...

Thanks a lot, Jet. Appreciate it a lot.

cathcath said...

We are eight in the family and our parents' greatest
legacy is our education.

I am sure your children think the same way too. You are bloody good parents.

Happy Father's Day. What's my gift?
(hahaha just mimicking my niece).

Sassy Lawyer said...

Graduation... lately, I worry that with the way things are going in this country, a good college education may not guarantee my kids good employment opportunities.

And, before I forget, Happy father's day!

iskolar111 said...

Some parents that I know forget the fact that their children are grown up and still maintain the umbilical cord between them. At what time are they going to cut it and send their kids to fend for their own? Maybe parents will do it when they finally realize that spoiling doesn't mean loving their children.

rolly said...

Yes Sassy, that is another concern I would not like to think about yet. i take things one at a time. Guess my vision is not that far yet. Now that you mentioned it...sigh! Thanks for the greetings. Same goes to your hubby.

Hi Iskolar, thanks for visiting and taking time out to comment. There are many parents who are O.A.'s with showing their love for their children. They don't know it has irreversible consequences, too.

BatJay said...

happy father's day rolly. i'm sure your kids are all proud of you. struggle talaga ang magpalaki at magpa-aral ng anak ano?

hirap din siguro ng maging parent. you try to give your children the best that you can give but it doesn't assure them that they'll have a great life. you just trust in your parenting, set them loose one day and have them find their place in the world.

rolly said...

Oo nga e. Ang mahirap pa nito, pag-aaralin mo ng matagal, tapos iiwan ka din para mag-asawa at mamuhay mag-isa. But ganon talaga e. i did that to my parents, I expect my children will do the same. C'est la vie! Thanks

cute2chick said...

I think it's really sweet that you actually wrote about this.Writing such articles includes so much effort and I think my mom think the article was actually nice... thanks!:) May God Bless and more powers to come...:)-iris