Friday, May 08, 2009

It's not that grand but it's ours!

We've moved back to the house although there are still things to be completed like interior doors, painting jobs, etc, etc. What's more depressing are the boxes that are still cluttered in our living room. Nevermind what's stored inside the children's rooms. As it is, they cannot occupy these yet and have to sleep in the family room where the tv and this computer is. It looks like it would take another three months before everything's finally settled. Just the same, we are all glad we're back!

Unfortunately, my 85 year-old mother-in-law takes a long time to get re-acquainted with the house. She seems to be disoriented. What happened was we asked my wife's brother to take her to his house and stay there for a while as the house we were renting was too hot and very uncomfortable. The problem was she wasn't there when we moved back. Now, she keeps on saying she wants to go back home. We can't find the right words to tell her that this is the same house, only renovated. Oh well, I guess confusion is almost synonymous to old age.

Nevertheless, in a few hours from now, I shall be on my way to Clark where a plane shall take me and my in-laws to Singapore for an overnight stay. From there, we head to Genting, Malaysia for another overnight stay and travel back to Kuala Lumpur where hopefully, I get to meet an old friend of mine, Bayi, who used to go visiting Filipino blogs before making his name a familiar one in Philippine blogosphere.

Tata for now!


bing said...

nothing beats the feeling of owning a house. it may not be that grand, as you say, but it's yours.

take care on your trip, mr rolly!

pktan said...

Hi Rolly,

Been to your site : )) very informative, and makes a good read. Wonder if you can list my site on your site.

rolly said...

bing Oo naman, especially when you know that you bought it with your blood and sweat.

Thanks. We're back, tired but happy and most of all, safe.

pktan Okay. It may just take a little while as I don't have time to fix my template yet. Keep coming back, though

pktan said...

Thanks alot : )) will definitely be checking your site. heh.

Panaderos said...

Congratulations! Glad to know that your renovations are finally done! :)

rolly said...

Pktan Thanks.

Panaderos Actually, there are still some lose ends we have to contend with but we moved in already as our budget gets bigger with the apartment rental. AS of today, the rooms are still filled with crates and boxes the children have to sleep in the family room. We may need another month to figure things out.