Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost done.

What was supposed to be a simple renovation on the house turned out to be a complete redesigning. Since the kids are already all grown up, what with the youngest being almost 6' and all, we decided to have more rooms. The perceuved two-month reno is now on its three and a half months. We are depleting, no make that "have depleted" our resources slowly, thanks to our collective inputs on what to put to make it more beautiful. Exciting but scary.

I am more hands on right now. While I let the kids to choose the color scheme for their house, the rest have been my call. We have just finished putting up the cornices and baseboards on the living room yesterday. Squaring the door frames have been very challenging from my point of view. I had to ask the carpenter to correct something several times. The octagonal centerpieces for the lights on the ceiling was also proved to be very tedious. The other carpenter had to align, saw and nail interchangeably until everything's fixed to the right place.

Hopefully, we can move back again next week. Just thinking how we are going to put back all those things in our boxes make my back ache.


tintin said...


BatJay said...

congratulations sa bagong pagawang bahay, sir. magpapa bless ba kayo?

alam ko yung hassle sa pag pack at unpack. masakit sa katawan.

rolly said...

tintin Wait lang. I will send you pics when it's completely done. It looks like we still have a good one week of work to do.

batjay Ibe bless ata pero hindi na kami maghahanda. Kami kami na lang siguro.

Sinabi mo pa. Tingnan kolang yung mga boxes sa mga kwarto, nalulula na ko eh.

Connie said...

Tagal naman nung pics. Nakakabitin.

Are we stressing you out? hehehe

Bilis! Pictures! HAHAHAHA

rolly said...

Connie Malapit na! Pag tapos nang hukayin yung swimming pool, maglalagay na ko ng pics. hehehe

s1998302 said...

sir! w00t, pool party! xD

I recommend you paint the place black.

black is good, I wear it everyday.

rolly said...

student number I guess that's what your signed in name is, BIRO lang yung swimming pool! I wish...

Black? Medyo elegant siya pero for the house? PAg-iisipan ko munang maigi ha. hahaha