Saturday, November 08, 2008

A presiden't's honeymoon only lasts for a short time

This is a follow-up of my entry on Obama's win last Tuesday. It seems that up until now, based on the news I've been watching on the boob tube, not only is America happy about Obama's success. We see footages of people celebrating in his father's country, Kenya, the UK, China and even in Obama, Japan which obviously shares his name.

The question to ask now is for how long will the jubilation last? Just a few days after that triumphant speech Obama gave, we see Wall Street on the brink of disaster once again. What this tells me is that no matter how charismatic a leader is, this too, shall fade away and soon, if the changes people expect do not come in what they perceive as the proper time. Proper time being interpreted by many as "soon" if not "now". Even Mr. Obama knows that the change he promises to bring may not come immediately. "it may not even be for a term," he said. But constituents do not share this view. They believe that with charisma comes enigma - that although it may be a puzzle, a charismatic leader would bring change for the better on their doorsteps right away.

We, as a people, have seen this before. We were ecstatic when we deposed the dictator, strongman Marcos after living in limbo for decades. We believed that Cory could do some magic. She could have. She had the magic wand a leader should possess. She did not only have the Filipinos support but the world's respect that even Jane Fonda was seen flashing the L sign while being a presentor at the Oscar's, and witnessed the folk singing group Peter, Paul and Mary coming over on their own to celebrate with us. She had the right timing and had the capacity to rally us forward. But the expectations changed and got worse as the term was about to expire. People began referring to her as "Corazon" pointing to the heart and then saying "C or Si" (yes) "Aqui" (here pointing to the brain, "NO". No sooner than she was in office when she foiled Enrile's and/or Laurel's "Operation (or was it Oplan)God save the Queen." Thereafter, she survived several more coup attempts from people who thought she was a weakling and from whom they can wrest power. Her reforms were met with skepticism from forces coming from all directions. Her bid at a nobel prize stomped on the ground, etc. Now, we are back to square one. We have the same ills that Marcos has left us with and with a vengeance. More poverty, corruption has tripled, allegations of election cheating that caused us at least Php 728M...and we are only onlookers at the present stalemate.

I will not be surprised if Mr. Obama loses his popularity. People do have short memories in spite of whatever talents one has. Even Christ was faced with turncoats in the end. What is certain is that evil has no race, no religion, no true color. It just is and will continue to be. It used to lurk in the shadows. It is now in the open wantonly wreaking havoc at our expense.


BlogusVox said...

Is it really that dire that you're painting the present and perhaps our future "blue"? I still believe there is still hope for our country however desperate it is right now. We shall overcome Ka Rolly. We'll just have to be a little bit more patient. Bad guys may finish first but they don't last long.

rolly said...

blogusvox Not really. This is my own way of saying we must all unite and fight evil. In order for us to do that, we must accept the fact that it exists.

Of course, there is hope. But when? I'd like to see it in my lifetime.

jj said...

hey tito rolly,,

thanks for dropping by my blog.... my blogging interest has been on hiatus ever since residency has eaten most of my free time. i'm happy to hear from you again.

on the other side, i've been watching obama's phenomenal streak to the whitehouse position. his win is unbelievable really. and the world has much to rejoice for his victory. i can't imagine another 4 years of republican rhetoric poisoning the world stage.


bugsybee said...

I am not an Obama fan (but neither am I for McCain).

Still, I wish them the best. For after all (and though saying this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth) when America reels, everybody else reels with them. Haaaay.

And of course I pray we shall all weather this crisis - Obama or no Obama. :)

ipanema said...

i have that question in my mind as well., i am waiting what he can really do. will the economy improve because of this change? is this the change that Americans really want? more to come...(itutuloy) :)

bayi said...

I was talking to an American and he told me that there are still lots of people in the US who believe in white supremacy. They cannot accept the fact that the country will be ruled by anyone who's not white. Obama may end up as a vulnerable target.

I hope not. History has been created and I hope this will spur all the other countries in the world to opt for equality for all the races.

Even if the reforms are slow in coming, it's acceptable as long as Obama is seen to be making a significant effort towards reform and strategic change. I believe he can make the US respected again.

Anyone can be a better President after Bush! :)

Panaderos said...

To succeed, Obama needs to govern from the center and should not be seen as favoring one party over another. Yes, he was elected as a Democrat but he's now the President of all Americans. To be able to maintain broad support, he needs to govern from the center and not from the far left or the far right.

rolly said...

jj I know how toxic that can be. Natawa lang talaga ako sa pangalan ng bread na feature mo sa blog.

bugsy Neither am I. It's just that it seems that the whatever it is that the person in the Whitehouse does affects us too in more ways than one.

ipanema I pray that he will be the change that America wants. We are affected everytime there is a big change in policy in the US.

bayi White supremacists? I know they are still around. Even the KKK hasn't been quashed yet. Pity. HOw could one race think it is superior over another?

panaderos As do all political leaders elected into office. Once they win, they should forget about their political affiliations and think about the general welfare. Sadly, we as a people, believe in "utang na loob" too much and our president has plenty to give back.

Connie said...

Many people think Obama can work miracles to address the economic problem. Unrealistic expectations. And when they get disappointed, the adulation will turn to hate.

rolly said...

Connie That is precisely what I am thinking of. I just pray that he succeeds no matter what.

siu said...

Tito Rolly, given that Obama faces a very herculean job in this recent economic recession, together with the Iraq problem, he will have this rare opportunity of going down in history as one of US's greatest presidents, or simply end up a flop.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ka Rolly,
Just started reading your Blog and I like the contents specially your artwork, being an artist myself.

Well WTR Obama, ang sa akin lang eh iba siya kesa kay Cory. Though there are similarities in the situation, in terms of economic conditions. You're right when you said, "She could have". Sayang.

Buweno mahabang usapan ito... I wish maimbitahan kita dito sa Middle Earth sa inuman at kantahan.
BTW, is there any reading material about Transparent Cubism. I've had my first crack at it... pero marami pa akong kakainin. I'd like to propagate it here in New Zealand, where I'm based.

Kiwinoy (

Anonymous said...

Hi Ka Rolly,

Just been following your blog and I like it specially the art works. I'm based down under in Middle Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand). 2 things:

1. Obama - iba naman siya compared kay Cory. Tama ka sa sinabi mo about Cory, "She could have." Sometimes I do think in hindsight if my participation in original EDSA was in vain... but I guess its all in the past. Let's move on. About Obama and Americans, they're a different culture. Generally, iba silang mag-handle ng politics nila. So let's also hope for the best. But you've got exactly the same concerns that most people have, i.e. will Obama live up to expectations.

2. Transparent Cubism - I'm really interested in learning it as I do quite a bit of a painting myself. I just started seriously this year. Meron ka bang suggested reading materials tungkol dito?

Regards and more power to you,
Kiwinoy (

rolly said...

kiwopinoy Thank you for dropping by and reading even my old stuff. I am not really sure about reading materials on transparent cubism. Yun lang ang naisip kong pinaka apt na tawag sa ginagawa ko. But I have many influences like Cesar Legaspi, Manansala and others you might want to check out.

If you want you can send me an email, include your works and let's work from there.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

uu nga po,hanggang kailan kaya tayo maghihintay...kahit sana maranasan nalang ng anak ko ang pag unlad..kahit di na sakin.

rolly said...

Everlito Mukhang matatagalan pa pero sana naman maski tayo abutan ang pagunlad ng bansa natin.