Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 2 - Malaysia in pictures

Malaysian culture is similar and yet very much different from our own. For one thing, I can sense my own heritage based on familiar words which we share as a people. Apart from their get ups, the Malay brown skin is the same skin we have. And yet there is something unique about Malayan culture that is distinctly its own. The cuisine which is borne out by the various ethnicities present in its land viz., Malayan, Chinese and Indian, maintain their own culture amid the presence of the others and yet they seem to blend into one from my point of view. The influences of one culture over the other may not be evident at first glance but looking at it from a distance, one can sense the amalgamation of the different cultures and how they have transformed into one.

If there is anything that impressed me more in this trip, it would have to be the warmth, generosity and the selfless giving of one friend to another. A friendship that blossomed between two strangers from different lands, brought together by their love of the written word, the sharing of thoughts as they come and the passion by which they view life as a whole. Through this trip, my wife and I have had the experience of knowing that in this world of distrust, apathy and chaos, we would come to know that there are people with golden hearts ready to accept us for who we are. Hopefully, we can return the favor one of these days. And so, with our deepest gratitude, we thank Bayi and Sok Kin for the love they have shared with us for two glorious days.

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R Panaderos said...

Congratulations, Rolly, on such a very nice trip to Malaysia. You're very luck to have found such very good friends in Bayi and Sok Kin who were very generous and gracious hosts. Very nice pictures and very nice sites. Mind if I ask what this war memorial is called? Thanks.

Happy New Year!

rolly said...

r panaderos Indeed! We are very lucky to have known good friends in Bayi and his wife.

The memorial is called Tugu Peringatan Negara. It is a war memorial where the Malaysians pay tribute to those who died in the different wars they have fought.

bayi said...

r panaderos

"Tugu Peringatan Memorial" literally translated would mean "National Memorial Monument". In Malaysia it is just known as the National Monument. It was erected in memory of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the fight against the foreign invaders during the first and second world war and the period of emergency when we fought the communists.

Around the memorial is a park where several major sculptures stand. I believe Rolly found one being the commissioned work of a Filipino! :)

R Panaderos said...


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. Given all the pretty sights you saw, 2 days must have been too short a trip. :)


Thank you very much for the information on your country's National Monument. The pictures Rolly took were truly very beautiful. I hope that I'll have the chance to visit your country someday. Kind regards.

BatJay said...

great trip. i am glad that you finally met bayi. i miss that part of the world.

rolly said...

R. Panaderos YOu should go and have a look yourself. Very nice country. Two days was short but thanks to the careful planning of Bayi, we managed to go to places as planned.

Batjay We are truly blessed to have made the trip possible. Bayi is a very good host.

rolly said...

Bayi Thanks for the added info.

kiwipinay said...

Very nice! Awesome photos! Wouldn't think that all these happened only in 2 days! I've heard some stories about Malaysia especially the food that they are so cheap and yummy! Looks like a very nice and clean country, isn't it? Not one litter!

And you are one lucky couple indeed! Thanks to Bayi for hosting your trip.

bayi said...

r panaderos

You may be pleasantly surpised to find that there are quite a number of Filipinos working in Malaysia. Rolly and Nitz met with a couple.


I know you miss your nasi lemak, among other types of delicious food that only this part of South East Asia can offer. I hope to meet up with you one day if you do pass by here again. In fact there has been so much change in Genting since you and Jet were last there that it looks different.

rolly said...

kiwipinay It was a fun packed
two days which will last us a long time. Happy New Year to you.

ipanema said...

Ay, kaya naman pala nanahimik eh nagpunta sa Malaysia.

Hey those are great photos. Hanep sa camera.

Malaysia is truly Asia. :) This is one beautiful country despite its diversity, they progress.

Next time if you have longer time, go Genting Highlands. There are also beautiful resorts in Malaysia. Langkawi is one then there is another one way down in Sipadan [i guess]. Good for diving spot. There are many beautiful tourist spots in Malaysia but you need to stay longer. Pwede pa unit-unti. :)

Bayi and wife have always been good hosts. I think the last one they hosted was Dr. Emer if I'm not mistaken.

Dr. Emer said...

I couldn't agree more! You know what Bayi told me, Tito Rolls? He says he feels bad you stayed only for 2 days! I am sure he prepared a comprehensive itinerary for you and Tita Nitz.

Echoing Ipanema: Were you able to squeeze in a trip to Genting Highlands? Romantic and fun din doon...

rolly said...

ipanema Two days is not enough but those waere the only flights we could get at the time.

We were not able to go to Genting as it is too far and Bayi has arranged as many places we could visit in so short a time.

Yes, Doc Emer and Jane were there last year.

bayi said...


Genting was not that far. You remember the tunnel we had to pass before Bukit Tinggi? From that point Genting would be just a 20-minute ride. But we would not have the time for both Genting and Bukit Tinggi.

We could have visited the casino and the theme park in Genting but I thought the French castle theme resort was a more meaningful experience.

rolly said...

Bayi I think you did mention Genting although I did not have any idea how far it could be from where we were. But you were right. The castle was very meaningful for me and Nitz. I am not very fond of casinos, anyway.