Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holy Week

Last week, the family joined throngs of people who rushed to the provinces for a three day break from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Together with family friends, brothers Ollie and Abel Marcelo and Edgar Soriente and their families, we rushed to the province of Pangasinan.

We left on Thursday at 4:00 am. We were delayed as our agreement was to leave at 1:00 am to avoid the traffic. Luckily, we only experienced being jammed at the Toll gates and at Tarlac. The ride was smooth thereafter.

First stop was Lucero, a small island of ten barangays somewhere in Bolinao, a town right after Alaminos. There, the children experienced living in a remote island with nothing to do but enjoy the scenery, play cards, eat and sleep. Good Friday, our host took us to a one hour trip to another island called Patar where we bathed for a while. But the best was yet to come.

Highlight of this trip was on Saturday where we went to the famous Hundred Islands arranged by my wife and Vivian with Lean Braganza, son of Alaminos Mayor, Honorable Nani Braganza, former DAR Secretary and one time Congressman of a district in Pangasinan. Upon arrival, we were treated to a hefty breakfast of fried rice, boneless bangus, bite-sized longganisa and eggs cooked over-easy. We were then led to the port where we were taken to a big boat called The Adventure.

We scouted for an island that was not thickly swarmed with people but to no avail. We settled going to Quezon Island. However, as it was already late, we couldn't find a place to stay. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise,though, as the boat we have was big enough to cook, eat and stay comfortably and have a break from swimming.

That night, the wives were about to cook dinner when Lean arrived. He invited us for dinner. Guess who showed up after the sumptuous dinner. No less than the mayor himself. He stayed with us until it was almost midnight.
Clad in shorts and t-shirt, he is still the Nani Braganza we knew when he was still a student - simple, articulate and sincere. We talked about the problems confronting the town and his constituency, how he got rid of jueteng and drugs, and his plans and courses of actions in the future. Honestly, I am impressed knowing that he always means business even when he was just a young student.


gilbert yap tan said...

rolly, what's the name of your floating houseboat? :-)

the delight on your faces is priceless!

cathy said...

i always spent my Holy Week vacation in Pangainan. We go to Manaoag during Black Saturday and proceed to Baguio on Easter Sunday.

rolly said...

gilbert The name is the Adventure. Yes, we did have a great time.

cathy We were supposed to go to Manaoag but we wanted to avoid the anticipated traffic in the afternoon so decided to go home early.

ipanema said...

Oh, I envy you. Been to 100 islands and it's beautiful. We also scouted for islands not teeming with holiday makers. I think only 2 islands are opened by the Ministry of Tourism.

Well, looks like everyone enjoyed the holidays. :)

BatJay said...

sarap naman ninyo bossing. buti na lang hindi lumubog ang ibang mga islands sa 100 islands dahil sa sobrang dami ng tao.

rolly said...

Ipanema This is my second time sa hundred islands. MAs marami ng islands ang pwedeng puntahan ngayon and the place has been turned over to the local government. Nani is doing a good job.

batjay oo nga hehe

rhodora said...

Hey, Rolly! (first name basis, puwede? hehehe)

You were here in Pangasinan! I live in Dagupan and we have a farm house in Bugallon, a town you pass by going to Alaminos. And we are quite well acquainted with Mayor Nani too, especially my husband who is in the broadcast industry.

Next you come around, do get in touch with me! Be happy to host you a lunch or dinner! :)

rolly said...

rhodora I don't think we passed by Dagupan. We used the Calamitan (?) (Nakalimutan ko na agad pangalan ata ah.) route. That is right after Tarlac, I think.

But now that I know there's someone generous and kind enough to sponsor a meal in Dagupan... hehehe

You know what? I had been trying to post a comment in your blog but I don't think our browsers are kind to each other. Spam daw ako eh. waaaah!

At any rate, I'm glad you're okay now. Keep that jolly mood up all the time.

rhodora said...

Hi, Rolly, thanks for posting a comment in my site. I got it anyway. That's how it works. Idiot kasi ang comment system ko, hehehe. Just leave your comment and I recover later. Just don't pay attention to the spam thingy.

That's Camiling route, you were referring to. Camiling is a town in Tarlac.

See you around!

Rey A said...

Tito R,
Did you count the islands? It's actually only 99. And 98 when it's high tide:)...that's what I''m talking about...summer fun in the Phil...I miss it.


rolly said...

rhodora Tama, Camiling nga. See, I have problems remembering names like that.

Buti na lang pumapasok naman pala ang comments ko.

Rey A Oh yes, it is summer time here. The terrible heat makes sure we remember.