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Friday, August 18, 2006

What a shame!

The past weeks had been trying times again due to the scandal that befell the licensure exams in the nursing profession. It is indeed unfortunate not only for the nurses who took the exams but to the whole Fillipino nation as a whole. Considering that the nursing profession brings in a steady inflow of revenue from dollar earners abroad who are slaving themselves for a brighter future, this recent news of alleged cheating in the examinations is a very unwelcome turn of events. Not only has it placed these professionals in jeopardy of having their credibilities questioned, it has brought doubts on the capabilities of the Filipino nurses in this global village. My heart bleeds for those who passed the test fair and square, who took the pains to review their lessons hard, spend hard earned money to prepare for the test, only to be deprived of their legitimate share in the profession. And all this because of scalawags hell bent to earn easy money preying on those who will risk life and limb, hold on to a double bladed sword like life depended on it just to be ensured, no matter what evil means it takes, to achieve their goals.

What worries me especially is that we are only confirming that we are a people of cheaters. We have seen this before. Allegations of cheating with the medical board, the bar, elections, hell, we've even been known to have cheated on International Little League Baseball. Sad to say that it is during these times when I am not proud to be a Filipino. May the people who caused these shame be cursed and may they lose all their teeth except one and may that hurt till kingdom come.



Blogger cathcath said...

natawa naman ako sa curse mo. ngipin pa.

I cannot understand why it is allowed in the Philippines Nurses Association to accept membership of imdividuals who may be nurses themselves but are also businesspersons owning nursing schools like the just resigned PNA president who is accused of the leakage to the students of her school and review center.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous bayi said...

Shameful incidents like this make reputable international bodies become suspicious of all the other academic and professional qualifications offered by the local bodies. The whole country suffers as a result. It takes a long time to recover from a blow like this. It strikes at the heart of integrity.

9:31 PM  
Blogger ipanema said...

lol rolly, don't talk about teeth, i just had an overdue wisdom tooth that sent me reeling.

No progress except for the resignation? What are they going to do with the examinees? I wonder what credentials they're going to show to prove they're board certified. I think they'll find it hard to lok for a job.

10:38 PM  
Blogger BatJay said...

sana magkaroon sila ng perpetual anghit na hindi matanggal ng kahit na isang blokeng tawas.

sana magkaroon sila ng pigsa sa pagitan ng singit

sana tubuan sila ng male sex organ sa noo.

sana magkaroon sila ng walang katapusang LBM.

nakakainis nga kasi bossing kasi naghihintay na rito sa america ang trabaho para sa mga nurse na pinoy. hindi na natin ito kailangan. sayang.

1:53 AM  
Blogger ting-aling said...

Sad..sad..sad. Ano pa kayang pandaraya ang gagawin ng mga taong 'to? Lubayan niyo naman ang Pilipinas, please. Hindi kaya na-re-realize ng mga taong 'to na pati Pilipino na wala na sa Pilipinas naapektuhan nila?

Sa akin Tito Rolly, kahit hindi na sila maubusan nga ngipin..sumakit na lang sana ng sumakit ang ngipin nila hanggang hanggang.

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I took the Nursing Exams in 1991, there were already leakages. It's been going on since who knows when. It's no surprise.(I know that it's not only nursing.) It is sad but true. It costs 15000 pesos to get the answers at that time. I believe our review center was involved. Around 80% of us passed because of the leakage (maybe less than 50% without leakage)in that particular review center. The sad thing is those nurses who passed because of the leakage get's left behind in the Philippines and are dangerously practicing nursing (or not practicing at all). The ones who took it without a leakage pass the CGFNS and Test for spoken and written english move on and eventually pass the NCLEX in US. The US protects itself from these situations through their exam standards. The exam here is unique to every person. The computer changes the question according to its assessment of the person's knowledge of a particular field. It stops asking if it knows that you have adequate knowledge of that field but it attacks your weaknesses.It's is impossible to have a leakage. That is why less than 50% of foreign grads pass the exams (based on CA BRN report). Of course not all examinees are filipinos. I think we have the advantage.

Hardworking nurse.

7:50 AM  
Blogger cent said...

Shux, nakakahinayang 'no? Tsaka kahit saan mo tingnan, o kahit ano ang piliin mong gawin, may malaking disadvantage pa rin. Kung hindi mag-retake, masisira pa lalo ang kredibilidad ng mga nurses (mahihirapan ang mga employers malaman kung sino talaga ang karapat-dapat). Kung mag-retake naman, unfair doon sa mga hindi nandaya. Pati na rin 'yung mga nakakuha ng leakage nang hindi naman sinasadya.

Either way, lalong unfair dahil kasalanan nung mga nandaya, pero ang magbabayad ay 'yung mga inosente. As always...

8:17 PM  
Blogger JO said...

what happened was really sad... and it only put more dent in the name of the Philippines, which is already having a hard time recovering.

just passing by....

10:02 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

Cathcath O di ba, imyerno yun!

bayi Precisely. These individuals are just some rotten apples in the bag but they sure put us down.

ipanema Ouch! That hurts. At least you've gained more wisdom. hehehe
I think they are thinking of having a retest of all the examinees. I have no news of further developments. Had been busy the past days.

Batjay Mas galit ka pa sa akin ah. And rightfully so. Alam ko kung pano nagpakahirap si Jet to pass her exams dyan sa US. And I know how bright Jet is. Yun pa isa. Ano silbi ng fake na pagkakapasa dito sa pinas kung hindi naman sila papasa sa exam dyan ano?

tingaling how are ou? Haven't seen you in a while sa threads natin ah. Anyway, pwede rin yun. Mas masakit nga kung lahat ng ipin sumakit sabay-sabay. kaso hindi sila pumangit pag ganoon eh. Aassuming maganda sila ngayon ha.

Cent Oo nga. Parang dumb if you do, dumb if you don't situation ano? Pero, sa palagay ko mas maganda na ang magkaraoon ng re-test just to eliminate doubts on the nurses' qualifications.

jo Oo nga eh. kainis no?

6:55 AM  
Blogger VICKY said...

the best solution to these scandals and profiteering is to abolish the 'board' exam altogether. Here in Australia, Nursing is just 3 years, intership starts as soon as they are enrolled, when they pass all the subjects they are automatically registered and given the license. No predators can take advantage of this system. My heart goes to the students who worked and studied hard and did not cheat.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Atong Kuliglig said...

Dahil Sa Iyo, NEL
(as in Nursing Exam Leak)

Mey tummy ache po itong
aking tummy kahapon
Kaya po sa hospital
ako'y pumaroon
When da nurse ay sa'kin
mey inambang ineksyon
"2006 ka ba?"
ang patakot kong tanong.

Aba mantakin po ninyo,
kung ang kanyang lisensya
Ay sa "leakage" at daya
ito po ay nakuha;
Di kaya ang ineksyon
when sa akin ay tumama,
Maybe ang tummy ache ko ay,
aba lalong lumala?

That is why ako ay
karipas na tumakbo
At sa looban ay pumunta
sa klinika ni Mang Tasyo;
Matapos ang ihip-ihip,
bulong at hilot-buto
Nawala na biglang-bigla
ang tummy ache at takot ko.

Kaya dahil sa 'yo NEL
ang PhilHealth card kong tangan
Key Mang Tasyo'y balewala
wala pong kabuluhan;
Ang pambayad ko ay
tunay na 'king pinaghirapan:
Manok po at mga itlog
sa limliman ng kapitbahay.

Atong, po, lingkod ninyo.

10:34 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

Anonymous nurse I almost missed responding to your comment. I'm sorry. Anyway, if that were true, cheaters would always try pulling this stunt. Imagine how many would take the bite and if successful, the review center gets the upper hand in the reviewing business. That's two birds with one stone. I'm glad they discovered the leakage. This should not continue being the practice.

Vicky I don't know if that is even possible. We put a very high premium on qualifying exams like this.

Atong nice one. thanks for sharing

11:08 PM  
Blogger darlene said...

It is really a shame to us Filipinos. Shall I be proud that I am a Filipno nurse too?!

It seems that PRC don't have the political will to straighten out the mess and maintain the credibility of the instituion.

tsk tsk

11:39 PM  
Anonymous myepinoy said...

I say amen to this "May the people who caused these shame be cursed and may they lose all their teeth except one and may that hurt till kingdom come."

4:19 AM  
Blogger Jet said...

Well, as a nurse, nakakapanlumo talaga kung nakapasa ka ng fair and square tapos you'll have to repeat the test just because of a bunch of unscrupulous people who wouldn't play fair. Hindi biro ang magreview para sa licensure exam. Imagine having to rehash over everything you've read and learned and memorized over the past four years. To say that it isn't something you'd relish to go through again is almost a ridiculous understatement.

On the other hand, hindi ako nagmamalinis Tito pero eto totoo. When I took the NCLEX, somebody passed on to me what he said was a leakage. I know he meant well pero una, takot ako sa karma. Pangalawa, parang duda naman ako. Anonymous told you how the NCLEX is conducted and it's almost unbelievable that somebody would be able to reproduce the test questions in whatever manner. It just can't be done. Pangatlo, parang di ko naman matanggap na makapasa man ako e dahil sa pandaraya. So in short, although nasa akin yung transcripts of what was alleged to be the test questions, I never even touched the first page.

Case in point, minsan nasa tao na rin. Kahit ano'ng safeguards ang gawin ng regulatory board, kung sadyang mandadaya ang tao, mandadaya talaga. The problem I think goes way back before college, before highschool, before elementary. Minsan nasa pagtuturo sa bata ng tama before the kid even steps onto the schoolgrounds.

We go back to the primeval aspect of childhood... parenting.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous bugsybee said...

Nakakatakot ang curse mo, Tito Rolly! Pero agree ako doon ... tamaan sana ang may kagagawan nito!

I've been wanting to write about this but this issue has so affected me that I can't seem to get my thoughts straight. Shameful, to say the least. Pero alam naman natin - we all know that in practically ALL the board exams here, there has been cheating to some extent and it's impossible that PRC has not known this. E, alam nga nating lahat!

11:11 PM  
Blogger Ate Sienna said...

alam mo, unkel, dahil na rin siguro sa kahirapan ng buhay yan kaya kahit na wala pa silang "k" na pumasa eh pinipilit na nilang pumasa kasi nga gustong-gusto na nilang mag-trabaho, sa abroad pa siguro ang pangarap nila.

sabi nga ni bossing ko na nars din, kahit na raw talaga nung panahon nya may dayaan na raw talaga. pero siguro mas talamak na nga ngayon dahil sa economic reasons. atsaka sa demand kasi ngayon, nagpapaligsahan yang mga review centers na yan.

that being said, ang impression ko sa board exams na yan, iisang pattern lang ba ang sequences ng tanong? as in yung test ng katabi mo, pareho ba ng test mo?

nakakalungkot talaga...

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly,

Ayan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko. Talagang ang baba na ng standard of education ng Pilipinas. Yung tanong ko nga sa inyo dati (tungkol sa English), ay naakma sa nangyayari ngayon. Sino ho ba ang dapat sisihin, ang estudyante na dapat mag-aral ng mabuti o yung guro na nampapasa ng di karapat dapat na estudyante? Siguro yung mga nurse na kailangang mangdaya ay yung mga walang alam sa Ingles pero pinasa sila ng kanilang mga guro. Di ba ang mga tanong ay nasa Ingles tapos muliple choice pa ata. Talagang kawawa tayo. Nung mabasa ko nga yung sinulat ni "Anonymous" tungkol sa top 100 universities (from Newsweek), talagang naawa ako sa ating mga Pinoy. Wala man lang nakapasok na galing sa atin. Di ba naglabas din ang PRC ng top schools sa Pinas? Ay talaga naman o. Siguro, ang tanging nakikita ko na mabilis na solusyon sa kahihiyang ito (pero "band aid" lang to ha), ay yung mga pumasa sa CGFNS ang dapat pag "oath takingin", di na kailangang pag-retakin ang mga 2006 batch dahil sayang lang ang pera ng mga tax payers dahil magkakaroon pa rin ng leakage pag galing sa PRC ang exam.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sir, nakakatakot na nga ngayon sa pinas.. para bagang we're living in a country of cheaters...
inumpisahan ba naman ng pangulo eh.. (sori naging politikal)..
kawawa naman ang mga nag-take ng exam na di naman nakakuha ng leakage..

4:57 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

Darlene I'm sure you passed the exams fair and square. That is enough to make you stand proud. Ang dapat mahiya yung makakapal ang mukha na may kinalaman dito.

myepinoy Amen

Jet Yun na nga ang problema eh. There are people who want to find the easiest way never knowing the fruits one reaps out of perspiration.

Knowing how bright and how industrious you are, I'm sure you never needed leakage for any exam you're going to take.

Bugsybee If that is true, aba e nakakahiya talaga ang PRC no?

Ate Sienna Andun na ko na ito ay dulot na rin ng kahirapan pero saan ba patungo ito? In the long run, mas lalong talo ang pinoy, diba? Ang mga makikitid kasi ang utak, ang iniintindi lang e ang kanilang bulsa not knowing na sa bandang huli pala, barya lang ang kinita nya kung susumahin ang magiging consequence.

anonymous okay, sasagutin ko na nga ang tanong mo sakin. I cannot blame one party alone. Sino pa ba ang sisisihin e di pareho sila. Both parties did not do their responsibilities.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Svelte Rogue said...

i think cheating is widespread and is not a monopoly of us happy filipinos. i say this flippantly because frankly, i'm quite sick and tired of hearing Pinoys say "kawawa naman tayo, isang bayang mandaraya."

i can cite so many instances of cheating in other cases, and i'd like to pull out sports. in athletics alone, i can name names of people who have yielded positive traces of illegal or banned substances: marion jones, justin gatlin, mark lewis-francis, dwain chambers, floyd landis, mariano puerta. all have marred the sport that has brought them fame and glory, and has cast doubt on the achievements of other people. regardless of nation, it all boils down to the individual. it's just an awful shame that the foibles of one is magnified to reflect the weaknesses of a nation entire.

it's grossly unfair and bordering on the ridiculous.

that's why i propose that we move to another paradigm where the concept of "nation" is moot and academic, a construct that is fast losing its relevance and hold on common sense.

thanks to the global village, borderless ekek marketing, what is a nation? it's nothing!

i'm rambling again but if you spur me or guide me, i can continue down this track and do an energiser bunny.

3:51 AM  
Blogger Svelte Rogue said...

bottom line, tito rols: cheating is so much a part of human nature. we will always try to find a way to circumvent the existing system, to draw the shorter line possible between a and b, and it really is here to stay.

solution? regulate. want to become a nurse? here, pay me an exorbitant fee of 50.000 pesos for the right to be one, then be required to attend courses for the next 2 years, and then require an internship of another prescribed time period. now of course, there will always be a way to shorten the process but really...

where the f*** is political will? we can come up with all the friggin' solutions and equations to set up standards, but if the will ain't there to EXECUTE, then ecclesiastes has to be invoked: for all is meaningless.

3:54 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Svelte I believe you. Yes, Filipinos do not have a monopoly on cheating. it may be human nature but the thing is, unfortunately as in this case, it is also human nature to generalize and label people. It is also unfortunate that it is our countrymen who needs this very badly, (passing a qualifying exam to be nurses, doctors, etc.) simply because we need work, and yes, if not here, elsewhere most especially.

Again, I agree with you that cheating is not confined to Filipinos. So are bribery and corruption but that is not an excuse.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Rey A said...

It's sad Tito Rolly...mukhang may pagka-masokista tayo...mahilig pahirapan ang sarili para umangat...kung kailan nakikilala tayo na magagaling ang nursing graduates eto at sinisiraan natin ang ating sarili...ang malungkot nito ito ay napakamasamang halimbawa sa ating mga kabataan na oks lang mandaya basta huwag ka lang pahuhuli...di ba dito sanay ang ating mga politiko o tinatawag na liderato? kaya ayan...

6:42 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

ReyA Oo, tama ka. Kawawa tayo pero hindi dahil sa tayo ay masokista dahil hindi naman. Kawawa tayo kasi nahaluan tayo ng mga taong ganyan. Ganid sa kakarampot na yaman. Kakarampot dahil pwedeng yumaman sila ngayon pero ang laki naman ng nawawala pagkatapos.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Svelte Rogue said...

erratum na naman ako, tito rolly: in my examples, i cited athletics, tapos i went beyond that and named athletes in cycling and tennis... anube! my apologies to you and your readers, especially those who know the people i named.

ingat, tito rols. onto the next controversy!

would love to see what you think about the 12 people detained in the netherlands because the passengers thought they were terrorists. damn discriminating caucasians!!!!! maubos na sana lahi nila. sooner than later yan, i tell you.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Filipino nurses are the most admired and respected professional healthcare anywhere you go. In other countries, it didn't matter what universities you graduated from and what grades did you receive in thhe licensure exam.

By nature Filipino nurses are caring and compassionate. They go out of their way to help the patients.

These traits can not be quantified and qualified in the exams.

SO instead of calling ourselves country of cheaters because of a few individuals who wanted to become rich overnight, suggest a resolution to make cheating impossible next time.

Don't be too hard on yourselves. It is just one batch, a few thousands and you curse the whole Filipino race.


7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idol kumusta na at kumusta rin sa kanilang lahat,

Nakakagalit talaga ang mga pangyayaring ganito ano? Huwag na yung leakage o cheating eh, siguro di natin talaga maiiwasan ang mga ganito kung talagang desidido ang gagawa. Pero ang hindi katanggap tanggap ay ang mga desisyon ng mga dapat na responsable dito o di kaya yung mga suppose to be na mga mamamahala na nakipagsabwatan pa. Napanood ko yung "Probe" at nakakagalit talaga. Pati yung katwiran nung official ng CHED kung bakit hinayaan nilang dumami ang mga Nursing schools ay dahil lamang sa demand ng nursing sa ibang bansa. Ano ganon na lang kahit na hindi akma sa standards or qualified yung school ok lang.

Natawa rin ako sa parusang gusto mo, pero ano sa tingin mo yung sumasakit na yung ngipin may diarrhea pa?

Lastly, curious ako doon sa statement mo na "...these times when I am not proud to be a Filipino".


8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot tolerate the indecision of the government, PRC and PNA on what to do with the students who took the exam. I say let them take it again. If you have a bachelor's degree in nursing you should have the stock knowledge to be able to pass the Philippine Nursing Board. You don't need to go to another review center again to be able to pass. You should not be afraid to take it. It is the only way to prove that you deserve it. I don't know why some of the students wanted an oath taking. The exams leaked out. You cannot make an oath under these circumstances. It is wrong. It does not matter if you took the exams fair and square, there is no way to prove that unless you take it again. If I'm an owner of a hospital, I would not hire a nurse among these batch because I will not risk the live's of my patient (what if the patient is you or your relative?) and the reputation of my hospital.--I think that's an honest way of looking at it.

Thanks Tito Rolly
A fan of yours in US

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sang-ayon ako doon sa "A fan of yours in US" ang tanging paraan na lang talaga ay to take the exam again in order for them to redeem themselves. Kawawa naman iyong mga hindi involve, pero I can't think of better solution. Any which way, part na sila ng iskandalong ito. Nakakahiya yong mga ibang officials na nagmungkahi na kalimutan na lang at "let us just move on" tutal hindi lang naman daw ngayon nangyari ito. Parang narinig ko na ang mga katagang ito doon sa isang dayaan ah.

Sana nga maparusahan yung dapat na maparusahan. Kung hindi at walang gagawing tamang desisyon at aksyon dito, kawawa talaga at wala na talagang pag-asa ang ating bansang Pilipinas.


3:25 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Santi Kamusta ka na rin. Buti nama't nadalaw ka uli.

Oo nga ano, mas mahirap yung sumasakit na ngipin eh me diarrhea pa. Mas matindi ka sakin hehe.

Syempre quality muna bago quantity.

Anonymous You flatter me. Thanks.

That is also my stand. Let them all retake the test. Afterall, anybody who passed this exam has that cloud of doubt over his/her head forever. It may cost more but I would rather take it again than be haunted by something like this. it is just a pity that they will have to spend hard earned money some more considering that the nursing course is already too expensive. I pity those belonging to poor families especially if their nursing relative is their ticket to a better life.

Santi Ewan ko ba sa mga officials na yan. Pano nilang masasabing kalimutan na lang ang ganitong bagay? Ibig sabihin, kalimutan na rin nating sila'y nagkamali't nagkaroon ng leakage? Hindi ba dapat binantayan nilang maigi ito to keep the integrity of the profession?

7:37 AM  
Blogger Sayote Queen said...

Hello po. Just dropped by and read this post. It is indeed, unfortunate, not only for nursing students like me, but also to the Filipino people, that this kind of 'scandal' happened. It not only affects nurses who want to go abroad, but also other OFWs/ other people who want to practive their profession outside the country.

Well, about the teeth, maybe it's better they get toothaches all their life... More painful hehehe.

7:25 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Sayote Queen Ganda naman ng pangalan mo.

Yes, it is indeed unfortunate that just because of some greedy people, we are being pulled down no? But let this not dampen your spirit. Nasa iyo pa rin how you would want people to perceive who and what you are.

Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous misssendgiftstophilippines said...

let the shameful memories who took up the exams last 2006 leakage the whole counry suffer a lost specially the graduates lets stand up forget and put back the good reputation of Phil. nurse.

2:55 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

misslong name that is the right attitude. Stand up, forget and learn from the past.

3:42 PM  

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