Tuesday, May 17, 2005

who is number one?

I received an email yesterday citing a list of top universities in the country today. Too bad, I accidentally erased the email not thinking that I will blog about it. Anyway, as far as i can remember, topping the list was the University of the Philippines, together with some 10 other universities in Luzon. Anyway, Bobit S. Avila of Philippine Star, in his Inside Cebu column said, "On the top four slots were the University of the Philippines Diliman, UP Los Baños, UP Manila, and Siliman University (Dumaguete City), respectively. Ateneo de Davao came fifth, followed by Ateneo de Manila University. In seventh to 10th places were the University of Sto. Tomas, Mindanao State University (Iligan), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, and St. Louis University (Baguio)...

This list got me wondering how we fared internationally. Making a quick browse in the internet, I chanced upon a list of top universities in Asia here. As you can see, Asiaweek has the UP ranked as 41st, DLSU (71), Ateneo de Manila (72) and UST(74)in Asia alone. Should I say we are doing poorly? Now, I don't know how old the list is as the recent Professional Regulations Commission and CHED list shows that Ateneo and UST are higher in ranking than DLSU. However, which ever is the best University to go to is not the point of this blog.

What does a list like this say? Does it really mean that the one at the top slot is the best among the lot? Maybe, for after all, the statistics cannot lie. I have a very simple mind and in my simple way of thinking, I believe it is easy to be number one. All a University has to do is to select its students... meaning, accept only the best student-applicants through a very competitive entrance examination, then, weeding out those who cannot cope with the high standards of the university during the course of their stay. This is the reason why high school seniors would attend review classes just to enter a university of their choice. (I believe there is something wrong here. The entrance test is given to see the preparedness of the applicant for college. Now, if the student still has to review for it, then does it follow that either our high schools' offerings are not sufficient, that we are looking at the wrong direction, or are colleges testing the wrong areas?) In any event, by choosing and teaching only the best students, the university is sure to produce the best.

However, is that what we need right now? The country produces thousands upon thousands of high school graduates. Where will these kids go? We know for a fact that we, as a people, put a very high premium on education thinking that it is the key to a well-paying job, ergo, a ticket to easy streetville.

For me, education should be open to all. Every young Filipino should have access to education. I can understand UP for its acceptance policies because it is State run. But that is on the premise that it only cater to the poor. No tuition fee paid. If the State will shoulder the burden of educating the masses for free, it has to be ensured of a very high performance rating. But is that really the case? How many students from the UP are poor? With the advent of technology, the playing field had changed. Only a fraction of the poor sector can pass its very high standard simply because most of them did not have the luxury of having a good education during their elementary and high school days. Maybe the socialized tuition fee is the answer for after all, UP cannot exist without a steady income. (Well, what school would?) It cannot rely on the government for sustenance, can it? But still, what is the percentage of the those in the lower socio-economic bracket are studying at the UP? Never mind.

What is saddening is that in her article entitled "A Bill to save University of the Philippines, which appeared on August 9, 2003, Rina David hints that the UP's edge over other universities may soon end. In a letter, UP president Francisco Nemenzo wrote that even as the university approaches its centennial, 'UP is facing harder times than ever." Many of its top Ph.D.'s have left for better-paying jobs in the private sector here and abroad, he mentions, while its laboratories and libraries "badly need to be modernized." Hopefully, our government leaders would find it in their hearts that we need good schools like the University of the Philippines and put greater emphasis on education by allocating more budget because not doing so would spell our doom as a nation and as a people.

What makes a school a good one? I believe it is the combination of a good faculty line-up, good resources and educational equipment and a conscientious student body. These I believe are the essential requisites of a good educational organization. But of course, that would be asking for the moon.



TITO ROLLY, very well said *applause*, syempre kasi number one pa rin daw ang UP, kaya lang not for long kung hindi maagapan? Sayang naman. Anyway I would like to share my own observation here in the US. Would you believe that an average Filipino student there in the Phils would be an A+ student here? I thought when I was still there yabang lang ng Pilipino ito , but it's indeed true. Asians (including Filipinos) are scoring above average and proficient in Math in State Standardized tests here while most of the American students score average to below average. This is a reflection that Filipinos are really good academically and can compete globally. Here in America, teachers are well paid and schools have better resources than back home how come students are struggling academically? Having poor educational resources doesn't mean that Phils. is also a failure with education. Maybe because Filipino students value education because it is a priviledge in the Phils, here in America it is a right therefore students take it for granted. This is solely my opinion, don't quote me here please :)

bugsybee said...

Hi Rolly! The PRC comes out with a list of top universities based on the results of the most recent board exams in a particular profession. Thus, in the accountancy, for example, they classify this into certain categories based on the number of passers, the smallest category of which is 10 to 25 examinees (I'm not very sure about the upper limit anymore)and the big schools are 100 and up examinees (UST, UE, etc.). In a way, this list is good because it prods the schools to perform better in the board exams. The bad side is this: the schools become unduly focused on the board exams to the detriment of developing other areas which, even if not needed for proficiency in the board exams, are required or sought after by future employers. For example, oral and written communication skills. The CPA board exams, no matter how tough and which is reputed to be the toughest, is multiple choice. So, employers complain that today's CPAs can compute well and can come up with the accurate figures but, sadly, cannot articulately explain the figures. So, that brings us back to the main question: what really is a "top school"?

Sassy Lawyer said...

Re: The Rina David article. The bill proposing a new charter for UP got sidetracked because it led to a personal tiff between then UP President Dodong Nemenzo and Sen. John Osmeña. Nagka-personalan.

UP has a new president now. As an alumnus, I can only hope. The new president is the popular choice of the UP community.

rolly said...

teacher sol Yes, I've heard too many stories saying how an average student here would really make it good out there. I've been speculating on the reason(s) and came up with a)they teach it more clearly there, b>students strive harder in a foreign land either out of hiya or trying to prove something, and 3)knowing that the teachers couldn't explain to them in their native tongue, they persevere harder trying to understand every word. I wonder if I'm even close to the truth.

bugsybee WEll said. We've talked about the deterioration of communication skills of students and graduates before and it seems like we are not getting any step forward in spite of the fact that we know what state we are in.

Sassy That would be a "bad" news and the "good" news. I hope this president will take the UP a notch higher.

tiborce said...

when did the ranking appear in the philippine star?

Dr. Emer said...

Propaganda lang mga lists na yan, Tito Rolly....I never believed those. Merit and results lang ang important.

I believe DLSU is maintaining a higher level of teaching quality. Learning is a collective effort. The student and the teacher must be both willing to achieve the desired objective. Failure of one is always costly.

As far as the new UP President is concerned, I can vouch for her integrity and dedication to bring UP to greater heights. Other than having the same nickname, I know her as a good friend and teacher.

TinTin said...

Great post as usual Tito Rolly. It really makes you think doesn't it?

touchkey badzkey said...

tito rolly,
good day... from time to time i visit your blog site. actually we have the same topic about this in my blogsite. it was published in demand and supply by boo chanco. yes, i salute u.p. for still being on the top 3.

i am from cagayan de oro, a graduate of one school which is not in the list, mindanao polytechnic state college (you haven't heard of it maybe). one thing i hate, their are lots of companies descriminates other schools.

TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

siguro dapat wala ng private school, dapat ang mga anak ng mga congresman ay mag-aral sa public school para ang pera ng bayan ay mapunta sa public school, wala ng komersyalisasyon ng edukayon sa plipinas para ang mayaman at mahirap ay may pantay na pagkakataon sa magandang edukasyon, wala ng catholic school, dapat lahat ng school dapat ay pag-aari ng gobyerno.

stef said...

tito rolly, i have to say i beg to differ sa ibang opinyon dito. my experience here in the US has been the reverse. 'yong concept natin na bobo ang mga kano is not true at all if you attend the top universities. in subjects where i was getting 1-1.75 sa UP, dito i was struggling not to flunk. i went to a top-rated school (washington u in st. louis) -- not because i was particularly smart but because they liked my credentials (2 years at UP included) -- that was 17 years ago. it was a rude awakening to expect the highest grades in courses and not get them -- i was working harder than i worked at UP, but my classmates were better prepared.

today hindi na pinapansin ang mga UP grad dito, whereas before UP was called "the Harvard of the Phils." ngayon balita na how the phils.' standard of education has gone down. of course this is only one person's opinion based on what *i* know. i think the philippines can do better educating pinoys esp. in the areas of critical thinking and classical education. there are valuable lessons to be learned by looking at our past -- sa tingin ko better educated ang mga tao noon kesa ngayon. it's not a problem that can easily be solved just by embracing liberalism.

techguy, i'm sure you have some very valid reasons for wanting a 100% gov't-run school system, but i don't think that's the answer. look at the history of other countries' educational systems. the more the govt. gets involved, lalong sumasama ang edukasyon. not true in every case, but it's happened enough (take the US for instance) that people need to dig deeper before they decide that this is the way to go.

vonjobi said...

i suppose rankings in board exams have their uses, but i would think the better gauge of how well a university (factory) has educated (manufactured and marketed) its graduates (products) lies in how many of them are hired (bought) in the fields in which they trained. some will probably disagree with the comparison i am making, but connections must be made between education and employment because, while education as an end in itself is laudable, you can't eat a diploma. and that's also part of the reason i think filipinos perform better in the united states: their stomachs do not grumble while they're in class.

metal said...
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metal said...

hello Tito Rolly...if my memory serves me right, i think UP was ranked No_14 during the 80's and eventually drifted away to as far as No_48. Too bad, the trend was downwards and not the other way around.

When I was in school (Saint Louis in Baguio)...i have also seen great teachers leave for greater opportunity. In fact, one of my best teachers in Communication Design, also a good friend of mine came to say goodbye for a higher-paying job...and i thought that was a great loss, for the studes as well as for the university. I am sure that was also the same reason for some UP teachers to be in a escape journey to a hostile environment.

Well, i guess that is one of the prices of an economy-gone-bad...everything follows, education standards are not on the exemption.

Yaps "The Yaps" Estagle said...

sana pala, ive read such report before choosing ateneo as my school to be... oh well, i believe that they should not rank universities solely based on academic merit and quality of fixed assests that they have...

i wonder if there are such rank lists for college preparatory schools... i would really love to know how my alma mater (that's something new!) would fare against other schools of such kind...

sa 6 ba ang pasok? baka maka-crash ako! :D

Dean said...

A better-focused approach to education from both the government and the private sector is only the first step towards creating an educational system that is open to all - every Filipino deserve an education.

Your post made me reflect a lot. I'm a UP Diliman guy and was conditioned to kill myself if I did not get into UP. There were simply no other options for my parents - they would die of shame if I failed. Later, in my business, I hired a mix of people from different universities and you know what? Of the people I'm employing in my primary business, 70& are from UST. Only my partner and I are from UP. In the end, these rankings should not matter - if the educational system works.

rolly said...

tiborce I just learned from one of the commenters either here or from Sassy's that Boo Chanco featured the list in his article. I didn't know that. I seldom read the newspaper e. But the one I cited appeared the other day.

Doc Emer propaganda? Maybe if it came form the schools but this one came from CHED and PRC. I suppose they do not have any reason to advertise for any of the universities.

But yes, education is a two way street. We need both good teachers and good students.

I'm glad the new UP President has integrity.

TinTin Thanks. Sometimes I am forced to think, too. I'm glad it still hasn't left me... thinking that is. hehe

touchkey badskey I'm glad you come for occasional visits. Although I am not from UP, I do believe it has produced great students making it a great university.

I've been to CDO. Nice place. Although I have not witnessed it personally, i do believe that the kind of discrimination you are speaking of happens. Sad no?

techguy interesting take. However, do you suppose the government would be efficient enough? We've seen what the politicos have been doing to State run schools. IMHO, it is the private sector that is keeping the educational system alive. Sadly, we will have to change the mindset of our leaders first, rid our governemnt of graft and corruption before such a thing that you are proposing can materialize.

Stef Yes, do speak up. Anyway, for the record, in my response, I said Filipinos and Asians are doing well in the US. That is different from saying mahihina ang puti. In fairness, I think you have a different setting. College probably. Let's face it, the public schools wehre most of the Filipino teachers are wanting of good students.

vonjobi you think getting hired is really the best gauge? Not in this day and age where business is bad, I guess. When companies are closing because of a bad economy, college graduates have lesser chances of being employed. Maybe your proposition would be correct when the economy is much better and employment ratio vis-a-vis the graduates is at par or even better.

metal I'll take your word for it. I was not into rankings during the 80's. I was a newly graduate then and was just starting and so was more concentrated with my job. Apparently UP had done a good thing as it is now in the number one slot.

Teachers leaving for a higher paying job is nothing new anymore. It's also happening with doctors. We are indeed in a very depressing period. Hopefully, we will surpass this phase in our history like we did before.

Yaps What are you saying? Ateneo is in the top list. It is a very good school which had produced really good graduates. I'm sure you'll get quality education there as well.

I'm sure there is a similar list for high school. Keep looking.

Dean welcome to my blog. Yes! Every Filipino has the right to have an education.

That must've been a very tough exam for you then, huh? I can just imagine the pressure. But knowing how good you are, I'm sure you must've topped the exams. i'm glad that you are not one of those guys who would only employ graduates from the same school. That is a generalization. In the end, it will still be up to the individual. What one did or how one performed in college does not necessarily mean will be what one will do in later life. If I may be so bold as to ask you to peep at one of my entries, "Not everyone was born to be a rocket scientist" you would see what else i believe in. You'll find it in my favorites at the left side of this blog.

vonjobi said...

"you think getting hired is really the best gauge?"

tito rolly, i did use the word "better," not "best." even in a bad economy--or especially in a bad economy--employers will be more discriminating and choose the "best" graduates. now, if it so happens that many of those hired during a period of high unemployment come from a few schools, then, perhaps, we can say that those schools are "better" than others.

ruth said...

tito rolly, medyo skewed din naman kasi yung criteria for that list. almost all of the criteria boils down to how deep the coffers of the university are. mas mayaman, syempre, mas maliit student:teacher ration, mas maraming resources, mas makabago ang teaching aids, etc. kaya nga if you look at the top asian universities, sino ba ang nandun? aus, japan, singapore, hk... puro mga rich asian countries...

on the other hand, minsan, nasa student din yan. some do gain entry to the top universities, pero dahil tamad, wala rin. :(

rolly said...

vonjobi Oh, I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

ruth I don't know. Based on the list, three UP campuses got the top places a lot higher than the Ateneo and DLSU, supposedly the most expensive ones in the country today. OF course, i am talking about the local list. You're talking about the Asiaweek listing, right? That figures... Syempre the more resources there are, the better.

touchkey badzkey said...

tito rolly, thank you sa comment sa blogspot ko. yes, 1st 3 positions are held by u.p. or state-run schools, meaning for the poor, pero ang nangyayari eh, mas marami yung mayayaman ngayun sa u.p. kaysa mahihirap. eh pano kasi, sila lang ang may kayang magbayad na napakamahal na review center specialized lang para pumasa sa la salle, ateneo at u.p. pwera na lang talaga yung mga magagaling na bata na mahihirap.

sa experience ko as teacher of mathematics for engineering and computer science students for 5 years, mas competitive talaga yung galing sa private compared sa public schools. yung from public schools, kailangan talagang humabol sa mga leksyon. kailangan silang tutukan at i-motivate mo sila lagi.

if we will try to list up the problems sa pinakadulo nito, educational system natin ang kailangang ayusin.

stef said...

hi again, tito rolly, salamat. when i said "'yong concept natin na bobo ang mga kano is not true at all if you attend the top universities", that was actually my response to this: "an average Filipino student there in the Phils would be an A+ student here? I thought when I was still there yabang lang ng Pilipino ito , but it's indeed true. Asians (including Filipinos) are scoring above average and proficient in Math in State Standardized tests here while most of the American students score average to below average." this may be true for public school averages, but as i understand it private school kids here (Asian or not) consistently score higher than public school kids, so we cannot make the generalizations mentioned in the above quote. (no offense, teacher sol, i've been to your site and i admire you esp. working with special ed. kids -- that is one tough job! just wanted to provide a diff perspective) Tito R, you said "In fairness, I think you have a different setting. College probably." My point is I got into UP b/c of my HS education, supposedly "good enough" for UP's standards. But when I got here, I found out na high school grads here were better prepared. Some people attribute that to the 2 add'l years spent in school, and courses that are considered basic for HS, e.g., calculus, shakespeare, philo, etc. -- courses that we don't offer in most high schools in the phils. (unless things have changed and i didn't know). the quality of our college grads depend on the quality of our hs grads, and so on.... so bottom line, it's the SYSTEM that has to be changed. continuing to pattern the Phil. educ system after the American system (which in itself has too many flaws) is/was a mistake that needs to be corrected and soon.

wysgal said...

What makes a school a good one? I believe it is the combination of a good faculty line-up, good resources and educational equipment and a conscientious student body.

I also think diversity is not given as much attention as it should. I went to ADMU and the extraordinarily homogenous student structure somewhat lessened my overall educational experience. It's when you get to interact with people from dramatically different backgrounds that real learning begins.

bing said...

- it's when you get to interact with people from dramatically different backgrounds that real learning begins - THAT IS VERY NICE, WYSGAL. i totally agree with that. there are situations in work areas where graduates from these prestigious schools cannot practically deliver, and sometimes they are mostly theoretical and poor in application. (but i cannot mention what companies experience those). we mostly learn from life's experiences... how are you, Mr. Rolly?

rolly said...

touchkey badzkey Yun nga e. Supposedly, for indigent students sana ang State colloeges pero hindi nga makacompete yung mahihirap dahil kulang resources nila. too bad, no?

stef I guess, in that case, universal yung problema na kakulangan sa resources ang problema ng mga mahihirap. assuming na mahihirap din lang ang pumapasok sa mga public schools sa America.

wysgal What kind of diversity are you talking about? Religious, cultural or economic? Kung religious o economic, medyo mahirap nga yatang ma attain ng ADMU or even DLSU yun no?

Bing aka Juliet Ewan ko pero I still believe it depends on the individual's knack to make good in the workplace. I've heard a theory before na yun daw mga graduates ng mga mamahaling university, kasdalasan daw tamad kasi well-off naman sila. It doesn't seem to be true. Very competitive na ang work place. Ang hirap maghanap ng trabaho.

I'm fine as always. Thanks for asking.

TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

Your comment:

techguy interesting take. However, do you suppose the government would be efficient enough? We've seen what the politicos have been doing to State run schools. IMHO, it is the private sector that is keeping the educational system alive. Sadly, we will have to change the mindset of our leaders first, rid our governemnt of graft and corruption before such a thing that you are proposing can materialize.

Alam mo Rolando, may solusyon ako diyan, dapat akong maging presidente ng Pilipinas, gagawing kong communist country ang pilipinas, ipapatay lahat ng gumagawa ng graft and corruption sa pilipinas kasi kung ipapakulong sila, hindi lahat sila kakasya sa kulungan sa dami, dadami pa ang papakainin ng gobyerno….ipatupad ang tunay na reforma sa lupa para mawala ang kahirapan sa kanayunan, alisin ang malaking corporasyon sa pilpinas sa kamay ng mga cronies, ipatupad ang makataong pamumuhay ng mamayang Pilipino, mayaman o mahirap…doon isasabay ang pantay na karapatan sa magandang edukasyon….we need a nationalistic Phil President that will lead the country to an equal and just society no matter who get hurt and no matter what the cost, not a president which is pre-selected by Washington DC or big businesses in the Phil…..

ting-aling said...

Alam mo Tito Rolly, I believe that socialized tuition fee scheme is a good one. I remember in high school, yung section namin were all scholars (bayad ng university in other words). Pero we were required by the University to present our parents' income tax returns.

Based on our parents' income, we were categorized as level A, B, C where A is my parents can't afford to let me go to that particular school pero I am a deserving student. As long as I maintan a certain average, the univ is going to pay for my tuition fee..full scholar pa.

Kung mayaman ka naman, kahit matalino ka, and your parents want you badly to stay in that school, they pay for a certain amount. Siempre, if you are truly intelligent and you maintain a certain required grade to be a full scholar, then you become a full scholar. So may incentive for both rich and poor.

Pero ang state universities namin dito are subsidized by the government. Students still have to pay so they work and study at the same time. They believe na hindi lang sa talino ang sukatan ng success ng isang tao. Example, bobo ka nga sa Math pero may talent ka naman in Arts.

I think, some people are just so obsessed about the marks and not the other aspects of one's personal being.

cathcath said...

the lists in the Professional Regulations COmmission depend on the performance of the graduates in the licensing board.

1. in terms of topnotchers produced
2. in terms of passing percentages.
number 2 is still categorized according to the number who took the board exams.

There are schools where only 2 or three take the board and if these three make it, it is not correct to say that the school where they graduated from is a topnpotch school.So they categorized it to 1-50 examinees, 1 -100 examinees...etc.
so there are different schools as there are different numbers and they have to include the degrees too; best in nursing, CPA and engineering boards.

For topnotchers, it is expected that those who graduated from exclusive and expensive schools have the bigger chance to land in the top ten list as compared to the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila or PUP graduates who have to seek for employment first before they even
embark on taking the board exams.

Cerridwen said...

this is a very high profile topic - education. Some county thinks it is a right some take it as a priviledge. Ranking schools by who's standard? and what sub-standard?

If and When all school an come up with the same education system good everywhere in the world - I would take a look at that ranking system and consider it as a factor. Until then - each school has it's own way of educating and each school produces fruits that have been or at one time in the future will contribute good things to it's country - and no ranking system can rate that. (that is my opinion respectfully submitted)

rolly said...

techguy Aray ko, buong-buo naman ang pangalan ko, sir. haha hindi masyadong halata na galit ka na sa mga leader-policos natin no? Sana nga maging presidente ka at ng masampulan ang mga yan. Kelan ka ba uuwi?

tingaling Yes, I know how the your government subsidizes education and even your medical needs. Minsan nga nanonood ako dyan ng Comedy Central yata yun, may isang comedian who remarked, "where else in the world would you find a guy like me who gets drunk, gets into a brawl and then taken to the hospital to be taken care of with the government paying for it? Only in Canada!" Well, I was paraphrasing. i saw that four years ago na e.

That's what i was always telling myself. I won't mind paying high taxes if I know where it's going. E dito, ultimo kalsada pahirapan bago maipagawa e.

Cath I didn't know that. i was thinking along the lines of ratio and proportion. So, kung dalawa lang yung kumuha sa isang university at parehong pumasa, that's a hundred percent, so, mataas ang rating nila. hehehe

Cerridwen This ranking was a result of the study conducted by government agencies.

As to your comment re having a ranking if and only if there would be a standard means of education, I doubt if it will ever happen. As you see, we have private schools which, in one way or another, is a business venture. Hence, each one would be competing against each other so that they become the university to go to. so, in a sense, one of the reasons why you'd want your university to be number one is because it means you are doing a good job and naturally, more and more students would opt going to you.

BatJay said...

sana pwede nilang i-apply ang educational system ng public schools ng singapore diyan sa atin. medyo sound ang primary at secondary levels nila. and they rank quite high in surveys. their standards are high that their text books are being used by some schools in the US.

if we need to improve the educational system then we need to start at the bottom going up. sana mai angat natin ang public schools sa pinas.

rolly said...

Batjay When I was still the Art Coordinator in our school, a German friend of mine gave me several art books used in the elementary department in schools in Singapore. These books were high caliber both in content and physical get up. The paper used was glossy and thick and in full colors. I was so impressed.

I guess you're right that the educational system should start at the bottom working its way to the top for the foundation is at the bottom. Sadly, even UP is hardly at the priority of our leaders. If they continuously fail to make the compensation of the professors competitive, they would lose good professors. Even schools with good pay for their teachers are losing them by the dozen for "greener" pastures, or should I say bucks. What more of those teaching in the provinces, huh?

Toni said...

Very well said, Tito Rolly!

I used to be such a die-hard Ateneo believer. I would defend my school when my sister made fun of it, when others would attack it. Then I came to thinking, what am I fighting for? The fact that it's really a good school or the idea of my school being Ateneo?

Para kong sinampal ang sarili ko.

I lost my faith in my school for awhile. Was it really good compared to others? What made it better than UP? Why all the true-blue fever? Is it just blind loyalty? I suddenly could not understand why people felt so strongly about my school.

Instead of troublng myself with those questions, I just sought to do the best I could with the rest of my college years. I don't think I developed a strong bond with Ateneo as a university, but I did the best I could in each class I had. Micro-management ba.

In the end, am I proud to be Atenean? I can't say I am, I can't say I am not. I'm proud that I was able to get through college with good grades and a wonderful support system -- my barkada. What made it distinctly Ateneo? I don't know for sure.

I don't have the answer till now.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly,

The Asia Week report that you mentioned was done last 2000. Many say that the said issue contributed to the magazine's demise since it showed that it was biased. Some of the staff of the magazine graduated from the U.P. Anyway, my take on this is that, basing on the sorry state and the declining standard of education in the Phils, there should not be any universities (from the Phils.)that would qualify even in the top 200. Don't get me wrong, I am an alumnus of one of the top schools you mentioned in your column, but I believe that it is about time that somebody calls a spade, a spade. Don't you think? C'mon, most of the people who give their comments here have not even gone overseas. I am not being "mata pobre" but that's the reality. Asians being compared to Americans? C'mon, everybody knows that the public education system of USA is not the best in the world. If you ask me, the best schools are in Singapore. Their style of teaching is now being copied even by USA. I don' want to pick a fight, but let's face it, if you really want your child to study in a "top caliber" university, don't pick a school in the Phils. I am saying all these things so that Pinoys will not be ignorant and complacent since if we (Pinoys) believe that we have the best schools, then we are only fooling ourselves. Something has to be done to change things. There is a saying,"Talis vita, finis ita."

rolly said...

Toni My belief is that it's not totally important where you graduate. The thing is what you learned and how you use it.

Anonymous thanks for the comments. You forgot to sign your comment. Sana nalaman ko kung sino ka.

Yes, that survey was an old one. Ginoogle ko lang naman yun e. So, I am clueless who did the research. At any rate, i don't think anybody mentioned that the US has the best educational package. Wala rin yatang nagsabing the country has the best schools. What we have in this survey is supposedly the best in the country, according to the survey. At any rate, I still maintain that it is not the university you graduate from or whatever course you took but what you learned and how you use them that matters.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly,
Alam ko po namang walang nagsabing "the Phils. has the best schools." Saganang akin lamang ay imbes na magaksaya ng oras sa mga survey na yan ay dapat ituon na lamang natin ang ating pansin sa katotohanan at sa pagbabago ng "standard of education" sa Pinas. May nagsasabing "we are good academically," Ano ho ba ang ating batayan? Kaya ko po sinabing "Asians being compared to Americans," kasi may nagsabi po na sa USA raw ay maraming nangangamoteng kano kumpara sa mga Asians. Baka, sa public schools lang nila. Sa mga di nakakaalam, maraming mga private schools sa USA, ang tawag pa nga nila sa iba rito ay "Prep School." Kaya ko rin po sinabi na maganda sa Singapore dahil kahit public schools nila ay ibang klase talaga. Huwag sana tayong maging "parochial." Sana lamang po, tigilan na ng PRC ang mga ganitong klaseng surveys sapagkat nagbibigay lamang ito ng maling paniniwala sa mga ibang unibersidad na magaling sila. Marami namang nakakalam na ang top 4 sa Pinas ay U.P., Ateneo, U.S.T., at DLSU at ang layo ng agwat nila sa ibang mga unibersidad. Ito po ang katotohanan. Ang masasabi ko naman sa mga nakatapos sa top 4 na to (alumnus po ako at alumna ang misis ko sa isa sa top 4 na to), na wag tayong maging mayabang dahil wala tayong sinabi kung ihahambing natin ang ating edukasyon "globally." Nga ho pala, sa Singapore, naka tablet PC ang mga estudyante sa ibang primary school nila. Ang tanging dasal ko po lamang ay may magamit naman ho sana na kahit PC (kahit di na laptop) ang mga Pinoy na nasa kolehiyo ngayon at ng sa gayon, pagbukas nila ng internet ay makakuha sila ng kaalaman at mamulat sila sa katotohanan na sa ngayon, wala tayong dapat ipagpugay lalong lalo na kung edukasyon ang pag-uusapan. Ngunit may kasabihan nga na, "Habang may buhay, may pag-asa."

Romesez said...

Tito Rolly, your article was well written. The pointers of your commenters were sound and worth learning from. I can only hope that our government subsidize and provide a good learning tools especially to remote areas and indigents.
(P.I. naman kase, masyadong corrupt ang nasa gubyeno natin. Paupo pa lang sa posisyon, pinag-uusapan na ang kani-kanyang gimik para sa pansariling kita. 'La lang, napapabuntong-hininga lang.)
End result, walang natitirang budget para sa eskwela. Pag-istoryaan na lang natin ito pag-uwi ko.

rolly said...

Anonymous Mukhang talagang ayaw mong magpakilala a, haha. Okay lang. Importante naman sain e ang nilalaman ng comment e. Anyway, malayo pa nga siguro tayo in terms of education. Kokonti naman kasi ang funding.

Tito Rome hanggang buntung-hininga na nga lang yata tayo no? Wag naman sana.

Amante said...

Is this still an ongoing debate questioning schools and education in the Philippines? Many points made here were valid but a disagree with the majority.

Anonymous said...

UP is one of the best University in the Phil. or should i say no.1 tlaga at d pwedeng ikumpara sa Ateneo, La Salle at UST... pero kung ang Gov. ay walang paki-alam sa mga nag-aalisang mahuhusay na mga ph.d malamang malampasan na ang UP ng mga mamahaling paaralan... wag naman sana...

rolly said...

Amante Could you please clarify your comments. Which arguments are valid and whose? Mine or the others? Medyo matagal ko nang naisulat ito so I have forgotten most of the arguments I've written e.

Anonymous Medyo malayu-layo na tong nahalukay mong entry ah. Thanks.

Undoubtedly, UP os one of the best schools in the country but I have reservations in the claim that it "is" the best. As I said before, it is so easy to be number 1. All a school has to do is maintain only the good students. UP only accepts the bright students and rightfully so, because this is supposedly state run university. We don't want to invest on a low return out of our taxes, do we? But that is not what we need. More than anything else, we need schools that will nurture the mediocre and even the low achievers. If there is such a school that only caters to the "needy" ones, and produce high caliber graduates, then, to me, that should be number 1. Of course, that is my own opinion. You have yours and I have mine. Let's leave it at that.

I just hoped you signed your comment para magkakilala tayo. hehe

Anonymous said...

I think, In a way we must be proud still, because we are qualified in the top100. There are many other universities of other countries (esp asia) that were not able to be included in the said survey. On the other side, we must, for we need, to strengthen our education quality, because of those ranks we got, we're still not that good compared to the ones in the world.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think your'e posting is authentic! Get yourself some sleep! XAVIER is still the best!

rolly said...

To the last Anonymous commenter Okay. If you say so. I will not deprive you of your happiness.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone in here! well, i just wanna know if you have the latest results regarding the top schools & universities here in philippines for the last year upto present? i am a carolinian student..studyin' in UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS from cebu...hope you've heard about my school, same as i do w/ your schools..hahaha!anyways, luv your page here...it's somewhat showing enthusiasm regarding educational topics & stuffs..:)..hopin' for ma results

Anonymous said...

hi kuya rolly! i'm a freshman in UP and i can say na it's truly one of the best universities ever here in the country pero ask ko lang why hindi napasama ang PUP sa mga outstanding colleges na binanggit mo dahil ba sa sobrang low ng tuition nila doon? -fr:ganda

rolly said...

ganda Ang layo na ng nahalungkat mong entry ah. I don't even recall what I have exactly written. Anyway, I only based this article from a news report. Please read the post again and see if I based it from the school's tuition fee. I don't think it is even relevant. I graduated from UE and I don't recall mentioning it, too, not because mababa ang tuition fee pero hindi naman kasi nabanggit dun sa news or dun sa listahan ng binisita ko e. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

tito rolly ive read ur blog about the top universities in the phils. im studying in feu thats why when i saw ur blog medyo nangliit ako wala ba talagang pag-asa ang feu? wawa ba kami? hope di naman... tito add mo naman ako friendster please kc i think ur the person i really need... sarce_mariz@yahoo.com or mariz_s13@yahoo.com please i need som1 like u im in big problems now...

proud Louisian said...

Tito rolly, im a student of st. louis university(baguio). among top ten nga raw kami pero medyo nasa-sad lang ako dahil di masyado nabibigyan pansin ang schools outside manila. i am sorry to say pero we have experienced discriminations o hindi pagkilala sa mga universities na di natatagpuan within metro manila, for instance may mga activities kami representing our school, and the students/delegates(some lang at di ko nilalahat) from schools(they know who they are) in NCR would end up like..."who 'da &@!# are these people at san naman daw sila nanggaling?". Tatawa na lang kami kasi in terms of academics and number of board passers we are among the top 10 schools in our country. i just hope na iwasan sana ang discrimination at manahimik na lang sila. its not the name, its the quality. we are the light of the north ika nga nila. salamat.

rolly said...

Anonymous I would assume Mariz is your name based on your email addy. I sent you my friendster account so that you can invite me to your friendster account.

proud lousian I believe you. I know what a good school St. Louis in Baguio is. I have heard that the school produces the best graduates up north. But jsut the same, at the risk of being too repetitive, it is not the school that matters to me, and probably life itself, but the student. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Isa ako sa mga students na gustong makapag aral sa mga schools jan sa manila kasi magagaling ang mga profesors jan 2lad na lang ng UP, La Salle at Ateneo. pero xempre hindi na yun natupad xe maxado ng naghihirap ang karamihan ng mga pinoy ngayon. nag take ako ng UPCAT as in mahirap ang mga questions but i tried my best... i passed that exam pero di ako 2muloy xe anong allowance ko pang araw araw!? kaya ngayon andito ako sa Isabela State Universty-Echague. okey lang naman ang mga teachers d2. nagpapasalamat pa rin naman ako kay PRESgloria xe d2 sa ISU niya pinatayo ang Cyber Library at least malaking 2long na rin sa min 2 as part of our education kht na d ksama ang skul nmen sa mag top 10, darating rin ang panahon na ma i po proved ko na deserving akong graduate xe dami ko nababalitahan na Cum Laude nga na grumaduate ng La Salle peoh di nakaka pass sa board exam ng education... Sana mas bigyang pansin ng government natin ang education....!!!!

Anonymous said...

UP Diliman, UP Manila, and UP Los Baños is still the best, because of the quality education and at saka mora lang ang tuition fee.. I've noticed that UP students are very smart, dahil ang kinukuha lang sa UP are belong to top 10 w/ honors sa lahat ng naggraduate ng high school from different schools. So it is quite obvious na magaling talaga sila at kung may mahina man ang utak dyan sa UP palaban pa rin. Actually, this comments is based on my actual experience because I graduated with my undergraduate studies in mindanao, and my MBA in cebu, and I also studied in UP diliman with my undergraduate course at saka M.A ko. Most of my classmates says di ka ba napapagod sa dami ng kurso mo sabi ko libangan ko ang pag-aaral. And I told my classmates in UP that Eduaction is a continuing process and you must keep on learning. I'm planning to study in lassalle and ateneo.


rolly said...

anonymous from Isabela Nakakalungkot isipin na kahit na pumasa ka sa UP e hindi ka pa rin natuloy dahil sa pag-iisip kung ano ang gagastusin mo sa pang araw-araw. However, me kasabihan tayong "if there is a will there is a way" Malay mo, pag nakatapos n\ka na jan e makapagpatuloy ka ng pag-aaral, probably on a scholarship basis na bigay ng kumpanyang pinapasukan mo. O kaya, baka makakita ka ng scholarshiup sa ibang bansa. It's just a matter of looking for the right direction. Basta ang kailangan lang sa ngayon ay mag-aral kang maigi and look farther ahead. Good luck.

anonymous from mindanao That is precisely the reason for this blog. It is easy for a school to be number 1. Just accept the best students and weeding out those who can't keep up. But then, in this day and age, where there is shortage of quality schools, I think it is not practical for a school to be doing just that. Education should be available to all. Hindi na nga fair ang playing field in terms of economics, let it be fair, at least by opening itself to everyone who cares to study. Tulungan na lang siya sa lessons nya. After all, good students do not need a good school. They can learn things on their own. If you ask me, this competition between schools on who is number 1 is an exercise in futility. Walang saysay. It all boils down on the learner and his/her capacity to learn and how he/she uses the knowledge acquired.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly,

Kawawa naman talaga tayong mga Pinoy. Nung nabasa ko yung comment nung may MBA sa Cebu at nag-aral kuno sa UP, talagang nahiya ako at nalungkot. Biro mo, meron palang MBA at nag-aral sa UP na mali mali ang grammar? Tama nga ang kasabihan na ang matsing, damitan mo man ng magarang damit ay matsing pa rin. Wag na lang mag-ingles kung mali naman ang grammar.

rolly said...

anonmymous medyo ingat tayo ng konti. Hindi lang galing sa pagsulat o pagsalita ng ingles ang pamantayan ng tunay na katalinuhan. Malay natin, baka hindi naman talaga nya linya ang pagsusulat o pagsasalita na tulad ng isang abogado o manunulat. Marami akong kakilalang inhenyero o ibang kurso na ang tatalino ngunit mahina sa ingles.

Ngunit salamat na rin at mukhang may bago akong topic na mai-iblog ngayong linggong ito. Pauna na lang, wala akong away sa iyo unang uina na dahil hindi naman kita kilala, (hindi mo kasi inilagay man lang ang pangalan mo e) o kung kanino pa man. Gusto ko lang ibahagi ang aking saloobin sa bagay na ito. Maraming salamat sa iyo kaibigan.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly,

Sorry kung may nasaktan sa comments ko. Pero di ba, talagang masakit marinig ang katotohanan. Kaya ko sinabing kawawa tayong mga Pinoy, dahil maraming naglalabasang mga balita na talagang bumababa ang standard ng English dito sa Pinas. Kaya nga di ba yung mga call centers ngayon ay meron pang parang "refresher course" sa English sa mga potential na empleyado nila? Tapos makikita mong may nagsulat na taga UP at ganun na lang ang grammar, eh talagang nalungkot ako. Kasi isa ang UP sa pinkamangandang University dito sa Pinas. Tapos ganyan. Yan kasi ang hirap sa ating mga Pinoy eh, laging may lusot. Tulad na lang, pag magaling ka sa Math, ok lang na mali mali Ingles mo. Engineer matalino pero mahina sa Ingles? Di naman sa nagbubuhat ako ng bangko subalit Licensed CE ako at nagtratrabaho sa ibang bansa. Ako ang in charge sa commercial matters ng mga projects namin tulad ng contract review (both with Clients and Subcons) etc. So sa aking opinion, di ako ilalagay sa position na to kung mali mali ang grammar ko. Lalo na pag kontrata ang pinaguuspan. Saganang akin lamang po, kung nakapasok ka sa magandang paaralan, tulad ng UP, dapat naman sigurong mahiya ka kung mali mali ang Ingles mo. You owe it to your school.

rolly said...

anonymous So, you're a Civil Engineer and good in english. Good for you.

Hindi pa rin nagbabago ang aking stand na hindi galing sa english ang pamantayan ng talino ng isang tao. Maramaing matatalino sa ibang bansa ang hindi man lang nakapagsasalita nito. Kaya ang ideyang ito ay nakapaloob lamang sa Pilipinas at hindi universal.
However, I respect your opinion as I do the others here. Thank you for the visit and honest comments.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with Anonymous.. hindi maganda ung thinking ng Pinoy na porke magaling sa math, ok lang na hindi magaling sa english...Though,I admit, marami akong kakilala na Engineering and Architecture graduates (some are even board passers) pero, di magaling mag-english... honestly, I pity them esp. sa mga Pinoys na kasama ko dito abroad who cannot express themselves in English correctly. Believe it or not, there were even times that I had to re-structure their sentences (during meeting pa un, ha) for the bosses to understand them.. di ba nakakahiya yon? I think it would be much better if all-around ang isang tao? di lang sa math magaling pero sa english din.. ang hirap din kasi sa mga ibang engineers, resigned na sila sa idea na porke more on math ang "specialty" nila, di na nila kailangang maging magaling pa sa english.. paano naman sila sa communication? Eh di, hirap silang intindihin? Tingnan niyo nga ang ibang bansa, they are trying to improve on their English para mas may edge sila.. Look at Singapore, successful na bansa, pero, meron silang "Speak Good english movement"... pati nga China, binibigyan na nila ng importansya ang English kasi alam nila na un ang international medium of communication. For one to have an edge, hindi ka lang dapat magaling sa field mo.. magaling ka rin dapat sa communication. So kung tingin niyo na dapat ibalik sa Filipino ang medium of teaching sa Pinas, paatras naman yata ang thinking niyo... paano tayo sasabay sa ibang bansa kung hindi tayo magaling mag-english... or kahit hindi na magaling, basta naiintindihan (meaning tama ang grammar)lang. At isa pa, hindi naman porke nagsasalita ng English, di ka na patriotic. Kaya, I don't think kailangang ibalik ang Filipino as the medium of teaching para lang ma-instill sa mga Pinoys ang pagiging patriotic. Di naman basis ng patriotism ang language mo, eh.. para sa akin, mas patriotic pa ang isang tao kung nakakatulong siya sa bansa niya economically.

If we want Filipinos to be proficient in any setting around the world, they must be able to communicate their ideas and connect with people for them to project themselves and profile themselves better.

Anonymous said...

ang ma cocomment ko lang is totoong magaling ang silliman university sa whole mindanao at visayas :P yun lang.. :P via veritas vita!!
follow the way, the truth, and the life!!

Peter Parker said...

The best universities in the Philippines:

1 - University of the Philippines
2 - De La Salle University
3 - University of Santo Tomas
4 - Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
5 - Ateneo de Manila University

Anonymous said...

tito rolly isa rin akong student na na-curious kung ano ang top universities of the Philippines dahil sa Prof. ko na taas-noong pinagmamalaki na 4th placer daw kami kaya dapat mag-aral kami nang mabuti...Salamat at nalaman ko na hindi pala totoo yun (o baka matagal na ..) sa totoo lang im not expecting my prof is saying the truth basta ang alam ko laging nasa top 10 ng engineering board exams(may naka-top 1 nga pati sa CPA)ang university ko dito sa province. Proud na rin sana ako na dito ko nag-aaral kaso lang ang napansin ko dito sa pinapasukan kong state university may tamad lang na mga Prof.(always late/most of the time absent w/out reason. Some students keep on complaining na sobrang hirap daw mag-college. Sadly, Iniisip nila na lagi silang mababagsak. Ilan lang silang milyun-milyong estudyante ng Pilipinas na hindi pa siguro prepared for college.Nagtataka lang ako kasi mas mahirap ang Entrance Exam dito samin kesa sa UPCAT(my opinion)pero mas mataas ang average ko dito. Nakakahiya man sabihin, ang percentile rank ko sa UPCAT sa math is only 67% pero dito i got 90%( ang layo no?)
Sometimes nanghihinayang ako na hindi ako nakapasa sa UP. Expected ko naman na di kaya ng parents ko na pag-aralin ako sa malayo. Nagkamali ako kasi mas mura pala dun & the best pa ang quality kesa dito lagi kaming naghihintay ng prof.o kaya naman nawawalan ng interest sa leksyon kasi boring.
Tito Rolly im taking up a science course. Marami silang nagda-doubt sa career ko in the future. TAnong nila magti-teacher ka? hindi naman education course ko no!
Minsan naiisip kong lumipat sa UP kaso lang baka sabihin ng iba na feeling ko sobrang talino ko.

ang masasabi ko lang,sana dagdagan naman nila ang support sa DOST, CHED at DepEd kasi kawawa kaming pag-asa ng bayan..

rolly said...

Anonymous Basta galingan mo lang ang pag-aaral mo, samahan mo ng katakut-takot na tyaga at perseverance at self-confidence, aasenso ka. I still maintain my stand na wala sa eskwelahan yan. Maaaring me edge sila pero hindi ito absolute. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The best universities in the Philippines in terms of board examination pass rates from the year 2004-present:

1 -University of the Philippines
2 -University of Santo Tomas
3 -Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
4 -DeLa Salle University
5 -Ateneo de Manila University

Sancho Velez said...

The list that Asiaweek has provided is based mainly on the financial capability of the school. Thus, our Philippine universities lagged behind the rich East Asian universities.

In the Philippines, we mainly base our top universities from the cummulative data of the board examination pass rates that have been gathered by the Professional Regulation Commission and the Commission on Higher Education. Domestically, the best Philippine universities are:

1 - University of the Philippines
2 - University of Santo Tomas
3 - Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
4 - DeLa Salle University
5 - Ateneo de Manila University

Harijah said...

Cathcath said: "For topnotchers, it is expected that those who graduated from exclusive and expensive schools have the bigger chance to land in the top ten list as compared to the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila or PUP graduates who have to seek for employment first before they even
embark on taking the board exams."

I think your opinion is entirely baseless. To say that Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) students have the lesser chance of landing in the top ten list of examinees is entirely baseless. There are many poor, working students who maybe enrolled at PLM compared to other universities, but that's not in itself a limitation for its students to soar high in different arena, including the battle for board exam supremacy.

In the December 2006 Nursing Licensure exam, for instance, PLM did not only garner 98% pass rate (307 examinees passed out of 313 who took the test) but it also had 4 nursing graduates who landed in numbers 5,6,7, and 8. In Physical Therapy not only PLM received an extremely high pass rate, but it also had many of its graduates in the top ten list of examinees. In the last 2 medical board exams, PLM had more than 3 students who landed in the top ten list of examinees apart from garnering an almost 90% pass rate (U.P. had 92% pass rate) in the last 2006 medical board exam and 100% (for the 3rd or 4th time) in the February 2007 medical board exam results. There are board placers from PLM in Architecture, Chemistry, Social Work, Electrical and Mechanical engineering programs, among others.

In 2003, the President cited PLM for its "culture excellence" and for its "impressive" accomplishments in various fields. The President said, "Only those who have excelled in high school are admitted to PLM... It is not easy to hurdle the 'culture of excellence' that is the Culture of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila."

Anonymous said...

Many people don't seem to recognize Silliman University and other universities outside Manila very much probably because of the premise that the best schools are found in Manila.
Rating universities should be based on their exemplifary performance in the board exams, and not due to stereotyping and prejudice claims. I'm proud that my alma mater, Silliman, ranks 2nd before the UP system (Dilliman, Los Banos, and Manila).

Silliman University is the oldest protestant university in Asia established by the Presbyterian missionaries in 1901.
What started as a school with only 15 young boys and humble resources is now considered as among the Philippines' top institutions of higher learning. Over 7,000 students from around the country and the globe trust Silliman with their future.
The University is located on a beautiful 62-hectare campus with the sea at its frontage and the majestic Cuernos de Negros mountains in its background. It is an hour away by plane from the bustling capital of the country, Manila.

At Silliman University, we see our success in the future of our students. It is our mission to provide the highest quality Christian education to those who quest for knowledge. We open our Gates to both Filipino and foreign students, and continue to commit to offer them no less than an education that leads to a career which concept of fulfillment and success involves faithful service to God and fellowmen.

It is the conducive residential campus life that sets Silliman University apart from the other leading universities in the Philippines. Corollary to this sense of community is the so-called “Silliman Spirit” -- an atmosphere of personal closeness, warmth, friendship and concern that can only be found in an institution that aims for the holistic development of the person.

Go Silliman!! "The Via Veritas Vita" or the Way, the Truth, and the Life..

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly, now I feel that I myself should not be proud of being a UPian for so long,...malamang

there are too many students,too many staff but poor resources
for me it is regrettable na mas maganda ngayon ang mga facilities sa ibang mamahaling schools where i ignore my slots

well, i wanna see what develops

gene said...

hi..i think FEu now improves...especially this recent years..FEU is winning global competitions...and this recent year FEu produced top students in any licensure examinations...that's why I think FEU may also be one of the top universities in the Philippines...

rolly said...

gene That's great news! My sister is an FEU graduate, many many many years ago. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi tito Rolly, it's my first time here. Yes, economy-wise, two thumbs up ako sa mga public schools/universities, pero as of what I see these days, the quality they once showed the world has been overshadowed by their own mistakes in planning and implementing their rules and standards. I was an elementary valedictorian sa isang public school from where I grew up, but I failed to enter the highest section when I entered high school. I took the UPCAT exam but unfortunately, i fell low of their standards. I think I got an average of 2. Then I tried to take the entrance exam sa Adamson University, they didn't place my score sa paper na binigay nila pero it indicates that I am eligible to enter their University. Although ADU is a private school, hindi ko na-appreciate yung ambience (nung time na iyon) kaya I stopped muna. After nun, nagboom ang nursing so my Dad wanted me to take the entrance at FEU. I took the test and guess what, I got a percentile rank of 95%. I was like "hanep ah, anlayo ng result sa UPCAT". I thought sa entrance exams lang puedeng i-base ang performance ng isang school, but I was definitely wrong. There were a number of screenings before I reached my current year. 4th year na ako pero mukhang andami ko pa ding pagdadaanan. I think school plays an important role in nurturing one's intellect, pero nasa bata din naman kung gusto niyang matuto eh. I don't see my school on the top list pero I am definitely contented and proud that I, hopefully, will graduate at FEU.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tito Rolly,

Gusto ko lang po sanang malaman ang reaksyon niyo tungkol sa nanalong Bb. Pilipinas World. Ayon po sa mga kuro kuro, isa po siyang freshman ng UE at masscom pa man din ang kaniyang kurso. Ganito na ho ba talaga and standard of education sa Pilipinas?

Marami pong salamat.

rolly said...

anonymous Alam mo hindi ko napanood yang Bb. Pilipinas eh. Kahit na nasa Youtube na ito, hindi ko pa rin pinanonood eh. Ngayon at tinanong mo aking palagay sa bagay na ito, ito lang ang masasabi ko:

1. Kung parati kang nagbabasa ng blog ko, siguro alam mo na ang aking posisyon na hindi english lamang ang sapat na batayan ng katalinuhan. Napagtuunan na ito ng pansin at pinaghiwalay ang katalinuhan sa iba't ibang larangan.

2. Ang contest na sinalihan niya ay hindi patalinuhan. Ito ay pagandahan. Kung pupuntos man siya sa katalinuhan, ito ay kung ilang porsyento lamang dapat. Kung iisipin nating maigi, maraming nang nanalo sa mga ganitong patimpalak na hindi naman marunong umingles. Sila ay gumamit ng interpreter. Samakatwid, ang tinitingnan ay tunay na talino kung saan ang kalidad ng sagot ang tinitingnan at hindi ang wikang gamit nito.

4. Base sa mga nauna kong tinuran, kung meron mang dapat ikahiya ang nanalo, ito ay dahil sa hindi man lang siya nakapagbigay ng magandang sagot na me sustansiya (yun naman e ayon lamang sa narinig ko ha)

3. Ang nakalulungkot lalona ay ang katotohanang siya ay nag-aaral ng masscom na sa pagkakaintindi ko, dapat ay marunong siyang magpahiwatig ng kanyang damdamin sa wikang ingles kung saan ito ang wikang gamit gamit natin sa maraming bagay.

Binanggit mo na rin lang ang UE, ako ay nagtapos sa paaralang ito. Fine Arts ang aking kurso. Ikinahihiya ko bang ang batang ito ay duon din nag aaral? Hindi po. Sa akin ay wala sa paaralan yan. Pinakamahalaga pa rin sa lahat ay ang kakayahan ng taong nag-aaral. Nakukuha yan sa sipag at tiyaga.

Salamat sa pagbisita.