Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fun time!

Every summer, the family takes advantage of the long vacation to travel and tour the country. We would do this with our extended family, a group of seven or so families with whom we spend time together on practically every occasion there is. This year, my family couldn't make it to the tour but because I have not yet gone to Bicol (probably the only province I haven't been to in Luzon), I was granted permission by the wife to tag along. I rode with Joven's family which is a welcome change as I know I couldn't stand that long hours of driving. (I am not that repentant as the my wife took the girls to Boracay. Besides, the children and i are together the whole day everyday as we all go to the same school so I guess my absence was a welcome relief, hahaha)

My real purpose was to see Mayon Volcano as I have seen a glimpse of the mountain in an airplane enroute to Manila from abroad. I can see the majestic mountain and somehow, it gives me a thrill just looking at it. It seems like its power lures me to stare at it from a much closer view. So, we went there mid-summer and I know I would have a real good view as the place we were staying in was a good spot for viewing. It would seem like a stone's throw away, so to speak. Guess what? I saw a glimpse of it on our way and never saw it again until we left on Easter Sunday. Why? It was raining and the mountain just disappeared, covered by thick clouds. No matter where we went, like the Cagsawa ruins, that famous picture perfect view of the mountain amid the ruins... nada!... Not even when we went to he Mayon resthouse where I was told was the foot of the volcano, actually about a 400 meter climb where you are suppose to see the canals, every nooks and crannies of past eruptions... still nada. What we experienced was a day filled with mist and a very cold breezer that surprised me no end as it was Good Friday at the time. I never thought nature would have deprived me to see the legendary volcano but nevertheless, it didn't spoil my fun as I was with beautiful, happy and energetic people. Here are two pictures taken at the Resthouse.

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The boys at Mayon Resthouse: From l-r: Shane, Edgar, Arnel, Joven, Dante, Ricky, moi, Ollie, our Japanese friend who comes yearly to visit his beloved, Hocto and at the back is our host and friend, Gene

the girls from L to R: Posted by Hello

from l-r: Claire, Gigi, Ethel, Tetay, Vivian, Jenny, Kathy and Agnes.

Not to be outdone, my blogging family also had a blast a few days ago. Ate Sienna the petite owner of the blogging group and ManileƱa who designed my template is in town! Naturally, close friends that we've become as we are both members of the Blogkadahan community blog, we decided to meet with her at Dad's for dinner at the Megamall. She was even more vibrant and warm in person than she is with her blog and other forms of correspondences like the email. When you think you;'ve known the person for so long, it still surprises you to know more about him/her in person. That's what i thought when we first met. And everybody else agreed.

Another person that we've met for the first time who turned out to be a real revelation was misispi. Although she appears "tres chic" and elitist, she also turned out to have her share of "kabaklaan" that night. I may have been shy around her as she looked intimidating with her black dress and the way she carried herself, but knowing that although she's younger than I am, we share the same tastes for music.

Those who attended were Karla the youngest in the group, Apol, Doc Emer who had to leave early as he was extremely busy tending to a sick patient, Bong K whose blog's template is another one of Ate Sienna's creations, and the twin towers of blogkadahan kingdom, Mari and writer/poet Ajay who wrote that ever so kind article at the Blog-o-rama, Technews section at the Manila Bulletin featuring my blog and Marisol's. Too bad, Sassy and Mec had to cancel as there had been more pressing matters to attend to.

That was some night and a lovely sharing of stories and food. Ah, what could have been a better combination?

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Standing from l-r: Karla, Apol, Doc Emer, and Bong K: Seated from l-r: Mari, misispi, moi, Ajay and Ate Sienna.


marisol said...

Tito Rolly, sayang naman ang pagbisita nyo sa Mayon...di bale, pag uwi ko dyan dadalhin kita dun, Bicolana ako.

Ang saya ng blogkadahan, pwede ba kaming gumawa ng global pinoy blogkadahan para maka-join naman ako at may maka-EB dito? Inggit ako... :)

Poppycock said...

hi tito rolly :)

yes, that was a fun night indeed! sana magka-repeat :) uy, hindi ako elitist tito rols, i'm really just a simple girl at heart, and i'm sure you guys will get to know me even more.

happy mother's day to your wife and mom,


ajay said...

Tito Rolly, thanks for your MOther's Day greeting. Aha, nagpunta ka pala ng Bicol at binata ka doon,hehehe. Dapat yata i-triple tower mo na ang blogkadahan, andyan si Mrs. P..mas matangkad sa akin,nyahaha. TC!

Anonymous said...

mrsP is a tower too hehehe. bakit parang kinda seductive ang posing ni ajay dyan?

rolly said...

marisol hehe tatandaan ko yan. You know what, isa pang misgiving ko, hindi ako nakatikim ng laing! Wala daw dahon ng gabi during that time. waaah!

Of course you can create your own community. Will be waiting for it. Balitaan mo ko ha.

mayamaya I know you're not elitist. That was my impression before I met you. And I'm glad to be proven wrong.

Thanks for the greetings.

Ajay Oo binata ako at the time. how I wish kaya kong gawin ang ginagawa ng binata, though.
oo nga, triple tower na. Ang lakas na ng basketball team natin. Hehe

Mari Napansin mo rin? Ang seductive ni Ajay no? Baka dedicated to someone. hehehe Sino kaya?

ruth said...

tito rolly, this post should have come with a warning in the beginning! nakaka-homesick grabe!

DLAK said...

the mind regresses to a time of peace or comfort. While we wonder in discorse and peddle our truth we are swallowed by our own monster. It is us, we are it.
No Gods in fox holes.
No squeeky wheel here, the monkeys are comfortable and all is right with the world.
"This aint no disco"
Those of you that have come to learn must shed your bad habits and stop judging the other monkeys, they cant help it any more then you can. Free your mind and ...blah blah blah yadda yadda, follow the light. Go into the light...LOL

rolly said...

ruth na homesick ka ba? Sorry ha. I can't help it e. Uwi ka na kasi.

Dlak too deep man.

BatJay said...

pag nagkarepeat - sama ulit kami sa EB. sarap talagang kasama ang ninang ate sienna ko. kyul yan at bakla rin. hehehehe. matangkad din pala si misisP. patay na si apol at si doc emer. hindi na sila makikita sa group picture pag nakatabi nila si mari, ajay at misisP. puro higante.

AnP said...

that must have been fun! bumangka ka ulit? hehe

Anyway, thanks for hte mother's day greetings. Hope your wife had a nice one, as well.

TinTin said...

Boohoo, when can I join? Sa July ha, mag EB din tayo! But not in my honor. Just because, and because I'll be there ;)