Monday, April 25, 2005

So much in love..part 2

For those of you who missed the previous blog, my wife told me to keep the 20th and the 21st free. That being her nth birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary, she promised it will be a familybonding day. So, I did. She wouldn't tell anyone what the surprise was until the last moment when we were inside the car. It was only then that she whispered to my ear, "EDSA Shagri-la Plaza hotel" I was dumbstruck! "whoa!" Then she was laughed her usual hearty laugh and said, "Don't worry, you're paying for it!" HAHAHA

So, we went! Just right after we checked in, we told the kids to go to the pool. They were already raring to go, when suddenly, Kraiganne said, "What about the two of you? Where will you be?" "Oh we will just stay here in the room and sleep!" Angrily, she said, "Ahhh you two better behave!" (I don't know what's with these guys but they would flinch everytime me and my wife would kiss. "Not in front of us, please!" ) It was then that Nitz said,"I'm having my period." Only then did Kraiganne was appeased and went with her siblings. Here is the funny part. SHE DID HAVE HER PERIOD! So you see, she didn't get lucky on her birthday. HAHAHA

Another funny thing was when the guys were looking outside of the window and saw a chimney emiting black smoke. (We were at the new wing) Mickey said, "Look, we still don't have a Pope!" The girls had an idea to go to a studio and have a family picture and I played along. Now, we have three shots of a family picture which I can use for a calendar should I prefer to file a candidacy for Pasig mayor hahahaha. Then we went out to a restaurant and had a sumptuous dinner. Funny, but Nitz insisted that we sing her a happy birthday song, and we did, albeit silently! We were laughing all the way. After dinner, us boys played billiards while the girls went shopping. The two guys never won a game of 8 ball hehe.

The following morning, we asked the two boys to use the complimentary buffet breakfast while me and Kim went to McDonald's for ours. Nitz and Kraiganne ate left-overs from last night and a recipe we brought to the hotel. Then, Kraiganne went to the hotel's gym to workout while the others and I went swimming. When we were to go home, I asked for the valet to get the car. HAHA, Yes, I brought my dilapidated and unwashed car. The poor valet, who is probably used to fetching very expensive, air-conditioned, automatic cars, was all sweat when he got to us. The kids quickly got inside the car, slammed the doors and didn't open the windows lest they be seen inside by someone they knew. The ingrates were laughing out loud as we rushed away from the hotel.

The kids enjoyed it so much, I think we will do it again. Nice idea, huh? Maybe on our 25th.


Joseph D. said...

Shangri-la... reminds me of our JS prom when we were still juniors in zobel... such mems...

off-topic, sir, but your blog is featured in the tech news section of today's (04/25/05) issue of Manila Bulletin. Na-dyaryo na kayo sir, sikat! I've been reading your blog for quite some time (got your link from my friend, arun), but i've never thought that you'd be on the spotlight one day. keep it up sir!

MARISOL said...

yep, found your blog thru ajay's feature article about us at blog-o-rama. i will be a regular here, will link your blog to mine, ayt?

AnP said...

great way to celebrate! happy for you rolly! :)

rolly said...

joseph d Welcome to my blog. hmm, that must be in 1997, right? That was the only JS Prom I attended. I attended because Fr. Owen asked me to sing with him this prom song.

Thanks for the info and the link. Please give my regards to arun.

I tried accessing your site but it seems its a private one. Well, thanks again for coming and commenting.

Marisol Hello. Wasn't that a nice article? Ajay writes well. She made me look good. I've been to your site and you, on the other hand, is already good. Will link yours with mine, too.

AnP Thanks. Yes, that was one great celebration.

sophie's fair said...

u are such a romantic, the wifey must be thanking her lucky stars day by day huh!

TinTin said...

Awesome idea! That is a nice getaway. Ah, that blasted Aunt Flo came with you on your trip. Too bad for Ate Nitz, mwahaha!

BatJay said...

umuwi ka palang luhaan bossing kasi di ka naka score. hehehe. ayos.

buti nakapag family picture kayo. alam mo, yan ang mga inaasam asam ko. kasi nung pinanganak na ako, sawa na ang pamilya namin na mag family picture kaya wala ako ni isa na formal portrait with my family.

years from now, you'll look at that family portrait that you guys took with fondness.

Anonymous said...

kuya Ro!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and ate nitz.(kahit late na ang bati ko.) :)

ganda ng kwento mo...ang sweet ni ate nitz!

God bless you and may you have 20 more years of romance...


transience said...

your love just finds new avenues of enjoyment. i'm glad you two are together. you are keepers, definitely.

husticia said...

kakatuwa naman si misis, ang sweeeet! congrats sa inyong dalawa at more to come.

metal said...

hahaha...what a way celebrate your anniversary. sayang at nagka-meron ang sweet love mo.

Happy Anniversary, tito rolly...abangan ko bida mo sa 25th anniversary mo ha?!


Toni said...

Do you have to wait till the 25th for another trip like that? :) What about next year?

Happy Anniversary (belated) to you and your sweetie.

Poppycock said...

Tito Rols,

Happy happy 20th :) I wish my hubby will plan something like that for our 20th as well, malapit na din kami, sa May, yeheeeey!!!

Thanks for your comment on the 'Sparkling'. Sobrang memories talaga yung kantang yon, diba?

Cheers :)

joan said...

Happy Birthday kay NITZ!!!!! Naku, meron na kayong board of censors kina Kraig, Mikey, Kim and coby!!! Hehehehe!!!! Tell Nitz, I salute her, she really deserves all the good words!!! Miss you guys! see you in august!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great time! Enjoy and look forward to reading about the 25th anniversary day :))

rolly said...

Sophie I hope so! We don't actually put too much work to make the marriage work. Seems we're compatible all the way... most of the times. HAHAHAHA Thanks.

TinTin YEah, that was a bummer. I'm surprised she wasn't in a bad mood in spite of not getting lucky.. Bwahahahaha
Thank you.

Batjay Mas luhaan sya. hehehe. MAhilig ang asawa ko sa family picture, actually. nagagalit nga sakin pag hindi ako nag-cooperate. Lalo na pag taginit at nakahubad ako sa bahay tapos magkakaroon ng family picture op e pagbibihisin ako Syempre tamad ako, sisimangutan ako syempre.

Willie Thank you. Ako din naman sweet ah. Tanong mo pa sa kanya. promise.

Transcience One of the reasons we find new avenues of enjoyment is because we are simple folks who haven't tried a lot of things yet. That's the advantage of being poor, I guess. Our pleasures could be boredom for those in the easy life, I guess.
But we have no regrets even if we're not that materially endowed.

Justice Thanks. Appreciate it.

metal Oo nga. Minalas sya e. Sige, intayin mo. 4 na taon na lang.

Toni Well, if we won't be in a financial slump next year... Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.

misispi Ba't iintayin mo pa si hubby? Ikaw mag plano. Sa totoo lang, mas magaling magplano misis ko sakin. I wouldn't have thought of that. Kasi sa bahay lang ako, kuntento na ko.

YEs, I love Sparkling in the Sand. That flute intro is fantastic! Then the bass line at the end!

Jonix Comment ca va? NABUHAY KA! Ang tagal mo nang di nag ba blog ah. How's the little one and the bigger one? Talaga, tuloy na uwi mo sa August? Can't wait to see you guys!

LocuTus of Borg Hi man. Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment. Yeah, we had a blast. Hopefully, you don't get to wait for another 4 more years. Who knows, the family's finances could be better next year, huh?

arlene and ria said...

sir! It's ria gatmaitan. I share a blog site with arlene (visit us! It's my first time here in your site and its pretty amusing! Gonna miss Zobel! :) Happy Anniversary!

sharima said...

found your blog through doc. emer... its nice to read some inspiring articles. Ang sweet ng family nyo! (will link your blog to mine)

rolly said...

ria Thanks for dropping by. Do drop by quite often ha. This way we can still get in contact. I've been to your site and it's nice.

The template reminds me of the psychedelic 60's. Nice.

alchemist2 Welcome to my blog. Yes, we try to be together most of the time while respecting each other's private spaces as well. I'd like to believe we are sweet. hehe

Kat said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

rolly said...

Kat Thanks! So have you during that Sonic Youth concert, I'm sure.

Jules said...

tito rolly, you indeed have a lucky family. ahhh... memories :)

btw, congrats on you being featured sa Manila Bulletin!! :) Who said blogging does not pay?

watson said...

Hello Tito Rolly! Just catching up on my blog visits. That is a nice story. Ok ka talaga magkwento, bossing. Belated Happy Anniversary!

bing said...

mr rolly,

mas cute yung pic nyo dun sa blog ni jay... parang it's a different you! he he

umuwi palang luhaan si misis este kayong dalawa he he he

rolly said...

ju;sitos Thanks, I sure hope they feel the same.

Nabasa mo pala yun ha. thanks.

Watson Thanks for the visit and the nice comment.

Bing aka Juliet Ganon ba? Sa susunod yun ang gagamitin ko. Teka muna, baka ang sinasabi mo yung nakapula e si Spuderman yun ha. Oo nga, minalas sya e. hehehe