Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So much in love

Today is a very special day. Not only is it my wife's birthday, but it also marks a very important event in my life for on this day in 1985, I got married to the most loving person there is on earth!

I have known my wife for almost twenty-three years! We used to be office mates till I moved out of the campus for a stabler position in the organization we work in. You see, We belong to the same University system. Our love story blossomed from friendship to love amid music we made together with some 18 or so individuals as we were both members of the Staff Chorale where we met.

I have never known a person who is so dedicated and so very willing to abandon her self-interests than my wife. I have just started blogging when I narrated how strong my wife's character is. It's a funny story so you won't be disappointed you read it. You can find it here.

In spite of the very simple living I can offer, she learned manages to find happiness in the very little things we do. She's the person who will say delicious to the simplest dish, the person who will find beauty in the mundane inspite of the fact that she's seen the best, and would give the same hearty laugh at the corniest joke I make. She's a dedicated mother, ready to sacrifice everything just so her children can live comfortably. She has a great foresight and has always been a good manager of the household. Obviously, in our family, she holds the master plan. She used to always have a project lined up for each year. Case in point, just a year after our marriage, she proposed that we bought a house. We did! Simple as it may be, in few more years, we would have finished paying for the amortizations and it's going to be ours completely.

She's the sweetest person I have ever known. When we got together as a couple, we used to go home together until I transferred to Alabang. What I did was pick her up from the office and took her home practically everyday. However, during my 27th birthday, I had a friend who was being picked up by her brother from the office with whom I can hitch a ride and be dropped off at a place near my home in Marikina. I never considered my birthday as significant. So, not really a birhtday person, I called her and told her that I may have to cancel picking her up. Luckily for me, I changed my mind at the last moment. As we reached Alabang proper, I asked my friend to drop me off. I went to her and she was so relieved to have seen me. It turned out that she had prepared something for me in her house. She even whispered in my ear that she told everyone it was my treat! What an asshole I would have been had i missed that, right? Another time was when she woke me up in the middle of the night only to surprise me with her birthday gift. Another surprise she did can be found here

Twenty years after and she's still at it. She's told me to have today and tomorrow free. She told me she's taking the whole family somewhere for an overnight bonding. As of this time, I still have the faintest idea what she's talking about. But knowing her, I know I and the kids are in for a real treat!

So, to my wife, I say, happy birthday and happy anniversary, sweetheart! My love for you has never dwindled but on the contrary, has grown even much stronger through the years.


bing said...

Happy Birthday to your wife, Mr Rolly! and a happy anniversary, too! If you are lucky to have her, she is also lucky to have you.


TinTin said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and a Happy Life. Your wife sounds like a force to be reckoned with. God Bless Wives and Mothers like her. Have fun on your trip!

Luchie said...

Good morning mr. rolly! and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR LOVELY WIFE!

transience said...

happy birthday to your wife, rolly! and happy anniversary to both of you. what a lovely couple you make.

pepseeh said...

sir, happy birthday to mrs. delos santos and happy anniversary to you both! ;)

arevalos said...


such love :)

Rache said...

hello tito rolly! :)

happy birthday to your wife and happy anniversary to you both!

you are so lucky to have found each other.

i wish you more happiness and love.

ajay said...

aaayyyy, how sweet! what a nice tribite to your loving wifey, tito rolly. happy birthday to Mrs. de los Santos and happy anniv to you both:)

rolly said...

Bing aka Juliet Thank you. I hope she feels the same way, hahaha.

tintin You bet! she is a mean machine who can drive you nuts. haha

luchie thanks!

transcience I believe our driving force is our desire to be good parents.

pepseeh Thanks. Sorry, i haven't responded to your other comment. I'll do that later.

crazy lover You will learn the joys of being together real soon. Time is short. Good luck and may your union be blessed with all God's trimmings.

Rache Thanks. I believe we do make a good pair.

Ajay Thank you.

Anonymous said...

tito rolly! d ko akalain na sa likod ng mala-sigang katawan mong yan ay may nagtatagong ka-sweetan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TITA NITZ!!! GOD bless u both! here's wishing u 20 times 20 more years of bliss in your already happy and wonderful married life:)
--soulmate jane

rolly said...

Soulmate Jane HAHA, beneath this hunk of a man is a heart made out of cotton baga? Thanks for the greetings. Natuwa si Nitz sa mga bumati. hehe

husticia said...

Congratulations to your wonderful years together and happy birthday and more blessings to your loving wife.

bayi said...

You have just described the paragon of a marriage and reading you post nodoubt makes many couples jealous till they are green.

Congratulations to both you and your wife. I wisy you a lifetime of wedded happiness and bliss. And may your children pick up all the wonder tips of a perfect marriage from their parents.

bayi said...

sorry, rolly. making too many mistakes in my typing and grammar. this is the sin of haste. :)

BatJay said...

happy anniversary ninyo ni tita nitz, bossing. ilang taon na ulit? 23 years. wow, natiis ka niya for that long eh talagang pag ibig yon. BWAHAHAHAHA.

pero alam naman nating lahat na ikaw ng troy montero ng pasig kaya di ka kayang tanggihan ng misis mo. sobrang lakas ng appeal mo.

happy birthday rin sa tita natin. although medyo vague ang aking recollection sa kanya - the one and only time na nakita ko siya eh doon sa hospital. kakalabas ko pa lang sa OR at drugged and in pain. teka nga muna - siya nga ba yung kasama mo sa hospital? hehehe. anyway, naalala ko lang ay ang kabaitan ninyong dalawa.

sa mga kakilala ko through blogging, kayong dalawa lang ang dumalaw sa akin sa hospital (and for that i am eternally grateful). yan ang true test ko sa character. napatunayan ko right there na ginto ang mga puso ninyo. all the best to you and your family.


TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...


paki-tingnan mo nga kung me expiry date yang nakuha mong marriage license baka you need it to be renewed..renewable ba yan?, palagay ko irrevocable yan...hehehe joke only...wishing you all the best for next fifty yrs..

bayi said...

I believe you will make an excellent candidate for the position of school counselor. Students with problems concerning affairs of the heart could learn a thing or two from you and your wife.

rolly said...

Justice Thanks a lot.

Bayi Thanks a lot, my friend. Although our marriage seems blissful, there are still a lot of things we can learn to improve on. Making more money for a change is one on the list. hahaha

Oh, I never realized there were mistakes there.

Batjay At nang-intriga ka pa ha. Oo naman, siya yung kasama ko non no! Thanks for the well wishes.

techguy Yes, irrevocable yung license na pinirmahan namin. Thank you.

Bayi I don't think I have the preparations of being a school counselor but yes, students can come to me if they want to when it comes to matters of the heart. It's so easy. Just be with the one yu love. hehe

Anonymous said...

happy bday to tita nitz and of course, happy anniversary to you both!

ivan said...

aw, so nice naman po Sir ng story nyo. Nakaka-touch. A loving and happy marriage it is.

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Cheers! =)

rolly said...

AnP Thanks a lot.

Ivan We try to make it a happy one. So, far we are succeeding. It's not very hard. Married couples should always make the extra effort to make the marriage work. Thanks for the comments.

Bebs said...

Wow ang sweet mo naman! Sorry di ko kayo nagreet ng anniversary. Anyway, happy anniversary. Please tell nitz na i sent my greetings thru Mickey's cel.
I'm so lucky or i should say that we're so lucky to have a friend like you guys!
Ibang-iba kayo talaga. Sana gayahin kayo ng friend natin (alam mo na kung sino yon)na talagang lubos ang pagmamahal sa isa't-isa.

joffin said...

tito rolly,
happy anniversary sa inyo ni Ms. Mitz! naiyak ako sa entry mo. you are both very blessed to have found each other. goal kong maging kasing loving ni Ms. Nitz. God Bless!