Saturday, January 15, 2005

it's Jet's birthday!

I just have to write about it. Today's the birthday of a very good friend, both in cyberspace and in flesh and blood. A kindred in spirit, she, according to her amiable husband, has a very infectious laugh like I do. Well, maybe I don't have that infectious laughter but I do love to laugh. I love to see people being very happy. I appreciate people who has a good sense of humor and i dread being with a person who never knew how to laugh. Keep me in a room with a boring guy or a woman who does not know how to smile and I assure you, i'd rather jump off the windows and die.

Well, anyway, Jet as we fondly call her, is a lady you would certainly want to see laughing all the time. If only to lighten up a hectic day, her smile is enough to to keep your worries away. I didn't even have to try hard to see her laughing to tears. She's a natural. When she laughs, all her muscles contribute and you feel the sincerity with that laughter and you become pleased with yourself. Yes, she gives without any effort whatsoever. All she has to do is be herself.

Jet, I raise my glass of cabernet to cheer you on your special day. I'm sure your hubby has lined up a lot of tricks just to pamper you more today than he does every minute of your life. Happy birthday!


Svelte Rogue said...

via your site and very sweet blog, allow me to say this:


(i love people who know how to laugh! minsan nga, kahit nasa mall ako dyan sa atin, makarinig lang ako ng taong masarap tumawa, napapangiti ako. nakakahawa na, nakakaaliw pa.)

tito rolly, may i link you to my site? i'm referring to my homebase site:

Cerridwen said...

I remeber saying I will reserve a belated greeting when I see you and Jay here soon but ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

TinTin said...

(aka pinayhekmi)

When i last read your blog, all it said was "It's Jet"...hehehe. I was wondering if it was something profound that I was not getting. But, is Jet's b-day. That is profound. I already greeted her, but that is profound.

rolly said...

Svelte Go ahead. It will be my pleasure linking up with you. I'm sure Jet thanks you for your greeting.

Cerridwen BAtjay and Jet are going to the States soon. Me? It will be a while before i get to the States. Too expensive. I guess the USA will be a dreamland for quite a longer time.

TinTin You caught the site while I was trying to write the piece. I acccidentally hit the enter button right after i typed the title. HAHAHA I never knew someone would be opening the site at the time.

Dr. Emer said...

Jet is indeed both a wonderful person and friend. Our friend BatJay is blessed to have her as a lifetime partner. Isang komedyante at isang natural na tumatawa. God really has a way of making soulmates meet. Happy Birthday ulit ke Jet! :)

rolly said...

Doc Emer Oo nga. Tamang-tama ang combination nila no. What are jay's jokes without someone to laugh at them. They really complement each other.

BatJay said...

oo tito rolly compatible talaga kami. siya ang taga luto, ako ang taga kain. siya ang taga laba, ako ang taga suot. ako ang taga utot at siya ang taga amoy. siya ang taga suntok, ako ang taga ilag. complementary talaga in every way.

di na ako magpapasalamat. alam ko later on, maglalagay din si jet ng comment dito sa blog mo kaya i will leave it to her to give her thanks.

we had a great weekend in indonesia. bintan island was a perfect retreat. the company of our local friends made it even better. medyo nasuka lang ako sa ferry boat but that's another story.


Jet said...

Oo nga, si Batjay ang taga-announce ng gagawin ko, ako taga-gawa. Compatible nga... hehe.

Maraming-maraming salamat po Tito. Maraming salamat din po sa mga nag-comment ng pagbati saken. Honestly, this is one of the points in my life when I think it's as good as it gets. With a lot of really wonderful friends like you, I feel like a millionaire. You guys are one of my most valued treasures.

Kung wala kayo at si Batjay, sino magpapatawa saken?

Thanks again Tito, and everyone! :)