Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Huling Hirit

My good friend Batjay and his adorable wife, Jet are headed to go home to Singapore tomorrow, January 5. Somehow, I am saddened that they have to leave the country for as always, I equate their presence with lots and lots of fun! But as it is, everybody will have to earn a living and their source of income is in Singapore.

Anyway, we had another chance to meet last night and again, with several bloggers whom I've befriended since I've started blogging.

First to arrive (ayan doc ha) was the good doctor Doc Emer and his animated and lovely soulmate Jane who we have been urging to start her own blog, Soon after, we were joined in by master storyteller Bong K and Giordano model look alike Mari.

Also in attendance were new friends, the captivatingly beautiful Toni and her hubby, the bubbly and artsy Tanya and the very endearing

Unfortunately, supermom and pinay expat emag owner Melissa was a no show. Must've been stranded with the celebs she was interviewing.

Anyway, as always, we had lots and lots of fun and parted ways at around 1 am.
See you again soon guys. And to my dear friends, Batjay and Jet, bon voyage tomorrow. Can't wait till you get back again.


Dr. Emer said...

Naalala pa din namin ang "grasshopper" and ang maka-bagbag damdamin mong "painless-bloodless tutule remover," at tumatawa pa din kami, Tito Rolly. =)

Like what I said over at BatJay's blogpost today, should you grow tired of teaching and painting, you will surely make it as a successful stand-up comedian. Galing mo! You made BatJay and BongK cry while laughing and you both gave Mari and my soulmate a lockjaw also because they had a great time with your jokes. =)

A sense of humor is one of the best qualities a person can have. It's a gift. =)

Toni said...

Awww thanks naman sa compliment. You rocked my morning!!!

Kita-kita ulit. No need for name tags. ;) I posted some pix in my blog na. You may wanna check it out!

Dr. Emer said...

Posted ko na din yung pictures natin last night, Tito Rolly and Toni. Due to bandwidth problems, I have transferred them to my photoblog.

Here's the link:


Tanya said...

HELLO TITO ROLLY! wahoo! it was nice meeting you all last night! :-p sarap ng food and kwentuhan... although next time, i'll be sitting beside you guys naman. :)

*bubbly pala ako... hahaha! kidding! have a good one tito rolly.. i got you linked na.. yay!

ting-aling said...

Tito Rolly, nakakainggit talaga..hindi lang minsan..inulit niyo pa.

Anonymous said...

Tito Rolly, mukhang ang saya saya ng get together nyo ah! Inggit ako...

Cerridwen said...

T'was good & delightful to see group of bloggers coem together and for you all to be able to share the fun with us....maybe one day us who have missed it will get the chance to share the fun too... Happy 2005 Tito Rolly

rolly said...

Doc Emer hehe luma ka dun sa tutule remover ko no? Painless and bloodless operation yun, at masarap pa! Bet that wasn't covered in med school. Alternative practice yun e. hehehe I really enjoyed the night with you and Jane.

And yes, thanks for the book. I never thought you would've been published in Young Blood although that is not surprising to me.

Lugi ko, wala akong camera twing magkikita tayo. :-(

Toni Well, I meant that. I wouldn't be writing something I don't feel is the truth. YEah, I already saw the beautiful pictures posted on your site. When do you think would be the next pinoyblog convention? Valentine's?

Tanya aka "Penny" Oo nga. Ang sarap lahat... food at kwentuhan. Next time, tagalan natin ha. Hindi pa ko nakapag a-update ng links ko pero definitely, kasama ka sa ili-link ko no. Thanks ha.

Tingaling E napasarap kasi e. E di ulitin, di ba?

Mik Di ko matandaan kung may binigay ka saking link ng blog mo, sorry. Anyway, next time sama ka din para masaya. Promise, mababait ang mga bloggers.

Cerridwen Hey, you're back from a long hiatus, ah. I've been constantly visiting your blog for updates e. Anyway, siyempre kasali ka if you are here in manila. Happy new year to you, too.

Jet said...

Alam nyo ba Tito, hanggang kaninang madaling araw, nakahiga na kami't nagpupumilit makatulog, naaalala pa rin namin ang 'grasshopper' at ang poker-face,ear-tickling bathroom stance sa paggamit ng CR sa Mines View Park... hehe. Kaya ayun, madaling araw na, gising na gising pa rin kami kasi tawa pa rin kami ng tawa. And just to let you know, eto'ng si fafa Jay, di yan madaling bumili ng joke. Pero napaiyak nyo siya kagabi sa kakatawa... hehe. Ang galing nyong bangka Tito. That was one hell of a night. Sana lahat ng despedida ganun kasaya. Grabe... hehe.

Thanks a lot Tito. Ang to all those bloggers we've met, we cherish the opportunity. I hope we all meet again real soon.

Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

hi tito rolly...

endearing? ang sarap naman!!!

sayang di kita naka-kuwentuhan ng matagal, ang layo mo kasi... pero the short walk down was enough for me to say that you're nice. naks!!!

expect me to hover and pester you in your site... or maybe, just simply endear you more... hala!!!

Anonymous said...

hi tito rolly...

endearing? ang sarap naman!!!

sayang di kita naka-kuwentuhan ng matagal, ang layo mo kasi... pero the short walk down was enough for me to say that you're nice. naks!!!

expect me to hover and pester you in your site... or maybe, just simply endear you more... hala!!!

forgot to sign my name...


Matapoor said...

sorry, i missed the fun. was stuck in alabang. domestic squabbles, etc.

Anonymous said...

tito rolly, i never laughed so hard like that for the longest time. galeng talaga, ang saya!

G. said...

just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy new year! saw the pics from your get together - looks like you had tons of fun!

TinTin said...

I saw the pics at toni's site. Saw the pinoyblog meet as well (in pics). Can't wait to show up at one of these and meet you all!

Oh, and belated Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tito Rolly!!! I've been meaning to post a comment here in your blog, esp. since the other night. Unfortunately blogspot.com is blocked by our server in the office and I cant access other personal websites as well. Except for websites with a .NET extension, like batjay's, jet's, and sassy's to name a few, there's no way i can access the rest. My computer at home also bogged down a long time ago, and im still too lazy to have it fixed. Anyways, di ko akalain na tru-blue komedyante ka pala!:) Dahil sa iyo, namanhid na ang mukha ko sa kakatawa until yesterday. Not to mention na muntik na kaming di makabalik sa carpark that night kasi nga nahilo na kami ni doc emer sa kakatawa! I heard Mari feels the same way, too although ive yet to post a comment on her blog. Sa uulitin haa:)
-- jane a.k.a. doc emers soulm8

rolly said...

Jet Coming from the wife of a super kenkoy, i would see that as a great compliment. till the next time.

Dindin Oo naman. That was my first impression of you and I am seldom mistaken in judging people. Sige, balik ka lang lagi ha. Ako din punta ko madalas sa site mo.

Melissa Haven't I told you yet that I work within the Alabang area? Malapit sa ATC ang school na pinapasukan naming mag-aama.

MAri Buti naman at napatawa kita ng husto. Wag ka sanang magsasawa, hane.

G You probably have the shortest name in bloglandia. hehe. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. happy new year to you, too.

Tintin You'll be amazed how many people know you already. I was. And meeting the bloggers was really a lot of fun. You should try it next year.

Jane Credit should also go to you. You provided some of the best topics to talk about during our little soiree. Thanks. See you guys around.

BongK said...

hi Ka Rolly, (dito na ako sa Manila)thank you for the laughs, it was a blast, i know lahat ng mga panga namin eh nanakit kakatawa sa jokes mo.. maraming maraming salamat, napaiyak mo ako kakatawa (at kinabagan din hehehehehe), happy new year po!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh, stop it people. you are killing me softly
by torturing me of what I missed and what I am missing. Titorolly, ako magiging agent mo if you decide to be a comedian/entertainer.

BatJay said...

dito na ulit kami sa singapore. ang bilis ano? time flies when you're having fun talaga. ang sabi naman ng palaka eh - time's fun when you're having flies. BWAHAHAHA. maraming salamat sa katatawanan at sa mga ala-ala. alam ko, magiging bala namin ito pag nalulungkot at pag homesick kami dine.

hanggang sa muli kaibigan.

Mec said...


i missed this kasi, supposedly i have a class till 9 pm

kaso i had to miss class din kasi i was still really sick

anyway... meetings such as this cannot help but cement friendships between and among netizens..

and that's always good :)

Cerridwen said...

hi Tito Rolly...yes back :) the overwhelming demand for my time & concentration left me and shouldnt be back for another 10 months! thank you for being a regular reader then. It is so flattering to hear such from other blogger you have respect & high regard for.*hugs*

rolly said...

BongK Ngayon at nandito ka na sa Manila, post mo na yung susunod na kabanata. Ang dami ng naghihintay.
Happy Valentine's Day

Anonymous you forgot to sign your name. Anyway, thanks. Paminsan-minsan nakaka bangka din naman ako ng kwentuhan. And it was just one of those nights, i guess. Sa totoo lang mahiyain ako e. hehe

Bosing Next stop nyo naman, US... Di mo ba ko pedeng isingit sa maleta mo? Dalawa naman kayo, mas mabigat ang allowed kilos. 86 kilos lang naman ako e.

Mec I hope you're feeling fine now. You don't want to miss too many classes. I'm sure Jojo's taking good care of you. Aral samin yan e.

Cerridwen Nice to see you back and blogging again. Happy New Year.

Matapoor said...

sa may teriyaki boy daw sa megamall. din and i are meeting around 6pm para maaga kasi may mga kiddies kami kasama. ikaw din? hehe sila toni and D are coming, too.

Shadowsoul said...

hi tito rolly, nice to finally meet you last pinoyblogger party. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, nagdidisipolo ka pala ng mga young minds :) link kita ha-vixen

pepsi said...

sir, it's been a long time since i've been here. how are you?

forgot to even greet you a happy new year. happy new year! ;)

Svelte Rogue said...

tito rolly, parati ko kayong nababasa kay anP at toni. (pero di ako kilala ni toni) sobra akong naging curious kasi gusto kong makichika sa eb niyo nung dec 30. mukang masaya naman. sayang at di nakadalo ang mga kaibigan kong mga blogger din, tulad nina karen, bea, at catsudon.

san kayo nagtuturo? sana makadalaw kayo sa site ko. heto url: http://jumbanight.blogspot.com see you around! (puede ko ba kayong ma-i-link?)

Matapoor said...

rolly, i just found out. moved na pala to thursday ang teriyaki boy mtg. ok lang ba sa iyo?

rolly said...

Matapoor From the looks of it, mukhang ako lang ang lalaki a. Behave kayo ha. Alam nyo naman kaming mga lalaki, frail. HAHAHA see ya tomorrow.

Demented It was nice meeting you, too. Go ahead. I have already linked your site with mine.

Pepsi Oo nga. Medyo busy ka yata sa pag-aaral e. Buti naman. Happy new year to you, too.

Svelte Rogue Salamat naman at napunta ka dito sa site ko. Tlagang masaya kami noong EB namin. Walang nag-inarte o nagpaka sosyal. It seemed like everybody had known everyone for a long time. Link ka lang. Okay lang sakin yan. Lilink din kita pag nakakita ko ng time magayos ng template ko. Promise. At sige, dadalaw ako sa s9te mo.

Anonymous said...

sir sexy!

rolly said...

anonymous Ako sexy? Hindi siguro pero thank you na rin. Do I know you personally?