Wednesday, December 22, 2004

whoever said the computer cannot have a personal touch?

A good cyber friend of mine from Malaysia, Bayi, emailed me about the Asian Blog awards where two of the leading pinoy bloggers, Sassy and Doc Emer are competing for Best Philippine blog and Best Asian Newcomer Blog respectively. You can vote for them at While Sassy is leading comfortably, Doc Emer is neck a neck with Hong Kong blog "Spirit Fngers". You know how Filipina expat, Jasmine Trias, bested a very strong contender, La Toya, at the American Idol competition by a huge Hawaiian vote. Astound our Asian neighbors by sending our support to our fellow countrymen bloggers.

Of course, most Filipino bloggers, especially those in already know about this. but what really caught my interest was the fact that Bayi, again, a Malaysian, would request me to rally Pinoy bloggers to vote each day for our friends and countrymen. I will never forget Bayi. He was the first person to put a comment in my comment box. I was excited because being new to blogging, I never thought somebody else was reading my entries other than Batjay, who I came to know when I commented in his blog.

Here's the content of Bayi's letter.


Dr Emer's blog is in the running neck and neck with another Hong Kong blog Spirit Fingers for the first placing in the Best Newcomer Blog 2004 category.

Can we rally all our friends via your blog to vote for Dr Emer and Sassy's blogs?

I think both Sassy and Dr Emer are too modest to sound a clarion call for support. Would you be interested to blog a short but eye-catching post to call on all the visitors to vote for their blogs? This can be done by providing the link in the post for them to click and vote immediately. The link is

Let's win the titles for both of them. Are you game for it?


I salute you Bayi for being such a sweet and loyal friend. One of these days, I would like to meet you personally and shake your hand. There is no question in my mind that you are a Filipino by heart and soul.

Now, whoever said what the computer lacks is a personal touch?


bayibhyap said...

thanks, rolly. the race is particularly exciting for dr emer and any vote would be a definite plus point. we can vote only once a day and twice if we have a home computer and an office computer both with internet connection. i have not been so excited for a long time and it is my privilege to be associated with dr emer's blog. sassy is doing fine, i think.

may the Best Asian Newcomer 2004 title go to dr emer for his excellent work!

JMom said...

I voted! Both of them are excellent bloggers.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

ting-aling said...

Haha, so you are snatching my self proclaimed title huh. Can you believe I also go to the community centre (1 block from the office) and the library(when picking kids up from piano and guitar lessons) to cast a vote?

Dr. Emer said...

Tito Rolly and Bayi: Thanks for the efforts you extend to me and Sassy. We appreciate the support. Win or lose, what really matters is the fact that we know we can count on you as true friends. Thanks again. Wishing you happy holidays! :)

Dr. Emer said...

Ting-Aling and Jmom: Thank you too! Suddenly voting for Sassy and me becomes a 'healthy' exercise. :)

rolly said...

Bayi i am just happy to have known you. And I'm really looking forward to meeting you someday and shake your hand. You have all my respect and admiration.

JMom Thanks for responding. Merry Christmas to you and your family, too.

ting aling Please accept my apologies. Oo nga pala, it was you who first alerted us to cast our votes for our friends. Well, I won't deny this time that it was from you where I learned about the pinoyblog christmas party. Thanks ;-)

Doc Emer You deserve the accolade. Win or not, you and Sassy will always be one of the best Filipino bloggers around.

Mec said...

mewiii kwismas!!!! :)

Sassy Lawyer said...

Salamat, Tito Rolly. And Bayi. And everyone else who voted. Last time I checked, Pinoyblog is gaining up on me. But then Pinoyblog is partly me hehehe May the best "me" win? ;)

Kat said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

red_door8 said...

merry christmas tito rolly =)
i voted already by the way =)

BatJay said...

hi tito rolly.

first, maraming salamat sa pagdalo sa munting salosalo. enjoy ako sa mga kwentuhan at kantahan. WOW, ang galing ninyo talagang kasama.

sana manalo ang mga kaibigan natin para may mag treat sa atin ng dinner bago kami bumalik sa singapore. HINT, HINT, HINT. WINK, WINK... pag di ba naman obvious ito. hehehe.

i've posted a pic of our meeting in my blog. may quote ka rin.... hehehe.

Jet said...

Hi Tito Rolly! A bit off pero babati lang po ng MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

ting-aling said...

Namamasko lang po!

jillsabs said...

boboto rin ako! :)

merry christmas tito rolly!

Day said...

tito Rolly, Maligayang Pasko sa iyo at sa buong pamilya! :)

Major Tom said...

Dear Tito Rolly,

Doc Emer makes local bloggers proud and i think he should win hands down.

i wonder why Batjay wasn't even mentioned for Funniest Blog. I guess by next year we should see how nomination process goes in the Asian Blog Award.

A belated Merry Xmas. just blogging around and thy site is pretty mentioned everywhere. Nice blog i say. Its a source of "template envy".

BongK said...

(belated) merry christmas and a prosperous new year to you and your family

im home now (sa wakas)..

Major Tom said...

Dear Tito Rolly,

Si Daily Prophet ito, sometimes known as Josef the Visionary. Me gusto lang ako i-clarify. kais doon sa discusion on Xmas party sa PinoyBlog.Com, parang napahiya ako doon at saka nandoon ka. Gusto ko lang i-clear sa inyo at saka sa lahat ng nakabasa non na parang nagamit ho yung pangalan ko bilang Josef The Visionary at me pinagsasabi aku doon ng mga salita tulad ng "ORGIES" at "KAMA". Me masasamang budhi lang ang nakaukit sa mga personal account info ko sa Pinoyblog at nilaspatangan ang pangalan na gamit ko bilang Josef The Visionary.

I am s deeply spiritual person. Please help me clarify my name. I could not possibly said those words.

Ate Sienna said...

Unkel Rolly, I'm glad that you're doing great after your surgery. I hope you'd have a great time with all the other bloggers this Dec. 30. Paki-yakap na lang ako kay Fafa at kay Ateng Jet. Paki-sabi na lang I am already looking forward to seeing them again this February.

Have a wonderful time during the remaining holidays!