Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kudos Doc Emer

Our friendly doctor, Doc Emer is hosting the 12th edition of medical Grand Rounds, a weekly compendium of the choicest medical posts from the whole world. It gets posted Tuesday of every week at exactly 7am EST. That would be tonight for us pinoys.

Considering that the last 11 weeks were all hosted by American doctors from East to the West coast, Doc Emer has reason to be proud for he is its first ever international host.

You can view it here Visit it and read. The information you get is assuredly good for your health.

Congratulations in advance, Doc.


Dr. Emer said...

Salamat ng madami, Tito Rolly. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you! =)

Jet said...

Ika nga e, proudly Pinoy, di ba Tito? :)

rolly said...

Doc walang anuman. You deserve more than kind words. Congrats.

Jet E ano pa? Iba talaga ang pinoy.

BatJay said...

magaling talaga yang si doc emer. isang maalalahaning tao na parating inuuna ang mga pasyente niya. kahit ma indian niya tayo ay sige pa rin siya.

kaya itong paskong ito, singilin natin siya... DOC EMER, magpainom ka naman!!!!