Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last summer, I enrolled in a chinese painting class taught by Mr. Caesar Chen.  My purpose was basically to discipline my hand and have a more fluid and simple composition. In this class, I learned about the four gentlemen in Chinese painting, notably plums, orchids and the bamboo.  There is still a lot to be desired but these are some of the products of that class.

 Composition 1
This is my first try to paint on a round canvas.  It was a lot of fun but it did have its unique challenge, especially when painting the edges. This is also the one where I thought of incorporating the well defined hand(s) in my succeeding paintings.

The Seductress
Oil on Canvas
30 X 30
(Cynthia C. Alberto)

I am particularly proud of this one.  I have incorporated a detailed face of a woman.  Something I have not been doing before.  I have always been more at ease with drawing male faces, if ever I did faces.  Too bad I took the picture with my ipad on poor lighting.  It is much more beautiful in the original than this one.  

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