Friday, June 07, 2013

Look Ma, They're singing my song!

I have never missed my mom more than today when they performed the song  I wrote for this year's retirees.  These retirees have been working for our organization with an average of 25 years altogether.  One of them has served for 41 years even.  Talk about commitment.

Marites Panaligan, who did the music and with whom I have already written two songs earlier, just by sheer magic, once again read my mind and wrote the melody just like the way I wanted it written.  After we had composed the song, we talked about selecting who to sing the song and we were unanimous in choosing another music teacher, Ms. Marce Flores, who sings with passion and intense emotion, to sing the song.

Anyway, the reason I miss my mom is because the song is written in her genre.  Yes, she sang kundimans, a type of Filipino love song which is more like a serenade. My mother used to sing with my aunt in a radio show (that was way before the tv was invented) and would probably even sing songs my grandfather wrote (he was a judge, a violinist and a composer although I have yet to see a single song that survived.  My grandfather died when my grandmother was carrying my mother in her womb). 

Anyway, hoping that I could keep a copy of the performance, I am posting it here.  And here it goes:
my song

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