Monday, May 07, 2012

LA in pictures 1

 Chapman University where my niece, Khriss, teaches Math. 
 John and poet Gloria Laven who I met the first time after thirteen years of correspondence.

 Danny Dionisio, our neighbor, with whom I played tennis in the Philippines when the family still lived there.

The youngest in the Reyes family is now in college!  Time flies so quickly and it's gaining on me. 

 Definitely not Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer.  Only better!
 Host Annabelle and new acquaintances, husband and wife, Louie and Rina

 Camille Reyes, the last time I saw her, she was just a Freshman student
 Golden Voice Rikki and the ever hungry Papa Buoy
Papa Buoy Gammad. Up to this date, I wouldn't know why he'd spell his name that way.
Khriss helping me unpack on arrival at Cedar Avenue, which was to be home for the next 6 days

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