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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I will never understand how a lawyer works. It seems like no matter what the law says, lawyers will always find a way to get around it. This boils down to the best lawyer being the one to find the solution to the hardest problem at hand. The one who could be sleazy enough to take you out of the tightest situation. And we're only talking about fair being fair. No bribes or relatives or fraternity brothers working on the sides.

This thought has been sparked by the insistence of Erap to run for the highest position in the land once more. If an ordinary man was to read the law, it is plain and simple. He cannot run again for that office. However, his lawyers argue that the provision in the constitution does not apply to him as he was not able to finish his term, blah blah blah. Ironically, I believe that is the ultimate reason why he can't. If I remember my history correctly, the provision was made to prevent a bad president from staying in office and do more damage. This was done to prevent another Marcos from re-assuming office and using the powers of the same to remain for a very long time, which Marcos actually did using his constitutional mumbo jumbo.

I know as much that when the law is ambiguous and there is uncertainty as to its interpretation, we look back at the framers of said constitution and try to find the spirit behind the law. To me, the spirit behind the prohibition is for elected presidents not to run for office again, whether they did well or not, lest we are stuck with a very bad president. It never said anything about whether or not such term was completed. It says "elected". We only have to remember that the present constitution was made right after the ouster of strongman Marcos and that it was done in fear of history repeating itself. How could that be hard to understand?

Was Erap a bad president? Erap was ousted from office because the people believed he was not a good one. As a matter of fact, the court has decided, with finality, that he used public funds to enrich himself. He was incarcerated for plunder and was only given, for whatever reason it serves the present President, pardon. How can he run for office and aspire to be re-elected? He said to let the public be the judge thinking that the masa that supported him before will do so again. He must have a short memory but I remember it was the public who went out of the streets to oust him.

Strange huh?

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Anonymous BlogusVox said...

Given that he could never again run for office if the Supreme Court decides on its finality. Do you think it will be that kind of scenario?

I got a theory that Supreme Court will sit on the issue while Erap runs for president. That way, he will take a percentage of the electorate. Who will benefit if the opposition ballots are fractionalize?

If the impossible happens and he wins again, that's the time Supreme Court will act on the petition against him.

8:24 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

blogusvox That is not a far fetched scenario. Politics is a dirty game. I'd rather play poker.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Alkapon said...

There are only 2 things why Erap are aiming again the highest political position in the country.


he wants to regain.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Rocky Garcia said...

He tries to get the attention of the mass by making a movie this Nov. 11, 2009.

8:37 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Alkapon Really? Hindi naman masyadong halata. haha

Rocky Garcia Too bad. The Comelec is putting a stop to entertainers from engaging in their trade while on the campaign trail.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Rocky Garcia said...

That's right. It would be unfair for other if they don't stop them.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

indeed, life is weirder, if not more ironic, than fiction!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Panaderos said...

I have a deep dislike for ERAP and as a result, I have never bothered to read nerws articles about him. Thus, has he filed his certificate of candidacy and has anyone sued to stop him from running? If so, the Courts should decide whether he is still qualified to run for office again.

Personally, my view is that he should not be allowed to seek public office again. Yes, he was pardoned by GMA but a pardon does not erase the illegal acts he committed when he was in power.

I just hope in the scenario above, that the Courts decide against him. We cannot afford another six years of ERAP. We've already wasted a lot of time as it is.

Anyway, I apologize for the rather long absence from your site. I hope everything's been well with you and the family. I hope things are now ok with you, that you've fully recovered from the damage that Ondoy wrought to your home. Take care of yourself always.

12:07 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Panaderos No need for the apologies as I, too, had been remiss with blogging and blog hopping.

Well, I don't hate him with a passion but I don't like him, especially now that he insists in running for office. He could have been a good president as he had the charisma back then, but he blew it and there are no second chances for people given the highest confidence.

yes, we are okay now, thanks.

8:55 AM  

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