Monday, October 12, 2009


If you have been following the news, you would know that Pasig is still with water up to now. This does not come as a surprise as I have known that serious flooding like this happens to our place every 8 or 9 years as claimed by those who are native to the place. Well, I recall having gone home on a banca one late night in 1988. We were living in the place for just a couple of months and I had to stay late in what was once Rizal Theater as we were staging South Pacific at the time. I came home drenched from the rain and to my surprise could not find the usual tricycles plying the streets. Then I was told that the water level at the municipal hall where I should pass through going home was waist high. I did not know what to do as I was tired and all I had in mind was go home. I walked several blocks and found a banca with a load of about six or seven people in it. I asked the boatman if he can deliver me to my place and he said, yes.

The flooding happened again after several years. I failed to count how many as one does not record these experiences in full detail. Suffice to say that we managed to block the experience hoping we have seen the last of it. Anyway, during the second time, all my children were of school age and ride with me to and from school. As it would be very hard for us to ride the "boat" everyday, my wife and I decided to find a place where the children can go in the meantime. My eldest was forced to live in her best friend's house, my two boys in another nearby subdivision while I and my third child had to live with a family friend. This lasted for about a month, as usual.

So, on that Saturday while Ondoy was giving a lashing out its fury of torrential rain and my maid who had to buy something at the store reported that the water was already knee high just a few blocks away, I knew it would be flooding season again. What I was not expecting was for the water to reach the house. When I saw that the relentless rain won't be stopping anytime soon, I already had the good sense to move the car to higher grounds. When the water was about three inches at the gate, I decided it was time to move the furniture to a higher level. My efforts had not been in vain for the water did come to my house. The house was soaked to about eight inches of water. Any higher and it would have ruined our sofa. My siblings who are now occupying the house my parents built in Marikina did not fair as well. The water inside the house was about two feet deep and a lot higher at the road.

On Wednesday, after cooking food while our feet were soaked in murky water and delivering the food upstairs, we decided to move out. The water was beginning to smell and I had occasion to see a dead rat, bloated and floating on the water. We moved to a shoe factory in Antipolo owned by my sister in law's husband. The water level there was much higher but at least we are at the fourth floor where the house is. We stayed there until Sunday while thinking of where to stay in the next weeks while classes shall have been opened.

My daughters now live with a family friend's daughter's condo unit in Makati, the youngest lives in his friend's house while Mickey stays with another family friend. I had been given permission to live in a house recently acquired by the school. I live here by my lonesome. We reunited last weekend in Antipolo and returned to our temporary stations. This will have to be our arrangement until the water in our place have subsided.


bertN said...

Flooding was a way of life when I was growing up in Sampaloc, Manila but the water receded fast after the rain stopped. This is no longer true, isn't it? Or this is just a case of too much rainfall in too short a time? Kailan kaya giginhawa ang ating mga taong-bayan.

rolly said...

bertN I know it is a way of life in Sampaloc and yes, mabilis bumaba ang tubig. Dito kasi samin sa Pasig e tabing ilog kami at mukhang wala nang pupuntahan ang tubig at barado na for some reason or another tulad ng basura at fish pen sa Laguna de Bai.

auee said...

Flooding was such a regular occurence that my parents had custom-made benches for holding our sofas & other appliances higher.

I would always be stationed on top of the dining table, bemoaning the fact that my friends were swimming in the floodwaters while I was trapped!

Nakakatawa ngayon pero alam kong walang nakakatawa sa situation nyo. Maiinis ka talaga kung bakit alam naman nang lahat na ganyan ang season sa atin, why are we not better prepared?? Bakit walang ginawa nuon pa at bakit puro papogi lang ang mga politiko natin?

Hay, anyway I hope maging ok na baha sa inyo at sa lahat nang affected areas sa atin.

ysrael said...

Maybe you consider of tranfering to other location w/c is not flood-prone area.