Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Noynoy for president?

Since the time Noynoy expressed his intention to join the presidential race, allegedly after a deep soul-searching retreat in a religious institution his mother sought before she ran for office, the senator is now on cloud nine. Why not? His candidacy looks even brighter today after a contested survey named him as the person to beat in the 2010 elections. Actually, landing in the top spot does not come to me as a surprise considering the outcome of Cory’s funeral parade which was attended by millions of Filipinos. If we eradicate cheating, which is bound to happen in whatever form during the polls, from among the variables and granting that we are about to have the cleanest elections with the introduction of automated machines, the question to ask is will Noynoy be able to sustain the people’s interest in him considering that 2010 is still a long way and that Filipinos sometimes have a very short memory.

I believe Noynoy does not share the charisma his parents have. Neither does he have the flare of his father’s tongue and quick wit nor his mother’s halo. At least not the Noynoy I have known so far. While he does not come as someone who is bobo, he is short of being a complete nondescript to date. With his lisp and a good surname, he is continuously overshadowed by a sister whose flare is au naturel who insists in giving him a make-over like as if she was Carson Kressley of the Queer eye for the straight guy show. What he actually needs is Kris’ handlers and acting tutors. In all fairness, in both instances I saw her on the boobtube, (one during her expose of being a battered woman and her eulogy for Cory), her timing is impeccable, her stance and gestures on camera, superb.

Noynoy will need a lot of things to work on. Especially now that Archbishop Vidal, whose organization helped a lot with Cory's candidacy and will prove to be a very strong ally, is threatening to disown him after learning about his stand on childbirth control. I am not a political analyst. Of course, I can be way off. But that's not important. I have not made my choice yet as to who to vote for in 2010. I will have to wait until all the hats are thrown into the ring. If Noynoy's credentials are as good as they want to make me believe, then I shall be voting for him. I do not agree with the Administration's pronouncements that the coming elections will not be about good vs. evil. Of course, the administration players will not join a game where they are sure to lose. On the contrary, I believe it is about good against evil this time. Let's see which one shall prevail.


Keith said...

Since a Pinay woman I barely knew engaged me in a conversation about the Terminator becoming the Governator in 2004, I learned not to discuss politics of other lands. She had opinions that made me want to scream.

I knew she did not have enough information to make a judgment about politics 8000 kilometers away ,in my home...

So, I amalways pleased to learn about current affairs in other lands, while keeping my uninformed opinions to m0yself.

bing said...

while it is true that he lacks what his parents have, Noynoy can be considered the best candidate still. he may have a lot to work on but who among these candidates don't have? actually, a number of them have a lot to work on making the Pinoys believe that they are the hope of this nation, and that they are blemish free.

i believe he can be a good president, if not the best. and he is far, far better than Erap.

rolly said...

Keith Thanks for dropping by.

bing Definitely much much better than Erap. I hope he sustains the public's interest and does not get cheated during the elections.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

posible din...hinihintay ko nalang kung anu ang magiging programa nya...tapos pag aaralan ko, then go go na.:)

rolly said...

Ever naghihintay pa rin ako.