Monday, August 18, 2008

A Lecture in Makati

Having worked in Alabang for so long, I have not been attuned with the streets of Makati. I am a virtual tanga when it comes to the city. Last Saturday, I had to attend a lecture given by Paolo Manalo who is here on a short respite from his tedious studies in Scotland, initiated by my poetry group, Pinoy Poets at the Filipinas Heritage Library. Being a self-taught, poet enthusiast, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to listen to a lecture in poetry and learn. I need all the help I can get no matter in what form. So, venue is not a problem for me. All I have to do is ask around. Well, I cheated a little. I coaxed my daughter who works within the city to take me there. It proved to be a little costly.

First, I had to lure my daughter to go to Makati on a Saturday, her rest day. To do that, I told her we were going to eat at Avenetto at the Glorietta. My other daughter learned about it and wanted to tag along, and she did. Lunch was splendid! We ordered two plates of the seafood pesto, a chef's salad and a pizza. I consumed one plate while they shared with the other one. What can I do? I go bonkers with good pasta. The chef's salad was so-so. Not as good as Italianni's or even Sbarro but on a hungry stomach, that'll do.

Here's the catch. My daughters did not know where the library was either. As it was still early, we went window shopping, my first born found a shoe to her liking, bought it and took me to Landmark. "Okay, this is Makati Avenue. Where did they say the Library was?" I had no clue. My friend just told me it is along the avenue. Yo make matters worse, my battery was about to die on me. I told my kids to go head for home. I will find my way.

I asked around around but nobody could give me a response with complete certainty. When I reached Ayala Museum, I knew the library would be at the other side. How do I get there? I couldn't find the imderpass to cross the street. I texted my friend, praying that my battery would be enough to send and receive a reply. He did and confirmed that the library was in front of the Manila Pen. I decided to go back to Greenbelt and just grab a cab! I never take my car to Makati. I don't want to get lost and waste precious gasoline.

To make the story short, I found it. The lecture was held at the Filipiniana section at the basement of the library. It was biting cold down there. Too bad, we didn't have time to browse their collection. The lecture was very informative. Paolo talked about how and why we rhyme the way we do. He gave examples of sonnets written by Juan Salazar aka J. F. Sinukuan, Angela Manalang Gloria, Jose Garcia Villa and others. The lecture was wittingly entitled, Our love for Glove Doves. How many words rhyme with love? Not too many! Glove, dove, and near rhymes like of, grove, prove, jove. There were other things he discussed but I don't think you'd be interested anyway.

After the lecture, we had dinner at Cafe Bola! (So that's where the freaking underpass is!) and went for a bucket of beer at Oody's, both in Greenbelt. All in all, I'd say it was a well spent day. Can't wait for the next lecture.


BlogusVox said...

Mahilig karin pala sa poems Ka Rolly. I tried it once but I'm not satisfied. I also dabbled with haiku, pero it sounds like a grocery list nang mrs ko.

rolly said...

blogusvox LOL! Have not tried haiku that much. Medyo mahirap siya. I am just a poetry enthusiast. I discovered it late in life.

ayzprincess said...

tito! ako rin di magaling sa directions. di ko alam ung names ng mga streets sa makati, pero kapag napuntahan ko na ang isang place, ill always know how to get there, wag mo nga lang i pa describe saken.. kasi mahina nga ako sa names :D

i kept thinking cafe bola and oodys sa greenbelt 3.. may underpass ba dun? o ung walkway un to ayala ave? hehehe

nanggugulo lang :D

Panaderos said...

I dabbled in poetry quite a bit back in college. John Lennon's lyrics to his songs with the Beatles served as an inspiration to me. I even wrote a couple and felt confident enough about them to read them in class later. Hehehe

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to compose and write one after college. It wasn't intentional on my part. It just happened that way. Every once in a while words still flow to my head. The sad thing about it is that I've never written any of them down.

Dear You-know-who took me to Cafe Bola last year. I enjoyed the food there and I'm glad you did too. :) Take care.

siu said...

I've had a few shameless attempts at poetry. I am probably my own harshest critic; evertime I read my own work, i always thought it's not good enough, and throw it away. tsk tsk. :-(

bugsybee said...

Inggit naman ako!

What I really like about Manila is that there are sooo many things to keep one going - poetry lectures and poetry readings, art and photo exhibits, concerts, etc. Here in our place (which my Dad - who was a Tagalog - called "the boondocks"), if a lecture or workshop comes, patay rin kami sa bayad. :(

m. said...

I saw your poems sir, and it was really touching. "Malapot na Tubig" made me realize how much my parents love me. I learned how to appreciate their sacrifices and acts more.

About poetry, I have tried to make some, but I am a failure :P Haha. Well, I'm just a Freshmen student, so maybe I will learn more and get my inspiration when I mature more.

By the way, if you happen to view my blog sir, it's quite unexpected XD. It doesn't reflect my personality in school much, yet there are times that I act like this. (And pardon my language there xD)

Catch you in Art Class sir, and update us if you have more poems to share :D


rolly said...

ayzlprincess I was thinking of the Quiapo underpass of long ago. Pareho lang eh. You cross the street underneath. :-)

panaderos It might be a good idea to start writing them down.

siu I am like that, too. That's why I get help. I joined poetry groups here and abroad. And this resulted very positively for me. Even got the chance to go abroad.

bugsy Ganun ba? Sarap nga sa probinsya mag seminar at mura ang hotel at pagkain plus ang dami pang mapupuntahang magaganda.

m If you are a first year student, then you must be one of mine. Hmmm, how did you discover my blog, and "Malapot na tubig" is in my other one and dates a few years back. I'm glad it gave you the chance to love and appreciate your parents more.

Eloisa said...

i enjoyed paolo manalo's jolography heehee ;)

BatJay said...

ang alam ko, magaling talaga tayong mag ryhme. at may pattern talaga ang pag rhyme natin. case in point ay yung mga kantang miss na miss kita na parating nagtatapos sa "A" ang mga lyrics.

Sa aking pag-iisa
Pangarap ka sa tuwina
Lagi kang nasa isip, sinta

Maging sa pagtulog ko
Ikaw ang nakikita
Nais kong makapiling kita

O, giliw ko, miss na miss kita
Sana'y lagi kitang kasama
O, giliw ko, miss na miss kita
Gusto ko sana'y makayakap ka

'Pag kita'y kapiling
Nasa langit, sinta
'Di matapos yaring ligaya

'Pag hindi nakita
Ay nalulungkot na
'Di ko kaya ang nag-iisa

Sa aking pag-iisa
Pangarap ka sa tuwina
Lagi kang nasa isip, sinta

Sana'y narito ka
At makapiling na
Nang hindi na nalulungkot pa

rolly said...

Batjay Ang lalim na ng baul na pinagkunan mo ng kanta ah. haha Sino nga ba kumanta nyan? Cinderella?

Marami tayong likha na ang rhyme scheme ay nagtatapos sa "a". Ito kasi ang pinakagamit na letra sa wika natin.