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Thursday, November 29, 2007

He did it again!

I was at the faculty room to have lunch when I first heard the news that there's a coup a brewing. I did not mind it at first as I do not just believe in rumors. However,just a few minutes and my wife texted me to confirm that there's a coup going on at the Manila Penn.

It turns out that Sen. Trillanes IV, together with Gen. Danny Lim and the Magdalo soldiers staged the coup anew while a hearing for the Oakwood mutiny was taking place. As of this time, the mutineers have surrendered after a brief assault of teargas explosions took place.

I find it odd that Trillanes and company would stage a coup during the time their case is being heard. I see this in comparison to an accused who, after knowing the certainty of his fate, takes a gun and puts several civilians as hostages. All this under the guise of patriotism, calling for the ouster of the president of the republic.

While the pronouncements of the soldiers are seemingly laudable and sound, I cannot condone this fiasco. To me, a soldier's job is to protect the land against foreign aggressors and enemies of the state. As a demorcratic country, governance of the state should always rest on civilians who rule with their brains and not with guns. It is true that in their pronouncements, they vehemently deny having the interest to run the government per se and promises to give the reins of government to another civilian, who is righteous, capable and so forth (is there such an animal right now?) and yet, I cannot just bite it hook, line and sinker. History has been replete with similar situatios where a military coup succeeded, leaving their respective countries at the hands of its generals who unabashedly became dictators and despots. Such is power. It corrupts even the good-hearted, much moreso, someone who totes a gun.

Trillanes is an elected senator. As such, he could have made a lot of difference on the podium where he could argue his point. Given the right time, if he plays his cards right, he could even be president considering his popularity. Unfortunately, he is still young, juvenile in his way of thinking, too idealistic and recklessly impatient. As a result, he only made the already tarnished name of the country even worse, spent a lot of taxpayer's money, caused anxietry among the citizens and certainly plunge our peso deeper. Such a party pooper, isn't he?



Blogger cathy said...

tama ka titorolly. naniniwala kasi yan sa mga blogger na ang pinoy ay ready na sa coup dahil sa poll na ginawa niya sa kaniyang website.

I am not a GMA fan but the fact that the opposition is given all the opportunities to being her down using the legal means thru impeachment, i do not see the reason for the coup which to me is just a tantrum of a loser.

Pagkakamali nila:

1. malapit na ang PAsko, ayaw ng tao ng gulo.

2. sawa na ang mga tao sa grandstanding ng mga pulitiko na mga imibestigasyon na lahat ningas cogon.

3. ibinoto naang mga dapat ibinoto, wala namang nangyayari. kanya kanyang papelan na ang mga gustong
maging Presidente.

10:10 PM  
Blogger R Panaderos said...

I fully agree with your comments, Kuya Rolly. As an elected Senator, Trillanes was in a position to initiate much needed changes to our country through legal means. And yet, he still resorted to extralegal means to make his point. It makes one truly wonder about the state of this guy's mind. He just showed to us that he does not have the proper character and temperament to lead our country forward and to better times. I won't even consider him to be an idealistic guy at this point. He's an anarchist. Shame also to the likes of Teopisto Guingona who seems to have outlived his maturity. Shame to all people, politicians and non-politicans alike, who threw their full support to Trillanes' latest failed venture.

These guys are economic party poopers. They followed the example set by Gringo Honasan when this idiot launched a coup attempt back in 1989, just when the Philippines was starting to recover from the Marcos years and attain meaningful economic gains. Such a shame.

11:46 PM  
Blogger ipanema said...

this man is out of his mind. what kind of a senator is that? i saw it in a lighter mood this time because it is irritating.

1:12 AM  
Blogger bayi said...

On a lighter note, Rolly, I stayed at the Penn Hotel when Shang Makati was being built. I recall seeing construction work at the Shang site from my hotel window. Now how long ago would that be, I wonder. And years later, I stayed at the Shang in Makati.

Just before my trip to Manila during the time I stayed at the Penn Hotel, rebel soldiers had taken over the then Inter-Continental and shot at the walls, causing some damage.

Do you remember these episodes?

9:50 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

cathy I am not a GMA fan, too. The opposition just have to work harder. That is what one should do when all the aces seem to be on the opponent's side. I never could condone violence.

r. panaderosi think several forces are preventing him to join the proceedings in the senate but until when could they do this? He has the mandate and it would be like denying the people of his services if they continue doing so. Masyado lang mainipin tong si Trillanes. PAtience is a virtue, ika nga and you reap a fruitful gain with it.

ipanema Considering the damages he created in about four or five hours, baka nga.

bayi That should be 1991. That was Gringo's coup which was also a failure.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Bugsybee said...

Trillanes' irresponsible antics served to highlight to the rest of the world what kind of people get elected in the Philippines.

On the other hand, this unfortunate episode also tells us something - if only his trial had been swifter, he would have been unable to pull another trick on us.

7:31 PM  
Blogger cathy said...

it s scary to think that if the new leader that his group is talking about is Trillanes, i do not know how he is going to handle crisis like GMA is doing.

BTW, i have a picture for you regarding your comment about a boy in the midst of the coup going on. It's in my blog.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Lorenzo said...

sir rolly,
this is piccio! your former student. please consider and sign this petition. if you agree with it, pass it on!


7:16 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

bugsy Oo nga eh.

cath Kita ko na. Kakatawa yung matandang babae no?

Lorenzo Done it! Naipakalat ko na rin sa mga friends ko.

10:09 AM  
Blogger BatJay said...

sa dami ng gusto kong sabihin sa issue na ito ay wala akong masabi.

i feel trapped, helpless at walang control sa mga nangyayari sa bayan kong mahal.

8:18 AM  

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