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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pacquiao's win and the lessons it brings.

Pacquiao winning over Morales is no longer news. I should have written this right after Pacquiao's victory but what am I supposed to do? I had been very busy, as usual. Since it's three-days old, I know some of you might be saying, "Oh no! Not another Pacquiao entry to read!" However, this is not entirely so.

While congratulations is in order, and Pacquiao does need the attention he's been getting, I'm sure a lot of bloggers have already done an excellent job doing that. So, what else is there for me to write? What about, "what lesson can be learned from this victory?" Yes, that would put another slant to the latest caper of this great athlete.

As an educator, I have to view Pacquiao's victory in different perspectives. First, the prize money. Pacquiao's victory won him at least 2 million dollars - dollars, mind you. Translated to our currency, that is more than a whopping hundred million. That's a lot of moolah, enough to make his family live in luxury for the rest of their lives - or do they have to remember how to spend it wisely? At the cost of living these days, a million bucks is so easy to spend. At any rate, once again, Pacquiao proved that if you view success by the worth of one's purse, you don't actually need education as I have written, or at least implied, in one of my earlier entries here. All one needs is dedication to his/her craft, passion, a lot of practice, sacrifices and a little bit of luck. Pacquiao is one of those privileged to be given a shot at greatness and he is enjoying it now. We do not know who among us was given the same gift. Navarette had his chance and he blew it. How many Navarette's are out there? Would you know what to do had you been blessed as he is?

Second, I view Pacquiao's story and relate it to the plight of athletes in education. I do not deny the fact that most of these athletes have been having a tough time dealing with their teachers/professors, especially when they do not perform well with their academic requirements. This is actually the point of that entry Oftentimes, they would be popular while the league is ongoing and get the ridicule of their teachers and peers right after. Many of them cannot cope with their lessons. They are having a hard time with their studies for aside from the lessons they have to learn in class, they have to practice really hard to hone their craft. They are warriors who fight to their teeth to win. And in order to do that, they have to stay on campus and practice till they drop. We should understand that. However, we must also remember that this is their choice. In any endeavor, one must have passion and committment in order to succeed.

I have stayed in the academe for too long. I have heard a lot of arguments from both parents and students alike saying that an athlete must be given some leeway since they bring honor to the school. That has always been the bone of contention. That they bring honor to the school! I'd like to think differently. While they do take with them the name of the school in their victory, it is the school who let them shine. It is the school who provided them with an avenue to prove to themselves that they can be big. I may seem to contradict myself from my earlier stand but I can't help it. I have heard this argument for too long it makes me sick. Pacquiao won the title alone and he is the one reaping the fruits of his labor. Simple equation, right?



Blogger BatJay said...

if i were a young kid athlete right now, i'd seriously consider my studies besides making sure that i was the best in whatever sport i was in. call it insurance. we can't all be world class prize fighters in the same breath as manny pacqiao.

i've seen many basketball players and boxers fail to make the big plays when it counted the most - the game of life needs more that athletic ability. it needs street smarts and a good education.

a time will come in the life of an athlete when the glory days will be over and the money won't come like it used to.

6:35 AM  
Blogger stani said...

although manny deserves every penny he earned as well as the admiration of the filipino community, i think that politicians and the media have blown his victory out of proportion. with a sold-out music cd and a movie in the works, it may not be long before the likes of rizal and the katipuneros are forgotten, replaced with a new image and breed of national heroes.

10:53 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Batjay Of course, that's the best way to go. Iba na yung may insurance ka. Ang dami ko nang nakitang tulad ni Navarette. Mga sikat na basketball player na nung matapos ang career, walang nangyari sa pinaghirapan nila.

Stani Musta na pag-aaral? Malapit ka na sigurong grumaduate no?

As regards politicians, that's not surprising anymore. Politicians are like leeches. Basta makakakita ng opportunity na magkaron ng exposure, gagawin ang lahat mapasama lang sa bandwagon.

6:11 PM  
Blogger stani said...

pag-aaral? more likely the lack thereof, but things are going well enough, thanks for asking.

we have three terms to go, but top companies are already sending job offers. although i'm undergoing my share of entrance exams and interviews, i'd much rather go into literature or music.

unfortunately, neither is a particularly lucrative career at this point.

1:59 AM  
Blogger rolly said...

Stani Whatever your choice is, good luck and always aim to be the best in that field.

1:56 PM  
Blogger samantha said...

As much as I believe that Pacquiao deserves acknowledgement for his accomplishement, I can't help but get sick of the excessive media saturation. Too much, just too much.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous bayi said...

For every Pacquiao, there are probably thousands of other athletes who fail and eventually merge with the rest of the population into oblivion or shed silent and lonely tears.

But my comment is not meant to discourage those who wish to pursue greatness and glory in sports. The choice must be made after careful consideration and knowledge of the risks that such an important decision entails.

I agree with Batjay that education is like an insurance policy after the athlete's lifespand of greatness. But for those who make it and succeed at the highest levels, they deserve the attention and who can blame them for squeezing every dime they could before their glory days are over? This may not be the most tasteful to many but reaping what they have sacrificed along the way to success is their right.

10:14 PM  
Blogger rolly said...

Samantha YEs, just too much.

Bayi Of course. Not everybody is blessed. Not only athletes, we have more actors and actresses and rock wanna-bes out there. Well, we can't blame them for trying. These profession looks very lucrative.

10:24 AM  

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