Thursday, June 16, 2005

pinoy poets plugging!

Pinoypoets’ Anniversary Night at Conspiracy

The pinoy poets, a group of young writers (uhm I am a member,too, you know) will be having its first anniversary. These are young, energetic, creative group of people who share their passion for poetry and seriously working hard to hone their craft. I am such a lucky guy to have been accepted to this group. If you care to join us in our revelry, read on!


If you’re a writer, a poet, an artist or simply a lover of literature, better block off Tuesday, June 28 on your social calendar. Pinoypoets (PP), an online community of literary enthusiasts, will be holding its first anniversary bash at Conspiracy Bar in Quezon City.

The event, dubbed PP ‘to!(The Pinoypoets’ First Anniversary), promises to be an evening filled with laughter, music, and of course, excellent poetry. Prominent social, academic, and literary figures Makati Rep. Teddy Locsin Jr, Conchitina Cruz, Vin and Kris Dancel, Noel Del Prado, Joyce Burton Titular, Enrico John Torralba, Hannah Romawac, Roli Inocencio, Monica Llamas and Gary Granada, are but a few of our guest readers.

The celebration will also be highlighted by performances from G-Strings, 10kpp, Rubberband, Johnoy Danao of Bridge, Paramita, and Hanna Romawac of Session Road.

Pinoypoets is a community of poets, writers and literary enthusiasts who share their works, thoughts and insights on poetry. Formed by less than 50 members in June 2004, Pinoypoets has grown to 250 members based in different regions of the archipelago--and even abroad.

Its primary objective is to facilitate a creative forum and enrich its members' knowledge and craft. Michael Coroza, Edgar Samar, Santiago Villafania, Louie John Sanchez, Eileen Tabios, Bino Realuyo and Jema Pamintuan, some of the most respected names in Philippine poetry today, are the group’s consultants and critics.

PP ‘to!(The Pinoypoets’ First Anniversary), will start at 8 p.m. Admission is FREE! For more information, please get in touch with Rhodge Fernandez (721 7229,, Kathline Tolosa (09175777128, or Romel Samson (09278470212,


BatJay said...

sayang, kung nasa pilipinas lang ako eh susunduin kita sa pasig at magkasama tayong makikinig ng mga tula. familiar pa naman ako sa area - after the conspiracy, pwede tayong mag karaoke or perhaps go to the 70's bistro.

pwede bang magsubmit ng tula ko? here it is, baka basahin ni jardine.


siya'y bakasyonista
nanggaling ng maynila
nagpunta sa probinsya
para daw magsaka.

malaking eskandalo
lahat ay nagkagulo
nang gatasan ng gago
ang lalaking kabayo.

samantha said...

Oooh I wanna come! I wanna come! But its so far . . . no transpo, will see if I can beg my parents to allow me hehehe :) will you be reading too sir?

Cerridwen said...

you know what tito rolly, if ever I visit Philippines - i would request a reading from you. I can just imagine a good selection from you. :)

rolly said...

batjay sana nga andito ka para mas masaya. Bakit ba hindi ka sumali sa grupo. Kayang-kaya mo naman talaga e.

Samantha Tuesday yun kaya baka nga hindi ka payagan e. No I won't be reading. I'm leaving it to the pros. Matagal pa ko sa anong caliber e. hehe

Cerridwen Sure! As long as you don't take me too seriously, though. i don't want to disappoint you. haha

marisol said...

Tito Rolly, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Haharanahin kita... click mo name ko dito...greet din kita sa Father's Day entry ko.

rolly said...

marisol That's cool! hahaha at si Minnie Ripperton pa kinopya nung bug ha.

no, you don't bug me at all. Thanks for the greetings.

eruannie said...

tito rolly, ang tito ng blogosphere, nagpost ka rin! haha!

happy father's day!

pepseeh said...

sir, happy father's day ;)

bing said...

hello, mr ROLLY.. Happy Father's Day to one of the nicest fathers in the blogosphere!

Kat said...

Hi Tito Rolly!!

Just wanted to say Happy Father's Day! Enjoy your day!

Thanks also for your comments!

steph said...

Hi Tito Rolly! Just passing by your blog. Salamat uli sa pag appreciate mo nung tula ko, it really meant a lot. God Bless po at belated Happy Father's Day!

sachiko said...

Hi rolly sweetheart! did i read it right? A group of YOUNG writers..?
bwahahaha! juz kidding!

hello from sachiko.. :)

rolly said...

Eurannie o nga. naging busy kasi ako e. Thanks for the greeting ha.

Pepseeh Thanks. Don't forget to study, okay.

bing aka juliet Thanks for the greeting.

KAt Thank you. How's your band doing? Galing na siguro ninyo ngayon ano?

Steph Buti naman at napadaan ka. Your poem was really good.

Sachiko Gulat ka no? I always hang out with young men and women.. that keeps me up-to-date and make me feel young. O diba?

bayi said...

I guess we have to pay more attention to the values of our children who may differ in their priorities. Many of the younger generation save their money as well as we do but they have different priorities in they way they spend their money. This is not wrong because they have differing values and are more willing to spend on luxuries now. I read an article that indicates that this is the prevailing trend today. We ahve just got to understand them better, I guess.


Hi TITO ROLLY, the "sol" is shining brighter today...with you *wink*

rolly said...

That's great teacher Sol!